Love Poems About Horrify or Horrify Love Poems
by Sammy Dee |
Categories: crazy, dark, devotion, dream, love, ocean,

The Man With the Fanatic Spectacles

His spectacles were fanatic,
The way his cool sea - blue eyes peered through them.
The way even they couldn’t help but gleam when he smiled.
The black frames brought more mystery to his beautiful façade.
Oh, how I would fall for his charismatic verses over and over again.
Oh, how his rhymes, like roaring ocean waves, could both exhilarate me and horrify me.
Like his catfish hanging helplessly on a fishing wire,
His eye beaming through the frames of his glasses
Joyous of his catch,
So I would bite the bait over and over again
Just to gaze on the man with the fanatic spectacles.