Love Poems About Horrible or Horrible Love Poems
by Rhona Mcferran |
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Cheesecake Nightmare

Love me or hate me
few people can take me
plain, unadulterated, true to myself
their compulsive need to gussy me up
or completely disguise me
gives me nightmares...
Horrible- horrible!

The worst is where
they try to make me

Suffocated in sauces, sweet relish
and pickled beets
garnished with green olives
and fussy-cut vienna sausages
all dancing in fancy chorus lines
on top of me
Oh No! I can't take it...
It just can't be!

What are they thinking?!

I awake with a snug sensation
as something warmish
drapes and
down my back
Caramel sauce-
Thank God!

by Dana Smith |
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The Transformation

Sparkling fireworks inside his head, Disregarding love, inviting anger instead; Won't he get weary of so much pain, Taking it out on the world is insane. Transform slowly and surely mature, He'll find light in the night, I'm almost sure Finding his place where time reverses Musing the worlds small petty curses; Can't be realistic with a good attitude, Can't be alone without pure solitude A world without color, just black & white, How can he stand such a horrible sight? Some day he'll notice the small things in life And transform greatly without hate or strife.

by Johnathon Bart |
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Vegetable Love

Sweet peas,
Sweet corn,
Sweet the clue,
That does adorn,
The sweetest thing
I've ever seen,
Since I was born...

Like "Casablanca"
Embracing at an airport,
But not for "Goodbye"
But here to "court"

No way, but 
A short while ago,
Would I ever,
Dare to believe,
This could ever be so...

Life carries some surprises,
Some are awful sweet,
Not every one,
Ends in some 
horrible defeat...

I'll ask no more,
Of my God above,
Because he has returned
Your precious love.

by Hgarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: death, lost love, love, wife

A Path Un Traveled ( Part 4 )

Vultures surround me, glaring at my ebony“ unsaved Soul“, Squawking, waiting for the
“Feast of Death”
The Sallow Sky envelopes me, destroying  all thoughts of  Eternity , a Love tear falls with-in 
my last Breath
Where are the Stars, the Moon, the Sun, LIFE? : I stand alone  scarred and scared ; “I want 
to go Home” 
See the glory of Mother Nature, touch the Robe of Father Time : To Write myself out of this 
Horrible Poem

Inspired By the POEM  “  If you can’t be a poet, be the POEM “  By Dr. Ram Mehta
Dedicated To  “ Dr. Ram Mehta “ ( My Literary Advisor) through His Comments to my Work

by John Loving Iii |
Categories: depression, forgiveness, me,


My hurt that can't be seen
The pain that came
At the end of my dream

It's presense, a horrible thing
I want to let go
But it just seems to cling

It's maker, still walking around
Unaware of my worries
How hard I feel down

I need to hate
But love gets in the way
It holds my rages and makes me to 

Am I the fool
That you want me to be?
It isn't cool what was done to me

What should come 
At the end of a dream?
When the star has been broken and 
ruined the theme

I will survive
But just this one thing
I'm letting go if you can't fix this 

(Dedicated to Colleen Bono)

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 9th grade, angst, anxiety, emotions, feelings,

The Veil of Death

Buffed out with time's fine emery Alzheimer's stole your memory. And you sit in your chair and gaze lost in a perpetual haze. There is little left but a shell you're not in pain, but don't look well. And when I touch you, you pull back as if fending off an attack. How horrible to be confined especially trapped in one's mind. And though I wish it weren't so, love only adds to my sorrow. This is something we will work through for I'll never abandon you. And when you breathe your final breath smile at me, through the veil of death.

by Larry Belt |
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Today I Saw a Teardrop

Today I saw a teardrop 
Just resting on my sleeve
He said his name was "Heartache"
And he came to watch me grieve

He showed me many horrible things
This drop of liquid pain
I tried to wipe this tear away
But it turned into a stain

The stain said, "Look a little closer,
And tell me what you see"
The more I looked the more I tried
To rid this stain from me

Another tear ran down my face
And was sitting on my cheek
My sleeve again wiped it away
Then he started to speak

He said his name was "Past Regrets"
"And the things you see are true"
But as I peered inside this tear
All I could see was You

by Randy Johnson |
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Padded Bra


It was a horrible thing that I saw.
My girlfriend wears a padded bra.
Her chest is flatter than a pancake.
It made me mad because her boobs are fake.
She got excited when I started to flirt.
As she jumped up and down, the falsies came flying out of her shirt.
She was so embarrassed that her face turned red.
It was a day that she was bound to dread.
I love her and I decided to give her another chance.
I can't judge her because I always have a radiator hose in my pants.

by Shelby Wood |
Categories: hope, life, loss, love


Falling deep,
Hard and strong.
Can’t stop from falling,
In love with your gaze,
And I won’t realize it,
Until I’m hit hard in the face, 
A horrible reminder of this morbid place.
Can’t stop time,
And can’t turn it back,
Can’t change your place,
In a world made of class.
My heart shatters,
Like glass,
When you aren’t around,
And yet you don’t notice,
Until the day,
I’m gone for good.
Not there for you to admire.
And now you’re the one falling,
And falling,
Until you’re hit in the face,
And realize you’ve made your biggest,

by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: life, today, war,

- Hearts of Stone -

You can not decide
   your  future
   You can never get back
   You can not wait until tomorrow
   today is the day
   What will you do today
   Today you can decide
   how it should be
   Are you happy and satisfied
   or sad and tired
   A world in war
   where everyone killing eachother
   Scream cuts in my ears
   horrible sound
   Faith - hope and love is your way
   Choose your path with sensitivity
   Because if everyone will
   we can surely get it

   A-L Andresen :)
   Copyright © All Rights Reserved

by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: hate, love,

Hatred - Love

                                   horrible, hurtful
                       confronting, detesting, combating
              disagreement, discord, harmony, concurrence
                        appeasing, adoring, pleasing
                               wonderful, caring

By Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

by Trevor Bain |
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Life is a many things
Sometimes life is a dark tunnel,
But every tunnel has a light at the end
I will be your lantern to guide the way
Cling to me and I will keep you from the darkness
Life is a giant battle.
I will be your shield and spear 
Your spear to pierce through the horrible people
Who want to harm you, 
Your shield to protect you
From the battles you cannot win your self 
life is many things my dear 
But I am here,
For you to use, to cherish, and love.
Life is many things my dear. 
But you are not alone.
I am here.

by Renee Kelly |
Categories: life, people,

Sibling Sanity

There once was a sister most prosaic
Who's love for her kin was most archaic
  She turned a blind eye
  To horrible lie after lie
And ignored her sibling's mind of mosaic

by Kuleza John Lembi |
Categories: education, endurance,

Journey of a Medical Student

Dwelling in them, a soft hearted soul
Love plated but pain on its core
Moss covered mountains to cross
Full of merciless piercing stones

Mind invested into a battle of memories
Battle with horrible images of courses in diaries

Both ends candles are burnt
To light the way through the six hills of torment

Flooding down cheeks are tears
Shaking rough hands of lamenting songs

Injecting the venom of fear into the spirits
Made to be passed, though hurting beyond limits

Journey of a medical student
Like a terrifying flood to expose the hidden gold

by Chidi Okoye |
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Sweet Mom

It began with a kiss of love
graduated to nine months of
mixed feelings which ended
in hours of horrible pains and
In the sight of your babe came a
sincere smile of success.
You didn't know how strong you
were Mom.

No shock absorber could have been better.
You stayed strong like a giant Iroko tree
in the midst of turbulent winds of life
You are my hero mama.
You patiently carried on the tedious
job of nursing regardless of burdens
and pains,
Denied yourself comfort to make me happy.
Your baby I will always be.

Mummy you are sweet, tender
and loving.
You are indeed a blissful bridge to the paradise
I know.
Sweet Mom.

by Kasra Mojahed |
Categories: africa, angel, beauty, bible, black african american, god, racism,

Long Ago, Black and White

Long ago, when a white man saw his brother's dark face,
He did not accept him because he was from a different race,
How could such a horrible thing be so true?
The scares, the bruises, all black and blue.

Where was the love?
Finally, a man was sent from an angel above,
No more war,
He opened up for us a brand new door.

A door where there was no more violence,
Where we could live everyday in peaceful silence,
A door where we had the right to choose where to sit on a bus,
And not make a fuss.

So, here we are today,
Each year getting more grey,
Do we accept people the way they are?
We still have a while to go, but we are not very far.

by Apolo Amai |
Categories: abuse, addiction, conflict, courage, discrimination, hope,

Cross Eyed

Every day I wake up
With less and less of a purpose
I keep looking to the sky
For answers to tsunami me
But with no luck and more grief
Not knowing my purpose
My path my capabilities
No guidance and I only have myself to blame
Blame for my faults and lack of hard work
My life is horrible and its only me who knows this feeling
I’m not blaming anyone for the way I feel
Just that I’m tired of feeling this way
All I want is to just be happy
The pursuit of happiness is so far from my grasp
I need help
I need forgiveness
I need love
I pursue happiness

by David Welch |
Categories: death, loss, lost love, passion, people,

Life Without You

Life without you couldn't be right.
No hugging, kissing, or pillow talk at night.

Life without you just wouldn't be fair,
I'd have all these feelings too good to spare.

Life without you would be kind of lame,
Things would be dry and always the same.

Life without you is a horrible lie,
I'd probably break down and have to cry.

Life without you can't really be
For I would be very painful and insane to me.

Life without you is a bad dream,
You and I are one, the most formidable team.

Life without you.

by Nate Spears |
Categories: dark, life, lost love, love,

Soul of a Man

The Soul Of A Man
By Nate Spears

When a man lies to a woman
He kills her soul
Accompanied by the credibility of himself
At the end of the day what’s left?
Distrust and guilt
In which relationships aren’t built
Killing her spirit forever
Crushing the matrimony given
By the creator of life
Your wife
Your for better
Your for worst
Your for good
Making the soul of the man
A horrible reflection of terrible
Your for better
Your for good
Your for worst
Your for gone.

by Chelsea Zayas |
Categories: emotions, feelings, heart, heartbreak, love,

Feeling Emotions

Yay!! My 100th poem is complete!! Now I may be able to write my book now!! Please enjoy my poem "Feeling Emotions" and please comment!

Why do emotions hurt us?
Why do emotions and feelings,
Hurt the human soul?
Damage our hearts,
And make us feel pain?
When we are happy,
When we are sad,
Angry or in love.
Sometimes love is amazing,
And sometimes disgusting,
Pleasurable and sweet,
Or horrible and distasteful.
Sometimes it wonderful,
To feel emotions.
Other times,
I don't want to feel anything.
I don't want to spring emotions,
When I know then,
That my heart will get broken.
Everyday, I try to understand,
The human soul,
And how to feel emotions...

by Sky Poet Sa |
Categories: heartbroken, hurt,

Vows Broken Too Soon

What a horrible ruin
Vows falsely spoken
Love's most terrible tune
Heart and vows broken
Vows broken too soon
Joy has escaped, stolen
A night's dark-dull moon
Love's most bitter token
Sad day, sad afternoon
Tears and blood betoken
Love, a scary baboon.


by Oluwasola Elisha |
Categories: boyfriend, crush, girlfriend, i love you,

My Love

Burning fiercely in my heart is your love
Like life in the darkness of death it shines
Illuminating my path in the thick forest of loneliness
Keeping me company in the horrible days of boredom
Oh! How abundant is your love in my heart 
Igniting daily the fire of passion of commitment and faithfulness to you like from the start
My love much I could say to describe how much I love you
But few I could type for words have repeatedly failed me to tell you how much I love 
Because my love for you is best expressed in practical than theory

ABSOL - 07032277508


by Kevin Leake |
Categories: spoken word,


Glorious and beautiful
Omnipresent and omnipotent
Devine and loving
Deceiver of nations
Evil imposter
Vile and horrible
Insanity and madness
Liar from the beginning
Sent from heaven
As a man
Restorer of faith
The truth, way and the life
Hope and courage
Eternal and loving
Lamb of God
Omega and alpha
Restores with new life
Destroys the devils works
Justice for all 
Exceedingly good
Sets free
Unconditional love
Speaks softly
Chains broken
Healer of all
Redeemer of all
Saves life’s
The King of Kings

Glory To God

© Copyright KC.Leake
14th April 2015
All Rights Reserved

by Tony Lane |
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The Fools Tale

There once was a man who had found true love yet squandered it away, 
And for this one transgression is tormented to this day. 

He found the girl to call his own and bade her to be his wife, 
But to the chapel he came too late and the poor girl had taken her life. 

The day that they were pledged to marry he’d started for the church, 
But highway men had stalled his progress thus leaving her in the lurch. 

And with her dying breath she uttered the words to a horrible curse, 
Now wandering has become his penance with no way ever to reverse. 

The only name by which he’s called brings laughter from the cruel, 
For he is the one who is known to all by name of the wandering fool.

by Elizabeth Kinch |
Categories: betrayal, break up, divorce, heartbreak, lost love, trust, wedding,

Promises, Promises

You promised on our wedding day
To take me for your wife,
That from that day forward
You'd stay beside me all my life.

Yet when better days were over
And money got a little tight,
You started being horrible
Causing us to fight.

You promised you would care for me
In sickness and in health,
And yet as soon as I got ill
You left me by myself.

You promised to love and cherish me
Till death do us part,
Yet you never meant a word
You've broken my heart.

Promises, promises,
You're dishonourable through and through,
A renege, a traitor
And yet I still love you.