Love Poems About Hornet or Hornet Love Poems
by Larry Belt |
Categories: funny

Toon Time

If I could be a cartoon character
Which one would I be
I thought about being Fred Flinstone
But he's too old-fashioned for me

And then there's maybe George Jetson
A man who knew electronics
Nothing like Yosemite Sam
Who needed to be hooked on phonics

And what about Shaggy and Scooby
You gotta love those scooby snacks
I've never really considered a Smurf
And their tiny little mushroom shacks

Or maybe I'd become a super hero
Who comes to save the day
Batman , Green Hornet or Underdog
Who puts the bad guys away

Maybe I'd live in Jellystone Park
Where Yogi is the king
For Hello Mr Ranger Sir
Is just the funniest thing

by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: beauty, insect, love, passion,



                        Enchanted in beauty of red rose,
                        Mesmerized in romantic aroma,
                       Drone dreamed to drown in love, coming too close.
                       ‘Oh! My sweet heart! Oh! My pretty prima!
                      Hornet warned ‘Never venture to put nose.
                      Don’t dare. Thorns will prick closing love-drama.’
                     Drone buzzing ‘To kiss, to sniff pearly charm,
                     Thorny bruise, I will always welcome.’                        

      Ottava rima Poetry  Contest by Janis Thompson


by diane henning |
Categories: mystery, school, cousin, planet,

The Hornet Queen thinks she Creator love

Bloody Mary and Virgin Mary the same, and evil angels
and Christ is insane and Mary is insane he has planets
and no one has to go to the fire for them,  as the Mary's
little rabbit jumps from whole to whole he won't give 
up and Hornet Queen is prositude in the sky the fire
is purple and mad because his brithday is July the 4th
they won't give up the fight and why why wouldn't they
give up the fight because he has other planet  when
he comes home they are good and do good deeds.
Who wears a white wedding dress first it was a 
Queen I guess her cousin hung him from a cross
maybe he hurt God the people hung him there. they
hate the fact that creationism is being honor.

by diane henning |
Categories: social, sorry, sympathy, angel, angel, child,

Creator and his love of People

The minister and angels in year 2005 there on TV and
a gift to all, toils for  his Glory and right never wrong 
by labor he will enter the pealy gates and walk on gold
there he dates a child and give her to his other ministers and
they laugh and say a angel made them do it, of cruse your
child not thier now children will think that a angel well
will, of course he will meet his maker like the hornet
Queen and ice Queen and of course the person that
make the child scream in the ear of the creator. you
can make money of i want nothing Dailey

by peter Onyancha |
Categories: love,

Like Wine Benign

Teach me now step by step
Like a baby hornet bee
How to think of you
And be the same sane man
Singing the evening song 
For you, Like wine benign

by Jim Levy |
Categories: angst, books, creation, philosophy,

Best Poem Ever

Sitting outside with loose papers on my lap,
a gust blew the top two pages away.
It was a poem that contained some creatures
and the usual clouds and mists
and how fossils feel about mountains.
Like a Borges story, it contained the past and future
and how time distorts yet fuels our ability to love.
I jumped up and chased it down the road,
the poem containing metaphysical doubts
about existence, my own and yours,
and how everything doesn’t mean anything.
There was a buzzing hornet 
and Diogenes’ mordant laughter
and it listed the questions that answer themselves
–  Will I be born? Do I crave applause?
But it was gone, my best poem ever,
eaten by cactus or the wind.

by Gavin Williams |
Categories: betrayal, break up, girlfriend,


My love has gone
She's left me alone
Not answering her phone
Not a faint dial tone

She threatened to leave
I didn't want to believe
Her friend named Steve
A heart stealing thief

She branded me impossible
Complaint's of my lifestyle
My bad habits are vile
Dropped me in the single pile

Maybe I dodged a bullet
Her fingers out of my wallet
She's Steve's little hornet
Sting you in a moment