Love Poems About Horrific or Horrific Love Poems
by Michael Tor |
Categories: joy, love, sad, satire, sorrow,

You Wont Steal My Joy

The Las Vegas shootings were Horrific. 
The people running as the rapid fire was 
sounding off in the background!
  The wild fires in California, fifteen people
 dead, and it is not controlled yet!
   Hurricanes Maria, Irma, Jose, southern 
coast is devastated, Puerto Rico is in need
of help!
   Pizza Gate Pedophile rings in America!
   Players kneeling and disrespecting our flag
 for which Men and Women have sacrificed
 their lives for.

                   Enough is Enough!

      You will Not Steal My Joy, I reach for the remote
 and turn off the "Joy Stealer" the TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Tor  Inspired by Andrea Dietrich

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: dream, humanity, love,

Helping Each Other

horrific virus 

mankind's dreams has chased away

helping each other! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
     18 March 2020

by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: appreciation, military, remember, veterans day,

Remember This Soldier

Think of him who in slumber is restless 
with images too horrific to claim -
a soldier with courageous smile whose love
is guarded. He'll never be quite the same.
Impenetrable, he never speaks of
comrades whose souls remain on foreign fields.
He knows not, in wake of day, where he fits.
His wounds from battle have not healed.
Think of this soldier who again and again
reenlists, selflessly for his country.
He is a proud husband, father, and friend.
I ask that we remember him, and then, 
I ask for the Lord to ease his burden.

by Leon Stacey |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, husband, lost love, love, natural disasters, passion, wife,


An unloved woman
Is married to a mean ghost
She sees not nor feels.

Terrorizing her
And haunting another house,
He is like the wind.

Earth reels with tremblings
As his spirit takes a maid;
It can not bear it.

Now so repugnant,
She wonders in mystery
And is supplanted.

What predicaments
Caused spurn and frequent visits 
Of horrific love?

by Joanmarie Peranteau |
Categories: bereavement, grief, heartbreak, sorrow,

This Date Last Year-Not a Poem

One year anniversary today of the laying to rest my beloved son Nathaniel Blaine Gibson. The most horrific, saddest, tormenting anniversary to have to experience and remember. The sting of his death is still very fresh and excruciatingly painful. Still in shock. Feeling his absence with such intensity. What a heavy burden for all of us to carry, especially for his princess Nayla. The hope in the resurrection promise is the only thing keeping us from completely loosing it. Life is not the same, true happiness is not ours at this time, we live each day in pain. We Love and Miss him so very very very much, WE ARE NOT COMPLETE AS A FAMILY WITHOUT HIM.

by Johneta Ohler |
Categories: daughter, death, dedication, depression, devotion, father, girlfriend-boyfriend, life, loss, lost love, love, mother, sad, day, day,

Our Little Girl

The light I see
In your eyes
only when I speak of her.
Our little one.
She would have had your eyes,
your nose.
she would have had my hair 
and my my mouth.
Our little girl would have been perfect.
But that horrible day in July,
I cried and I hated myself.
That horrific day in July when I lost her.
My world broke down.
Now when I speak of her. 
Your eyes water up, 
as do mine.
But one day we'll see her. 
I promise.
Our little girl, 
is waiting for us.
I promise.
And one day,
she'll finally say daddy.
Our little girl.

by Macy Southern |
Categories: dedication, girlfriend-boyfriend, hope, love, passion, romanceme,

Make It Through

the dark path into the untouched night
filled with horror, baby hold me tight
trees reach over the path to trap us
this winding road, dead ends to daze us
its horrific game is being played well
these woods hold me like a prison cell
bright red eyes stare us down through the dark
strange noise pierce our ears, not a good journey to embark
to make it through, all i need is you
to make it through, would mean our love is true

by Hellbound Clandestine |
Categories: abuse, anger, anxiety, betrayal, death,

Asylum -Dark Write

I'm not ashamed 
Not today 
to say that I've walked astray 
From a life paved in pain 
Empty halls filled with screams 
Veins that bleed like forest creeks 
The wood floor creaks 
Knifes and the bleach 
The demons screaming in me 
Wanting release 
Something horrific like you've never seen 
My shadow even runs from me 
Come back let's play I need to squeeze 
The last breath from you 
You will ever breathe 
The darkness inside me 
It just wants to love somebody

by Sharika Sellman |
Categories: depression, fear, lost love,


Startled at the sight of you
Heart still bleeds tears every time I see you 
All the horrific memories began to recollect in my head
Red bruises, burns and black eyes
Keep appearing every day you did 
All I could do was take it

Sit there as you complained 
Evil eyes craving into my soul
Love Lost
Life Gone
Many women don’t know their worth
Appreciate your body and know your worth
Never let a man tear you down, to where you feel like nothing.
? ? ?

by Jennifer Ratcliffe |
Categories: love, travel,

Distance Is Horrific

Rose cut letters
and lines on useless trains,
Cardboard cities
and coffee cut blankets,
At the end of leaving you
I saw you once before,
how incredible
to see you again,
some time...
Stance of bleep calls
ruffled admission
a million windows a go...
Doorways will light up forever
through the wooden combat I go
to open and pass
back and forth.
Shapeless flickers.
in hoping to say hello.

by Trevor Otis |
Categories: fantasy, imagination, night,

Queen of Hideousness

Deep within Bellowserma’s heart,
Is said to be a being of horrific might.
With octal limbs,
And equal part eyes of night,
This beast of myth cares for none.

She hates all in sight,
And takes to devouring life slow.
She drains prey in a single bite,
Leaving a blighted husk to rot
In the forever-night.

With hideous love, 
She tends to her nest;
Her gruesome nest,
With gruesome care;
A care which never rests.

She scuttles about her woven home,
While Hissing at movement sounds.
She rarely leaves to roam,
Preferring to stay and organize 
Her mounds of bones.

by Anna Nomaly |
Categories: dance, evil, fear, psychological, sick, sin,

Mechanical Dancers

The mechanical dancers without eyes the can see
The questions you ask, the answers you need

Without tongues they will whisper, your deepest desires
claim they can fulfill them, they can take you higher

Without brains they claim thoughts, imply they empathize
saying they understand you, they truly sympathize

Without hearts they still love, not you, no, nor I
but dark horrific things, that in hell do lie

They appear with such grace, seem to know all the answers
but I beg you, don't fall to the mechanical dancers

by Meg Anderson |
Categories: anxiety, hope,


We are surrounded by filth…the violence… 
The horrific events that have plagued our world…
When all we see is anger and terror upon terror…
Attacking our security blanket that we are nestled in…

But yet… we still have hope…
Hope of a new life…
Hope of a love greater than all we know…
Hope that will take the rage and horror away…
Hope will lift our helplessness and desperation into renewed wonder…

Take haste my friend…cling to hope…we… are… not… forgotten…

inspired by David Meade

by Autry Emanuel |
Categories: loss, heart, lost, heart, lost, sad,

Scars Left Behind

What a tradgedy when they flew the planes into the twin towers
such thought out violence in the heart of those men
what about the wife who lost her husband that day
what about the son who lost his dad
brother sister mother all died because of hatred
that was a sad day even though i did not  know any of those people
the whole act of terrorism is evil
why take anothers life who has done you no wrong 
purposely destroying him and others lives
what right do they have 
it is totally wrong 
when i saw that my heart sunk 
i felt so sad and angry at the same time
it was so horrific 
to the ones that lost love ones my heart goes out

by Life Of Lou Poetry |
Categories: anxiety, feelings, poems, voice,

So Baffling

How can you look forward to a future looking through a horrific past.
I had to grow up alacritous.I ran before I crawled in the grass.
Fought many fights, A couple of them whooped my ***.
Every day can’t be to be strictly only stress in.
Faced many mistakes while learning my lessons.
Had to close a few doors to attend my true blessings.
It’s adamant to stay strong on my feet.
Carrying a rib caged heart that constantly skips a beat.
Gasping for understandings behind hot breath that don’t care.
I continue to embrace love regardless of emotions,fears and feelings that are so baffling to bare.

by Hgarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: death, imagination, son, heart, heart,

Timmy Banks

In a cemetary, late at night,
Two young men began to fight.
I saw the horrific sight!
Timmy Banks, laying on the ground: 
blood was flowing all around.
Timmy Banks' body, cold and blue,
there was nothing I could do.
Timmy Banks I love you.
All of a sudden, up he springs, 
praise the Lord is what he sings.
Timmy my son, with heavenly kings.
In the graveyard, the day after, 
I hear voices I hear laughter. 
My heart was broke then Timmy spoke: 
I'm a fix heart crafter.
Sharing memories all afternoon,
Time to go DAD, do not be sad: 
We can meet again in June.
Live your life in faith and truth:
Said Timmy Banks-Eternal Youth!

by Asif Andalib |
Categories: depression, life, love, sad,

A Life Full of Tragedies

Where sweet dreams turn into horrific nightmares 
Where how you feel nobody really cares
Where whatever you do bears no fruit
Where you become a tree without root
Where efforts are useless and bring despair
Where happiness is like mirage and rare
There how will you find love and bliss 
It’s a life full of tragedies

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: inspirational, life, peace,

The Joy of Living Zen

DNA has its own memory system which means …
Your terrific wonderful memories can be passed down,
But if this is true,
Your sad,
Depressed feelings
Can also be passed down
To future generations.
So let us tread lightly out there.
Live a Zen lifestyle.
Respect other’s paths.
We are all sisters and brothers.
World peace.  World delight.  World vision.
Build each other up.  Inspire each other.  Live your truth,
But not at the expense of anyone else’s.
Let go of your need to control others.
Zen speaks peace, love, joy, living your life now, but only yours.

Written:  10-16-2018    Contest:  Living a Zen Life Style      
Sponsor: Line Gauthier

by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: conflict, death, evil, future, pain,

Peace Unifies All Peoples

Peace unifies all peoples;
war divides and embitters them!
Accord is the way to hope;
inquietude gives only despair!

Battles offer nothing but destruction;
there's no comfort in horrific death!
Can we live harmoniously
and seek livelihood?

Bloodshed can be avoided;
spare every mother's agony!
Let's get rid of our anger
and take the path to peace! 
Feel love instead of bitterness:
the greater our joy will be!

Peace unifies all peoples;
it's time we sang aloud
the hymn of brotherhood!
Future generations can live together;
they look to us to end this war!
Peace unifies all peoples!

by Pauline Faller |
Categories: war,

Home From the War

Home from the War

Here’s a little friendly greeting
To welcome you back home,
You serve your country admirably
Far and wide you roam.

The folks back home they love you
It’s for those you go to fight,
By being shipped to foreign lands
To help put their wrongs to right.

The act of war’s horrific
Many lives, they have been lost,
You wonder if it’s worth it all
When there’s so much human cost,

But now the war is over
And the fighting’s all but done,
Your friends and family miss you loads
It’s time to come on home.

A change of scene is what you need
The battleground, no more,
For nowhere else on earth compares
To your homelands welcome shore.

by Hgarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: brother, lost loveheart, heart,

Timmy Banks

In a cemetary, late at night,
Two young men began to fight.
I saw the horrific sight!
Timmy Banks, laying on the ground: 
blood was flowing all around.
Timmy Banks' body, cold and blue,
there was nothing I could do.
Timmy Banks I love you.
All of a sudden, up he springs, 
praise the Lord is what he sings.
Timmy my son, with heavenly kings.
In the graveyard, the day after, 
I hear voices I hear laughter. 
My heart was broke then Timmy spoke: 
I'm a fix heart crafter.
Sharing memories all afternoon,
Time to go DAD, do not be sad: 
We can meet again in June.
Live your life in faith and truth:
Said Timmy Banks-Eternal Youth!

by Sage Wrobel |
Categories: love, pain,

Love Conquers All

I have been hurt many times in life
It always felt like a knife
But with you I feel all new
Its nice to be able to talk to you

My past is horrific
But I can now be specific
I can talk about it
Without falling into a pit

Because of you I am free from my past
Without the fear of being recast
I am no longer alone
Because of all the love you've shown

I love you with all my heart
Even though we are miles apart
Even when your away
I'll be there to stay

I'm not going anywhere
I swear
Talking with you makes me smile
Which goes on for miles

I've never felt this way before
Being with you makes me feel restored
You can always count on me
That is a guarantee

by Lori Mack |
Categories: son,

Just For a Moment

Just for a moment 
My son sleeps peacefully.
I see my sweet heroic lil boy. 
He used to have so much love for me.
Just for a moment
I feel whole again and can breath.
Letting myself drift to happier days.
I was so proud to call him my son.
Just for a moment
Im happy, content and filled with joy
I live for these precious moments.
They are why I keep going
It's where I find my drive.
Just for a moment
I get a break from the horrific reality
That my son, my precious baby
Is dying slowly everyday 
Just fading away. 

     Lori Mack

by Autumn Scruggs |
Categories: abuse, deep,


Why do I help thee when all you do is strike me?
Why do I love thee when all you do is hate me? 
For my heart has done a thousand things right 
to love thee…

 for my tears are a symbolic
 message of hurt for my pain regenerates
 every beat my heart takes.. 
Why oh why must I confide in my
 mind the horrific timeline of our love?
 Can I not love thee for thee?

 For my life is lost without thee.. 
I'm running out of time with thee..  
The chills run down me but I'm 
completely lost without thee...

by Jo Bien |
Categories: introspection


when love starts to rattle and shake
there is really no safe place
then your heart splits down the center
a deep, bleeding crevice rendered

pieces left all over the place
tears of sorrow on my face
a quake of horrific magnitude
rocking all that's left of you

love built on a fault-line
can not stand the test of time
7.0 on the Richter
reduced to ash and cinder