Love Poems About Horoscope or Horoscope Love Poems
by Leon Enriquez |
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(Dedication: For Ann, with love.)

Grow old with me my dear,
Only the classics lasts;
Live zesty gifts of cheer,
Delight outlasts the past;
Enjoy wise rapture fine,
Nurture those lovely smiles.
Roar in-between the lines,
Abide in sanguine style.
Meet precious moments sound.
Touch a deep inner light,
Intuit sweet grace that grounds,
Mind and heart know sure sights;
Etch our love affair here,
See pure joy transcend years.

Leon Enriquez
30 January 2015

by Line Gauthier |
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Late one starry starry night
I wished upon a twinkling starry star
For a secret wish to sparkle so bright
Come true as promised in my horoscope
Have everything go as one would hope
Under the watchful eye of the North Star

Glittery smotherings of moonlight
Wistful veils of intoxicating cinnabar
On tonight’s most mystical starry night
The magic is all set for us to elope
Nevermore to feel under a microscope
Forever thankful to my little starry star

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by Mariana pavlich |
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Forever finding oneself festive centerpiece

Various hill+ village villas in Florence Italy
Proud happy Frescos exude confidence
Tasteful table set Floral arrangement
Gleaming hardwood floors Gardens
You look terrific, Babe, how are you
He's   pretty   lucky   to  have  you !
What a lovely bouquet. Thankyou
Living room , kitchen , verandah
Scruptious... is that outfit  new ?
That girl has a fine eye for detail
Italy  was absolutely  wonderful
The   Zodiac  monthly starsigns  
Chinese  horoscope  birth signs
Would  you  join us dear?Certainly.
We are very fond of you..... Kiss kiss

by Emile Pinet |
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Forlorn Hope

He's a scared, shivering, sad and lonely soul, today's version of a disposable man. Panhandling on cold city streets takes its toll, and he's devolved into a human trash can. Ostracized, he's stripped of any chance he had of finding love or of becoming a dad. And yet, his heart still harbors the forlorn hope that someday fate might yet change his horoscope. (Rispetto) 4/13/2021 This or That, Vol 2 Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Edward Ibeh Title chosen; "Forlorn Hope"

by David Smalling |
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Calvary's Horoscope

Yes, I love you
How do you feel
That I am your automaton
And it is your worship
If I kneel

I know love
By the cruelty of the cross
And not one i.o.u in the mail
Yet I thing of it
And know I failed
In my belief

For did they too
not even think
How was God to die
And if he did
How could we live
Without him again

Is not a place alone
It is all the memories
Of jasmines
Balming my fears
With perennial predictions 
Of easter's horoscope

by Bryn Strudwick |
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The date - was the eighteenth The month - it was May The year - nineteen-sixty The time - was mid-May The boy - tall and handsome The girl - quite petite The horoscope - hopeful The prediction - they’ll meet The weather - quite sunny The outlook - was better The plot - he would seek her The climax - he’d get her The end - wasn’t like that The love - couldn’t grow The girl’s name - was Juliet The boy’s name - Romeo 23rd February 2021 List With a Twist contest Sponsor - Charles Messina