Love Poems About Horseplay or Horseplay Love Poems
by Reason A. Poteet |
Categories: 11th grade, may, school, teacher, teenage,

When Teachers Quit

Teachers stop teaching when spring's in the air
students' attention just throws up a flare
Young minds on love, at least on like,
while others take their mental hike.

Required courses, long about May
invite clown acts, at least horseplay.
When boys and girls fail to meet your eye,
Are they asleep? or did they die? 

Assignment made, read Robert Browning
Teacher's pet smiles; but most kids are frowning?
Cheap pens, a dollar a dozen,
kept my literature class buzzin'.

One well-known students provided a few
then he showed some tricks they could do. 
When toys abound with certain flair
this teacher found - springs in the air. 

written 03/03/18

by Michelle Linn |
Categories: boyfriend, fun, love,

My Love Your Love

I love you more each passing day
 And will even when you’re old and gray.

Smart, charming and witty you are, indeed
 With a sexy booty and your last name Reid.

As we continue on adventures together
 Let’s do them no matter what the weather.

We’ll create memories along the way
 Some that are serious and others horseplay.

Please know that when I look into your eyes
 Your love gives me all my endless highs.

by Belle Bellevue |
Categories: animal, horse, love,


Two horses talking in a field one day One said to the other "let's run away" "But where would we sleep" "And what would we eat" "Under the stars, eat? I just wanna play. So they galloped off as quick as they could And in a wood they found a cosy nook Hitherto, the pair Launched a love affair There stood in the wood hooves were stirred and shook. Consequentially came a little foal A most handsome colt to make their world whole Then came another And many other A herd with no population control.

by Michelle Faulkner |
Categories: lost love, remember, river, summer, wind, , western,

One Horseshoe

When western winds in my ear sing
The memories of rivers bring
A horseman

Cut of rough land and bronze timber
Surefooted walk, lean and limber

I fumbled where he was at ease
Our hands would touch in flirty tease
Of horseplay

Through golden grass, me and my guy
Galloping free to chase the sky
On horseback

Now, in my city life, I keep
Over my bed, to grace my sleep
One horseshoe.


For "Compounding the Verse" contest
Sponsor: Joseph May

by Rachel Allison |
Categories: family, imagination, love, people

If Walls Could Talk

We often ask, “If walls could talk 
Whatever would they say?”
They've listened to the laughter 
They've been witness to the horseplay.

They've heard the sounds of sorrow
They've been there for the rage
They've heard all of the whispers
What we forget with age.

Walls have seen the looks
That we give to each other
They hear the loving teasing
And encouragement so tender

But have they heard the thoughts
Chasing through my mind?
Do they see intentions
With all the actions, twined?

Surely walls would have
A lofty tale to tell
But if they knew our thoughts
Oh, how that tale would swell.