Love Poems About Horns or Horns Love Poems
by Olusegun Ojo |
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I Sing Africa

All's not about Darfur I've seen it, eerie winds Moonlight through our thatch We kissed round, one *palmie gourd Kigali was but a miss Waist-beads - beats to love Have you heard the talk-drum, *Fela's horns of brass, Or the *Aladuras' joy of Alleluia? My grandmother still walks miles Just because her forbears did, And shame on malaria For the dearth of men Oh, on Mandela's earth Of Soyinka's nobel ideas Africa - a big breast, the good, the bad, the ugly. . . all, as sucklings! *palmie - palm wine *Fela - Celebrated afrobeat musician *Aladura - a popular african instituted christian sect noted for heavy prayers

by Savanna Roberts |
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Love songs and empty words curled
Around ideas of what love
Should be, like horns that ram the unsuspecting,
Shaking and shattering bones
And all expectation of the
Normalcy in past, weak coals that don’t smolder.
Life as it should be intrigued
My mind, kindled my spirit, and
Sizzled my heart as he seeped into my pores.
Head-strong and stubborn, he carved
The strict laws into his essence.
He obeyed these principles as religion,
And like a lamb he followed 
The world’s ideology of
Perfection deeper into the demise he
Designed himself every time
He bleated for a white ewe,
Not out of his love of crisp snow, but the world’s.

by Joseph Spence Sr |
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Winding Road (Reverse Etheree)

From New York to the Gulf of Mexico
Travel path provided as you go
Links of network from plane above
Ocean cruiser scenes we love
Chevy gliding in style
Highway going wild
Horns blast in code

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: allegory, allusion, appreciation, blessing, faith, heart, love,

Music of the Spheres

Where the sun stops
And the light fades,
And the dark deepens
One finds a subtle
Horizon rest-

Within this symphony
Of great spheres-
Strings aloft,
Horns a summit of air,
Percussionists not a beat
To flare-
Safe harbor, so to speak-
A point
Without a peak...

For Time has no say,
With cycle in pure alignment,
The movement paused
Defying slip or stray,
The conductor's wand not a sway-

Here I also find You,
In the still
Without space,
On High of Grace…

by Joseph Spence Sr |
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Celebration On the Bay

I sat in a porch rocker and looked
Watching star bursts of wonder
Sparks with flair in the evening sky
Streams of light moving in splendor
So beautiful one must say, “oh my!”

I sat in a porch rocker and looked
As the grand orchestra played away
Sweet melody makes me give a sigh
Music and light blending a display
Horns and trumpets blasting high

I sat in a porch rocker and looked
Watching fireworks over the bay
Music rocking with soft thunder
Such a sight for ending a fine day
A celebration without a blunder

I sat in a porch rocker and looked!

by John Hamilton |
Categories: destiny, fate, happiness, longing, love,

Fickle Fingers of Fate

Fickle fingers of fate

They say "good things come to those who wait"
but indecision leaves love dangling...
in the fickle fingers of fate.

Take control of your own destiny,
grab the bull by the horns...
and ride the back of what's meant to be.

John Derek Hamilton
January 08,2019

by Jeremy Michael |
Categories: jealousy, love,

A Jealous Love, Or a Loving Jealousy

Within the chasm of the Chaos Seas,
That deep and shallow fiend Leviathan,
With surface envy swells and floods disease:
My blood's as rapid boiling cryogen.
A beastly instinct and a drowning doubt,
My love's base jealousy arouses hate,
A bittersweet feast and a chronic bout,
My love, at once, is hell and heaven's gate.
But can true love exist without false fears?
The one the other hand in hand are borne;
This revelation rouses out my dears:
If love, then fear to bear the cuckold's horns. 
                 I trust distrust to scale the depths of thirst,
                 It sires desires, it questions which came first.

by Megan O'Day |
Categories: death, depression, fear, happiness, hope, love,


I am the color that stands for love.
I am the hearts that fill up your box.
I am the rose that sits on your table.
I am the dress you wear on a date.
I am the ribbon on a perfectly wrapped package.
I am the stripes on the American flag.
I am the sign that warns you to turn back.
I am the anger on your face.
I am the pen on your test, “F”.
I am the horns on your biggest fear.
I am the color that stands for love,
But I am also the blood that drips off your knife.

by Michael Boffa |
Categories: heartbreak,

Fleeting Romance

Fleeting Romance	

Flowers are a mirror to our love
Echoing romance in many a shape
Soaring high just like a dove
Until the sparkle begins to fade!

Roses all red a symbol of passion
Their petals glowing crimson so bold
Yet soon the go out of fashion
When burning heat turns to cold

Cupid is one ever so fickle
Her allure hides such vicious thorns
As dashing flood slows to a trickle
Affection is pieced by her cruel horns!

Enduring love so hard to find
When tears appear instead of laughter
Memories slip so swiftly out of mind
Bidding adieu to forever after!

by Tahera Mannan |
Categories: lost love

White Jasmine

White Jasmine
pure white soft jasmine
birth of a new tender love
thorns silently sleep

behold this glory
that enticingly lures
some fun loving bee
tasting delicious nectar
green danger cunningly lurks

true love never had a chance
green thorns blew their prickly horns
old black shadows danced along
white jasmine turned red

By Tahera Mannan

by Ryan Wanless |
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The Truth About Narwhals

The Truth about Narwhals

The truth about narwhals, is that they're just bags.
Majestic bags, filled up with swag.
And bags filled with swag, well, they aren't a drag.

The truth about narwhals, is that they're just unicorns.
They dress up like dolphins, but still show off their horns.
And dolphins with horns, they love to eat corns.

The truth about narwhals, is they love shish-kebabs.
They make them all day, to worship their gods.
But narwhals themselves are gods, gods of kebabs.

by Iris E. S-Lewis |
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I'M Going Home

I'm going home to
Belize of my birth
Beat the drums
My fathers fashioned
Honk the horns
My brothers firmly hold
Strike up the band,
All a we da one.

I am home!
Not alone
You, me, everybody,
We make up this land
Generations strong
By the almighty sea,
East of our Belize.


by Emile Pinet |
Categories: emotions, feelings, inspirational, love hurts, uplifting,

If You Can'T Forget

When smiles shyly slip away, tears inevitably fall. For you cannot help but cry, when trust means nothing at all. Hope encourages gamblers to seize the bull by the horns. And at that moment, you get to choose the rose or the thorns. It's time to move on with life and tend to your broken heart. For love's not abandoned you, this heartache will soon depart. Relationships cannot last if they were not meant to be. And though you think life's over, there's much more for you to see. If you can’t forget, forgive, don't let tears stand in your way. Yesterday's a memory, but today's a brand-new day. (Quatrain) 3/29/2015

by Clay Robbins |
Categories: satire,

In the Woods, In the Lot

There is the sweet sound of birds that sing And then, there is the annoying cacophony of horns, HON- keen! The erratic incessant chirp and beep of cars remotely locked Makes for an eclectic electric symphony Where birds are mocked Can a Horny Yellow Wrangler find a lonsome dove? There is sadness in the single Bronco that knows no love Oh, this is just all too ***** Another horn Is sounding near... In the woods, in the lot.

by Sophia Valentina |
Categories: wedding,

Blushing Bride

My wilted, rotten, Rose bouquet –My veil, a crown of thorns.
As dowry to me Master gave a tail to match my horns… 
and promised me the one to rule would be but my firstborn.
So something borrowed, something blue my broken Heart becomes.
Now I with sorrow say ‘I do’ to love but only one… 
the one of which I stand before with Dreading Dress undone.

by Michael Edison |
Categories: angel, autumn, beach, blue,

Tears of Loneliness




by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: funny, love

Cupid the Imposter

Cupid’s portrayed wearing wings

No angel shoots through the heart

Little devil causes pain

Should have horns and tail
*Dodoitsu for Dr. Ram’s “Winged Cupid” contest

by Daver Austin |
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Television Watch


no catastrophe
it’s two thousand and thirteen
everything survived
faulty mayan chicken bones?
or just a few days delay?

i’m watching TV
and the noisy times square crowd
counting the seconds
watching the huge ball descend
58 -9- and –midnight!

the old year is gone
it’s two thousand and thirteen
so? how should i feel
with the noise and confetti
wasted by eighty-three years?

i must shrug
aware of horns and fireworks
my cats running round
then there is this sudden hush
i yawn  - stretch – snap the TV

Seriously. This is just me. Y'all have a great New Year.
Love, daver

by Jimmi Canada |
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Wobbie Tuck

Errant steals,

like globular e-mocking,

stark Jabs in test,

wave's of sustainment globally casting flesh aside,

wantoness stops as
tubular horns row them all away...

Nickled as jells in the jangles,

wobbie in a talk in a mangle-

flippin' at it's angle',

crunch crockie crangle,

the bottle on a walk,

like a Laker in a stock.

by Zach Nathan |
Categories: animals, confusion, friendship, funny, uplifting,

A Painkiller For My Friend

Sunny and funny. Do they go together? Maybe. 
Zebras, as you know, do not wear z bras. Monkeys DO NOT 
love bananas. Unicorns can have 2 horns, and dagons can breath
ice. So why be sad? SO much to do, So much to be. So many people to 
cheer up. So give them a koala, for everyone loves them. 

by Jesse Jones |
Categories: death, introspection, life, lost love, mystery, passion, social, teen,

Untitled #305 / the Traffic Teacher's Tale

They locked eyes. Engines revved and roared.
When the light flashed green, tires screamed across the pavement,
other horns were honked, and a cup of Coke
flew across the lane divider into the lap of the second driver
even as the car of the first driver veered off
into a ditch, overturned, cabin
crunched into a tree
and three souls rode their last.
The traffic teacher says we must control our emotions, but I know
this is impossible. Emotion binds the heart of every human.
We can control our responses to these feelings, or else
ignore them entirely.
I wish I could choose the latter.

by Jamie Spence |
Categories: abuse, beautiful, culture, money, pollution, together, violence,


Sheltered from the pain outside
The walls that hold us in
A pane of glass as a reminder
Of our very sins

Children crying in the streets
Waste washed away by rain
The homeless folk we never greet
Lying in silent pain

Land that's scarred by roads we've tarred
Ugly electric pylons
Steaming vents misting up
The door steps that we cry on

Starvation, violence, emotional abuse
Love for money with no excuse
Scraping skies with devilish horns
The ozone layer that we've torn

But far into the distance
The birds chirp in the trees
Beauty flows right down the river
For free, for no fee

by Mariana Pavlich |
Categories: adventure, food, love, car,

Sniffed the Wine ,Goats Cheese, Bread In Oil

The shore breeze rose familiar tang of the sea
Blue touring car , top down , rolling past palms
Brilliant white suit and panama  hat . Car toots!
Enjoying company sharing fine wine and pasta
Radiating high energy and a warm  personality
She felt the warmth of his breath he whispered
It  doesnt  matter .    I love you.   Youre beautiful.
She smiled  her  forehead covered with kisses
She finally let herself relax  loosened her scarf
Harps, lutes , ivory horns, kettle drums , guitars
Hung high from the  ceiling and oak panel walls

by Ian Howard |
Categories: native american, time,

Great Spirit Buffalo

Great Spirit Buffalo

I would love to lock horns with you
Oh mighty Spirit Buffalo of the plains
Shall we talk of our ways that are obscure.
Where are your people, where do they dwell?
I have heard tales of the plains people
That have called your name yet where are you?
Have you forsaken them or are they blind,
is it not time for you to forgive them?
It was not their fault that they erred,
you were there watching as time passed.
The great Eagle your eyes, the bear a strength.
They needed more as a wailing child
To see you in all your glory to let them know,
that they were part of you, part of the whole.
This was a simple thing for them to be watchful
How was it that you never came back?

by Subimal Sinha-Roy |
Categories: christmas, funny,

Viking's Horn

There was once a Santa Claus, a Viking
Reindeer driving his sleigh were all sickling
His ride went helter-skelter
Two broke their love-locked antler
Why he donned these as horns he’d no inkling.

December 15, 2018.
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