Love Poems About Horseman or Horseman Love Poems
by Adam Hapworth |
Categories: abuse, corruption, death, horse,

Apocalypse Risen

Moon light impotent Stables darkness impenetrable For only the horseman may enter Those without souls do find their way World will end by hand of few men Those incompetent of compassion and caring The ones who look out only for their heir While suffering and strife consume A time will come when the mass will form Breaking the barriers, seemingly impervious Where all may have what they do need Water, love, home and seed Until such time, which may never appear Stables darkness will remain Its halls quite For the four horses are being ridden today

by Rachel Holland |
Categories: angst, forgiveness, funny, life, loss, love, mother,


She calls I a thousand names
The black witch of the south
The I in evil
The nothing that lies between
The namesayer
And the timekeeper
The thousand ticking boxes
The terror in the midst
The horseman and the thief
The alien and the astronaut
That came knocking
The air that sucked her lungs
The bitter aftertaste of sugar
The candle that burns bright
The penny that stole the truth
The fantasy leaping from the page
The trouble in the woods
The headline and the news
The temptation that makes men blind
The kiss of death
The final straw

Yes she calls me all these things
And yet all I offered was love

by Michelle Faulkner |
Categories: lost love, remember, river, summer, wind, , western,

One Horseshoe

When western winds in my ear sing
The memories of rivers bring
A horseman

Cut of rough land and bronze timber
Surefooted walk, lean and limber

I fumbled where he was at ease
Our hands would touch in flirty tease
Of horseplay

Through golden grass, me and my guy
Galloping free to chase the sky
On horseback

Now, in my city life, I keep
Over my bed, to grace my sleep
One horseshoe.


For "Compounding the Verse" contest
Sponsor: Joseph May

by Mark Koplin |
Categories: christian, future, god,

The Third Horseman:3 of 4

Number three now arises,
your fasting commence.
Famine brought forth,
your crops recompense.

The third of four,
draws his strength from above.
You can still be redeemed,
put your trust in God's love.

This rider is swift,
revered far and wide.
The horse that he rides,
is black on each side.

Your hunger and thirst,
will leave you deficiently dead.
You will forage and steal,
going out of your head.

The famine he brings,
will dismantle your land.
Beware my dear friend,
your reckoning is at hand.