Love Poems About Horned or Horned Love Poems
by Sunlite Wanter |
Categories: love, mountains,

While Climbing the Rocks

While Climbing the Rocks

Through trees and rains and 
Lakes I have lived, but today I shall remember,
Remember the child who climbed rock mountains,
Shutting out the city sounds and,
Music of wind cuddling foothills and dreams.
Dreams of a log cabin and dreams of love,
With someone to share the quiet of the dove;
Puttering with pursuits, watching horned toads play,
On the side of a mountain looking away.

by Anonymous Norman |
Categories: education, forgiveness, history, hope, introspection, life, mystery, peace, political, social

Deaf Eyes, Blind Ears.

Oh ill fated lamb,
How we cling to your image,
We all love innocence irresponsibly,
Hold the ignorant upon the celebrity pedestal,
Till too late we find the lamb horned.

The blackness has seeped into homes,
Taught that the light is what blinds,
Feeling sorry for the dead, while life is taken away,
Energy vampirism is rampant, tugging on every chord.

Most will not know the truth while here,
The truth, the blindingly obvious they fear,
Always falling on deaf ears, no one will hear,
I’ve come face to face with a cliff...its sheer.

by Cynthia Alvez |
Categories: love,

Pinwheel of Magic

Your golden-horned soft laughter
                            Pinwheel of magic       
                                                  My world to candy dreams.

by Jeremy Street |
Categories: angel, baby, jesus, love,

Their Marval Comic Super Hero, Payday

Step right up unto the latest craze
Doe bank baby trying to escape 
Big buck's double digit haze ?
A phenom horned in sound
Sweeping across its banks
Her plastic hobo clowns.

by Babafemi Yinka Olubodun |
Categories: conflict, depression, emotions, heartbroken, love, solitude, sympathy,


Why this time? Why our culture? 
Has the beauty of our palace not fade away? 
Is it on a high ground we stand to quench defeat? 
What say ye, Elsie? 

Crimes of the past - 
Bone in my throat! 
Saving the face for heinous crimes - 
A sculpture with hidden doors. 
Innocent look - emblem of the horned prince. 

Alarm raised! Our loins exposed - 
Caught in the act - a mere show of shame; 
In the sight you see this. 
Loss of decency attained; like a crest on our badge. 
Deceit celebrated - victory we say, 
Elsie - a lost shadow chasing dreams never to be born.

by Joseph Jeremiah Naye |
Categories: black love, celebration, dedication, love,

My Old Spice

The night knocked me out of
  my sensibilities,
The morning woke me up,
With a longing for 
My spice,
The dew of the morning
Refreshingly assuring,
My love.

The aroma of your fragrance
Giving my life full meaning
My spice
My smell buds horned as an
To my one and only
Old spice.

My old faithful,
  the smell of your fragrance s
Quicken my smell buds
My spice of familiar terrain,
The love of my youth.

by Fayaz Bhat |
Categories: romantic love,

A Raw Wish

A Raw Wish

If you come some mid-spring's day
Oh! At late afternoon!
To here, this lush quiet meadow:
Free to the far stony walls, thorny weeds and wood.
I shall serve you in samovar steaming tea, homemade breads and desi ghee.
My love, I shall show you how
Giant shadows are slipping over the sandy mount;
And horned sheep hurrying home,
Little lambs stumbling.

by Cynthia Alvez |
Categories: love,


Our love.
A rhapsody,
Pinwheel of magic....
Your golden horned, soft laughter
Into my world of candy dreams!
My heart sighs for you!
My love a rhapsodizing imbalance!


by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: desire, kiss, love,

He Shrieked With Delight

The kisses flew straight from their souls
  each one hotter than its rival, 'till

indistinguishable breaths became pants
  the pace quickening, ever steamier
now trapped, then released
  into the woozy atmosphere...

Passion so palpable, heating up the night
  scorching hot, 'till the horned one himself
shrieked with delight at the inferno that
  the two lovers--
                       Or were they?
  Their forgery artfully concealed

      April 18, 2019

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: lost love, night,

Adrift In the Moonlight

    Adrift in the Moonlight

Into the mist, I strolled, that fog horned night.
A tear,rolled down my face under the
loving gaze of a tender streetlight.

You were now gone~forever!
I heard a voice say, cruelly, this means...

I was alone, totally, walking and wanting to scream.
All that surrounded me and comforted me, was San Francisco, 
city of my forever dreams.

A line of ee Cummings seemed to come from above.
" let them all go~ then comes love."

And, that poet was more than right.
For the amorous Prince of my heart and life,
soon, magically appeared one starry night!

                July 18, 2020
                 6pm PST

by Yonah Jeong |
Categories: love,

Going Home

to buy a house,
To build a safe house
on the cements
on the roofs of other houses
to own a sweet home
To cross the border,
over the barbed-wire fence
To get house
No one lives in
To be a gray bull
to cross the boundary,
follows him from afar
Groans of the horned black cows,
follow him in the distance
but the bull feels
contrary to his own brightening,
fading night grows darker and darker
He can't even see
a dot ahead of himself.
Slipped into the fine pitfalls.