Love Poems About Horrifying or Horrifying Love Poems
by Anson Decker |
Categories: hope,

Blank White Paper

Blank white paper
Infinite hope, endless promise 
An inspirational instrument

The artists canvas and lawmakers device
How an absent lover expresses love so precise

So much to say, I’m intimidated by its potential
Fearful to express my true self to you
Or to people exponential

Fear is a disease
A disease impeding me from being me 

Blank white paper
A horrifying shrill to action

Blank white paper
My call to create
Channel your optimism
Divorce your pessimism
Summon the courage, others will follow

Allow your new future to begin today
Reveal your dreams hidden by white ink on 
Blank white paper

by Lynette Munich |
Categories: faith, hope, love, , 8th grade,

Hope, Faith and Love By Crismarie Perdomo 8th Grade

Through horrifying, death, sickness, poor and helplessness,
it is a scar the world will never heal from 
but you still have to have hope.
Is it faith?
The people we love die everyday.
Is hope what we fight for?
Hope is the only thing we have to survive.
Hope is the light that guides us.
When someone is missing a soul, you help and give them hope.
Hope is the joy of life.
Hope is the bird with wings to guide you if you're lost.

by Ravindra Nayak |
Categories: allusion, angel, imagination, miracle, scary, science fiction, technology,

A Choking Awakening

A choking awakening!!!!!
met a soul that touch the heart!!!!!
led a way to understand the dream
It seems a haunted scream
But a reality can also be more horrifying

Love the way towards the breeze
In the shade of mountain
A cave inside a mountain
Seems a different journey

A dove of love led a fearful Paloma of life
Shades of same soul
Or different don’t know
It’s a call from dear ones
And when u reach the inside tunnel 
Seems a different soul of same
Rejecting the concept
Of no two person can be there at different place
At same  point of time!!!
A dilemma yet baffled n perplexed
Identifying the yet undefined
Within the inner treasure
Answer r yet to find

by Jaafar Sadig El Waad |
Categories: betrayal, confusion, dream, forgiveness, sad love,


By the immutable images
Of my dream world

By the horrifying images
Of the images of my age

By the green dreams 
Of erected dreamers
Far from Hughes’s
Developing dreams

By the words 
Of the quick lover

By the lover
Who quits my wet lips
To offer to a series of men
The same words and lips
And heart, and Heats

By the lies, sighs, bites
Of the lover

And nothing else in return!
And she seems to say
I’ll control your life!
But still love and hold you
And will never let you go

by Jennifer Proxenos |
Categories: fear, sorrow,

California Earthquakes

What a horrifying two days people in California had,
I was shocked, my breath taken away, so very sad,
For all my poetry soup friends that live there or close,
Hope you are all safe, you must have all with fear froze,
Our prayers are with you, and you are in everyone’s thoughts,
Hope scare for more earthquakes has lessened, love you lots!

by Elena Welsh |
Categories: love,

Love Story

I imagine us as a story
Unfolding, a fantastical romance
Filled with horrifying social monsters, 
rendezvous after school,
awkward, witty charisma
And us
brilliant but scattered
creative but detached 
Ours is a great tale
finding the outstanding within 
the usual
with an end yet to be discovered
a beginning to be continued 
a future to be explored 
A large part of me
hopes us will be eternity
but we will deal with life
as it comes
our story will go on
So meet me under the flickering streetlamp
My dark-haired mister
To kiss my eager lips
hearts pounding in our warm embrace
Let us keep writing our story

by Stacy Stiles |
Categories: husband, lost love, sad,

Shut Up

Stagnantly idle, all can see
Horrifying comments, said upon to me
Utterance of ignorance, because I disagree
Thunderous demands; broken debris 

Unkempt existence; useless plea
Piercing is the voice; an obnoxious potpourri