Love Poems About Horrid or Horrid Love Poems
by Fritz Crytzer |
Categories: death, happiness, philosophy, universe,

Sonnet: Elegy In Blank Verse


I wish I could find death before I grow
so I could miss life's pain and agony. 
A child can only feel and hear and see 
the universe with love and happiness.

A child does not fathom those cancered ills
that fog a twisted mass of foundered souls
nor understand the horrid self one needs
to govern and succeed in society.

Nor does it care; it only wants and needs
an unencumbered path to happiness,   
a guiltless trail to heavenly frolic;
a road that's lost when grown ones rule the world.

I wish I could find death before I grow
so I could miss life's pain and agony.

by Bob Shank |
Categories: life, love, sad,

Clear As Day

Love hath tasted of arsenic lips
ground thy soul upon treacherous hips
opened vessels with anemic blood
bathed in a teared river of mud

yet loneliness fills a desires plate
tis the companion of Poe's fate
lips sparkled of potent ale
lovely neck a shade too pale

empty bottles of friendship lied
drunken souls hang head to side
looking for sadness as their pride
lest the poet's pen be his bride

etched in darkness, the devil's queen
horrid tragedy with beauty unseen
liquid scents perfume thy mind
splashing eyes tearfully blind...

by Katherine Livingstone |
Categories: life, lost love, love, passion,


Molten rings of fire,
Encrusted spikes of hate.
Devil-haunted liar,
You'll pay at any rate.

Deceiving, horrid monster,
Crumbling burnt-out rain.
All the tales will cost her,
Never mind the pain.

Living the dying acid heat,
Crushing the putrid dove.
The smoldering heart will never beat,
If you toss away the love.

Crippled hope and crippled sin,
Entwined by that wicked lie.
Your shame besieging morbid grin,
As you watch the poor girl cry.

by Taylor Kristine |
Categories: depression, lost love, sad, teen,

Agonizing Love

Sharp Pains in my chest
a fire started in my throat
the sting of torment inmy eyes
a weary feeling in my heart

those last few words
that horrid look
the bitter sound of your voice
is torture to my ears

a hammer to my heart
a bullet to the brain
can someone please stop him
from causing me this pain?

I promise to never do this again
if I knew that this would happen
it never would have started
I never would have loved you.

I can't hold up any longer
I'm falling out of love.
is this how heartbreak feels?
it hurts...
I'll never love again.

by Tahera Mannan |
Categories: faith


Far away when the smiling day tiredly smiles
The evening bride spreads her dress for miles
My thoughts their twilight keep
When tiny lamps awake half asleep
Your image when suddenly appears and stops
Like a deer grazing on dewy wet crop
Then this heart flutters alone
As the river runs on stones
Lusts for love’s glory
Shouts loud the sad story
Morning and night falls the tears
They are watered with horrid fears
But He moves in amazing ways
When end is near and no ray
He’ll shower his blessings on the head
Love will gather and diminish dread

by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: analogy, imagery, love, metaphor, relationship,

Thus and So

pressed ...
kind as a criminal
your cold kisses clamped shut -
like a thousand stiff arms
they walled me in ...
I was your dirigible, soaring
promises made in passion and dreaming
(my horrid err)
the slender ropes you clung to
braided with expectation
pulling ...
pulling ...
pulling ...
hope, rusted by your
greedy weep
and the shine of love turned to
weight like iron -
you would give your
breaths, all, to keep me from the stars,
and I would waste those
precious wonders ...
to keep you from your

by Jewels Chavira |
Categories: addiction, anger, change, conflict, confusion, corruption, courage, cry, dark, death, depression, emo, emotions, evil, feelings, grave, grief, growth, hate, heartbroken, how i feel, inspiration, inspirational, leaving, life, loneliness, lonely, lost, lost love, memory, pain, poetry, power, psychological, recovery from, sad, sad love, sick, strength, suicide, uplifting, wisdom, write, writing,

The Black Abyss

Sinking in deeper,
No way to escape,
The dark and scary Reaper,
Fore told in the Book of Life.

Is this my end?
Will I ever see the light of day again?
No. My wounds, I must mend.
I must find my strength.

Stand my ground,
Face my fears.
Only then will my voice be found
I must survive.

Break the suffocating chains,
Run from the darkness.
Power will fill my veins.
I will Fight!

Fight the painful names,
The horrid memories,
The demented games 
And escape My Black Abyss.

by Sandra Ramacher |
Categories: addiction, death, , sweet love,

One Last Hit

Purging, surging, my body heaves
Flaying, slaying imaginary dragons
Swarming beasties inside my pores
Those nasty little invaders, 
Those horrid thieves
Have infested my frail body
The one my nemesis abhors 

Lurking, smirking the dark one hovers
Smiling, beguiling he offers up angels
Soothing hungry desperation
Those soft enticing creatures
Those sweet lovers
Are surging through my aching veins
Offering me brief salvation

Quivering, shivering I emerge 
Bleeding, pleading for just a little more
Cravenness creatures howling echoes
The whimpering of my soul
The final dirge
My spirit joins that of angels
I leave my body to the crows

by Del Phil |
Categories: love, woman,


There once was a man who lived in a castle,
Who longed for a girl so he could love her.
He searched far and wide, from Prague to Yorkshire,
But he found no such a dazzling damsel.
He dreamed of a woman of so special:
Kind and sweet and graceful and beautiful...
The type of woman not concerned with Wealth.

And he would rescue her from some reptile
Both great and horrid, a nightmare made real.
Like Tarzan saving Jane from a crocadile.
They'd kiss and their wedding would be ideal,
Full of flowers, jewels, and high style.
But it was just a dream, completely unreal.

by Arturo Michael |
Categories: inspirational, love, woman,

The Love of Mary Magdalene

On canvas was made to shame

For the world to despise her name

Portrayed as a whore 

A dirty Mary nothing more

Hair that wiped Jesus’s feet of oil and tears

Never left his side even at the cross

Who was this woman from Magdala 

Why has the bible tried to exclude her

She soothes a crucified body with aloes and myrrh

Believed while Peter denied three times before **** crowed

The Messiah who was resurrected on the third day

First appeared to this lady of immeasurable faith

Her heart knew the Lord above man’s horrid sins

No love greater than the love of Mary Magdalene

by Matt Caliri |
Categories: absence,

Happy Thanksgiving

In the folly of my
I run and hide as
much as possible.
I also at times walk
right towards the
The statement was
not just meant for
the terminally ill:
Everyday is a
Gratitude should be
the last remaining
nutrition for the
Even in the horrid
We may feel we
We lumber through
such grace.   
We catch corner
Distracted by the
Great Glory.
Sampling and
The folly is the
right-hereness of
I am you and you are
Love of each other
sparks opportunity.
I wiggle through my
Paused in shafting
glows over morning
Fences, caroused by
the spirit to
further The
frightening flame.

by Charles Smith |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love, mother,

And Then There Was One

The silent screams of a woman in pain,
the death tole climbs as she rattles her chains.
Tears fall down like ashes on snow,
She weeps only now because she is alone.

What started out as perfect spring,
Has turned to be the most horrid of things.
When first they met it seemed ordained,
But when all done there is only pain.

by Laura Malmstrom |
Categories: angst, depression, lost love, love, sadlove,

What Did I Ever Do Except Love You?

In stealth, you dealt the first stinging blow
A dual edged blade, it cut through my spine
Words of hate flowed effortlessly from you
What did I ever do except love you?

Like poison, your hateful tirade spread
A horrid venom, it seeped through my veins
Brought me to doubt all I know to be true
What did I ever do except love you?

In silence, my heart lay in pieces
An empty void, lost in unfulfilled dreams
Devoid of answers still one question begged
What did I ever do except love you?

by Stacy Stiles |
Categories: husband, life, loss, lost love, sad, heart, heart, me,

Under Attack

How long have you waited,
for the memories to cease?
How long have you suffered,
as they took piece by piece?

I’ve seen the emotional anguish,
in your heart and in your eyes.
I’ve heard the horrid events,
on the news and thru your lies.

You tell me it wasn’t that bad,
as the media described it to be.
You tell me that living in Iraq,
was a small price paid to be free.

But I don’t see you liberated;
I see a man who’s lost and alone.
Still under attack each night;
silently residing in a combat zone.

Our lives have forever changed,
your heart has turned to black.
Suffering by yourself in solitude,
as you wait for the next attack.

by . Dabomb™ |
Categories: faith, fantasy, friendship, hope, life, love, romance,

I Like Beginnings

I like beginnings
When anything seems possible
When we have yet to discover
Each other's vulnerabilities and weaknesses
What buttons to push causing the other pain
And to use it far too often

I like beginnings 
When there’s no bad history or tears shed
Ill recollection that creeps up on us
When faced with our own insecurities
And worthless self doubts
Of the past

I like beginnings
When love is a possibility 
And just the thought of you 
Leading to something new 
Comforts my broken heart 
Helping the soreness to mend

I like endings
An end of a horrid chapter
With hardly any good memories 
To remember or reflect
Making that previous beginning come
To an end…

by Julien Ringuede |
Categories: desire, history, joy, love, lust,

Riding To Antioch

I ride hard for the ridge top and I see 
The walls of Orontes girded Antioch
And beyond the sea.  A gateway, a fee, 
Bars the way but for a moment nonplus.
I must get home, for I journeyed for us.
I endured horrid thirst and pain anew
To cross the vast desert to be with you.
To my heart, you hold the orichalc key. 
You are the cause I rush I do not mock.
I ache to see you golden and you me.
I am your Ganymede and Patroclus.
You are my god Zeus and my Achilleus.
I take off my tunic, you yours and shoe,
I am fired by that look you give askew.

by Gregory Ramos |
Categories: anger, death, feelings, horror,

The Thrill

i have a need in you i feed 
it's the thrill of the kill 
no more running no more fight 
left in your slumber clean away the night
horrid clouds move in, gray darkened shapes
slobbering sheets of rain invade your domain 
you lie still or it will be your fate
slowly your face the face 
in your common place
the want of a love so deep
it will devour your mind just for the taste 
your limp body will ceased to exist
everything you thought real is dead and gone
i have a need in you i feed
mr. emerson said it best 
"every minuet you are angry , is 60 seconds lost with peace"
i will consume you and your love 
deep down you like it the rage , the silence
of the kill

by William Lamebull |
Categories: lost lovetruth,

Feigned Devotion

ah, love, the lies thou speaketh now
tell tales upon thy character
of darkness hidden ’neath green eyes
and evil dripping from thy tongue
lay not beside me evermore
and proffer warmth of wanton flesh
which kens not truth of any sort
yet holds my soul as it were bound

from out this bed of dreary dream
and recollections far too sweet
oh, that the reaper, grim and cold
might whisk away this saddened wretch
to ride the waves of joyful bliss
upon some fiery comet’s tail 

there cross ten thousand galaxies
far, far beyond thy fearful grasp
annul thee now thy sweet charade
the horrid truth of mirthless soul
entangled legs and arms belie 
thy body’s feigned devotion here

by Sev Smith |
Categories: death, depression, fear, life, loss, love, mystery, romance, sad, me,

Your Mask

Your mask is impossible to crack
A most confusing riddle
I find myself lost again
Stuck smack in the middle
Your mask is hiding you away
Misleading me and so on
I find myself at your mercy again
Feeling I've become undone
Your mask is cruel, unforgiving
Troubling my dreams at night
I find myself so crippled again
Lost this endless fight
Your mask is an illusion
I wish I knew the real you
I find myself at a major loss
When you mislead me like you do
Your mask is something horrid that
I'd love to see the end of
I find myself at a disadvantage
Because with you I am in love

by Michael Perriatt |
Categories: brother, children, sister,

Jill's Lament

Dear brother Jack's still tucked in bed,
unconscious from the fall.
My advice to those who love their heads:
beware of hills and walls.

Does Humpty Dumpty ring a bell?
He too impaired his crown.
But oh!--much worse, much worse he fell,
says every knight in town.

My sympathies to the goodly egg,
but Jack moves more my heart.
Oh Mother Goose, of you I beg,
rewrite my brother's part!

Let not him tumble carelessly,
make flat that horrid hill--
and if need be, do this for me:
let Jack swap roles with Jill!

by Shannon Rogers |
Categories: absence,

Cold Silence

Tears are rolling down my cheeks.
My breathing is getting heavier, 
My thoughts are consumed with demons,
Filling my mind with Lucifer’s lies.
Why is the air I breathe cold?
The screams are getting louder,
Piercing my ears.
Why do I live such a horrid life?
The warm touch of another’s love freezes my soul.
I’m drowning ,
Swallowing each hateful word.
I’m yearning for help,
Yet I Still fall into my living slumber.

by Russell Sivey |
Categories: life, love, heart, heart,

A Heart of Love

A heart of love She enters into my life now A heart of love Nothing horrid to speak of I gave her my solemn vow Her kindness shown, to allow A heart of love
Russell Sivey Entrant into Debbie Guzzi's "Rondelets OR Simply 7 lines" contest 12/7/2012

by Pat Adams |
Categories: longing, loss, natural disasters, remember,

What Happened

What happened to my wavy dark hair
I look and see it's now longer there
It just don't seem right
It's now mostly white
And my eyebrows a horrid affair

I guess now I have less hair to crop
And my lovers love for me didn't stop
In my heart I'm more caring
My love I've been sharing
So I guess that's a pretty good swap

by Charlie Murder |
Categories: friendship, inspirational, beautiful, sound, beautiful, sound,

Music To the Ears of the Beholder

here cries the babe 
a sound of ear splitting anguish
a bottle to the mouth
and the horrid sound is vanquished

but here the sound is beautiful
if they can cry, they breathe
and i know that sounds horrid
but its beautiful to me

adrenaline it pumps through me
as she walks, slow, my way
rejected once again
and i still know ill be okay

adrenaline still pumps
you know your heart is still beating
and if it wasnt well guess what
the worms would now be eating

you say your life is over
love your only 17
listen up and dry your eyes
your beautiful to me

by Katie Tiller |
Categories: addiction, how i feel, hurt, inspirational, love,

Love Is This, Love Is That

Love is an ocean breeze
It is the millions and millions of stars.
Love is what keeps our mind at ease
It is the beating of our hearts.
Love is what is within the galaxies,
And what creates the growing trees.

Love is the scorching fire,
Love is what our hearts desire.
It is what makes the sun rise.
Love is what we all admire,
It is what is seen in our eyes,
And what is way beyond our lies.

Love is an evil matter,
It is the pain we feel inside.
Love is just a huge scatter,
And the memories we leave behind.
Love is a horrid scare,
It is what makes us care.