Love Poems About Hormones or Hormones Love Poems
by Cecilia Macfarlane |
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Birds -N- Bees

Your raging hormones you must ignore
For desires will shake you to your core
Listen to your heart 
Before you embark
Make love with someone you truly adore.

Sciences class teaches us what we should know
About body parts and where they should go
Willie goes in ****
Quicken breaths we huff
All consumed till body fluids flow.

But alas the girl did not have none
Boy finished before girl was done
He is satisfied
She is horrified
Damn the hype about two joining as one.

by Tia Pogue |
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Chemical Reaction

A chemical reaction, nothing more:
Mere hormones running rampant through our veins.
But, still, we focus on it and ignore
Whatever sense or logic that remains.
It causes pain and sorrow all around,
Regardless of the happiness once had.
When misery and dolefulness abound,
We still pursue the curse that makes us mad.
Delusion plagues our hearts, our minds betrayed.
And afterwards we certainly regret
The ignorant decisions that we made.
We swear that we are wiser now, and yet--
We never learn, and persevere to find 
That once again, it's love that's left us blind.

by Wayne Sapp |
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Divergent Paths.

For Linda-Marie's "Journey Back In Time.'  Style: Nonet

In youth the road less traveled called me;
fame and money held no allure.
There were mountains to conquer, 
youthful legs and ideals 
needing exercise.
The plan was tough
and I not
up to 

Spring, a time of many emotions
distractions were rampant, and bright.
But careers are forever.
The hormones were flowing; 
desire calling me.
Making money
at that 

And so I chose to take normal paths;
settle for the low hanging fruit,
and labor was just labor
without love or purpose;
without fulfillment,
without a dream
worth chasing;
to live 

by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
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Chocolate Fanatic

white & black these are some of its color..
square, sphere, heart shape and more..
bitter, sweet and bittersweet..
with nuts, almonds and mallows..
local up to a patisserie made..
they are all a delight..
I love it when i put in my mouth..
slowly and slowly it will melt..
noting and savoring it's taste..
it's said an anti-oxidant
Also an aphrodisiac..
Rich in Calcium and minerals..
Releases happy hormones called endorphins..
I am a certified lover of chocolates..

by: olive_eloi

by Charles Sides |
Categories: childhood, love, teen,

Growing Up Milestones

You learn how to crawl before you can walk Then pull up; let go; give a step a chance Little by little you’ll learn how to talk And you finally stop wetting your pants You’ll be starting school in just a few years Give Mom a big kiss; on the bus and go I know it’s scary and you’re full of fears All alone with kids you don’t even know Enter puberty; hormones give a shove Remember the day you shared a first kiss Followed by those bouts of puppy love Now you seek true love, one you can’t resist You’re reached adulthood, physically true Mentally you’re still got growing to do

by Peter Lewis Holmes |
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Cute Explosion

It was a cute explosion, an anomaly,
Something the press would like:
My puppy and you locked in an embrace
On your bike.

But my fame as a poet had grown too much,
We weren’t rhyming anymore, you and me:

I blamed our hormones; you, you blamed my
Obsession with death and alliteration 

And like a million others, I wondered;

Who gets the puppy?

by Wandering Butterfly |
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Hush now darling
But don’t dare to close your eyes
Our bodies are crossing
Your hips between my thighs
Our thoughts crystallize

Free your minds expressions
Feel the things you see
Motivate this session
With your wildest fantasy
Think and let it be

Let our love be our genie
We are each others wings
Our love’s magic like Houdini
On a carpet ride we sing
How our love forever rings

Hush now darling
Tonight will be the key
Look to the starling
Let imagination lead,
And hormones free

**Contest by Francine Roberts; Make me Swoon, but read the contest**
Quantain (English)

by Earl Schumacker |
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Bird Love- Haiku

Bird Love- Haiku

coupling in mid flight
hormones, Spring, the recipe
birth! young-lings burst forth

by Gretchen Cruz |
Categories: allusion, anger, conflict, confusion, depression, dream, feelings,

Bad Luck At Love


	I thought it was love
But it was just bad luck
And I have come to a conclusion
My love life sucks

I’m not sure of my problem
Yet sure it is just me
Maybe I am too afraid
To face the reality

I thought it was love
But it was just my hormones kicking
And I look back now at yesterday
Saying to myself
What was I thinking?

My fingers can no longer count
The many mistakes I have made
Tears labeled why
Seemed to always end my day

And then, you enter the room
With your radiant smile
Then ending all my gloom
If I get at least some affection
No longer will I be broken


by Jack Ellison |
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A Pseudo Love Poem

So it's back to love, gonna write about love My favourite subject besides giggles The thrill, the passion, the heat of the moment Makes me wanna wiggle and jiggle Love makes me act in very strange ways As if I'm possessed by some demons Always been a very prim and proper man Really can't imagine the reason Could be I'm reliving my teenage years Heard you do when reaching old age Those romps in the hay with the girl next door When teenage hormones just raged Well this didn't turn out the way I expected It's void of the lovey dovey stuff So I'm gonna sit right down and try again Sometimes I find it real tough © Jack Ellison 2013

by Meghan G |
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Auto Brain

The more collosum connectuals corpiscating Between hemispheres The more the engine copulates and throbs on hormones To reach intellectual ejaculations The more a head sextelligently sucks from to get to The collosums connecting Us more

by Teddy Kimathi |
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Secret Admirer

His hormones crave to have her; love her.
She tries to read the lines of chemistry
deep in his eyes, but he doodles his thoughts;
himself tied up in his own confusion,
of what to tell her from his heart......

by Alex Mckenna |
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My Birthday Is Here - Please Read Immediatly -

Just to let you know,
A very special day is approaching

Taking place on May 24th

The day I was born
And my mother and me adjoined

Cuddled and comforted
In each other's love

Tomorrow is the day
That I turn thirteen

Finally I will have entered,
My teens

From then on it will be consumed
By hormones and PMS and what-not that I will deal with

Somehow I look forward to aging even more
I grow more mature, but also more old

I think I'll be taken
Quite a bit more seriously

Not treated like a child,
How most people think we should be 

So yes it will be my birthday,
In about two hours

I hope I get lots of comments
Wishing me a well one!!!!!

by Gail Foster |
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Oestrogen Mythology

Beware, for she writes poetry, and ye
Unwitting pilgrim, may become a king
Anointed at the new moon, in the spring
Within an oestrogen mythology
Take care, for she writes poetry, and thee
Good man, may move her blood and heart to sing
Be crowned with oak leaves, bound within the ring
Become her ovulation fantasy

She fair may be, but subject to the pull
Of hormones, gravity, and tidal flow
She makes her heroes, though unconsciously
From those who touch her when the moon is full
She’ll cry and tear her hair out when you go
And pen progesterone tragedy

© Gail Foster 7th September 2016

by Sandra Taylor |
Categories: age,


From birth to middle age
Tell tale signs sending us into a rage
Not knowing what to expect
Slowly approaching wondering what comes next

Hot flushes to mood swings
I wish someone would have told me these things
Trying to find a way to cope
Visits to the doctor for a glimmer of hope

Feelings of anxiety and despair
Searching for remedies it’s so unfair
Balancing hormones to reach a safe place
Tiredness constantly it shows on our face

Family life disrupted on a daily basis
Looking for normality researching cases
Always saying sorry to the ones, we love
Will it work out is it enough

by Rob Alexander Mayoralgo |
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Distracting uncertainty
Distorting all sanity
Inexists one’s guard
And begins to scar
Profoundly ambiguous
Blind-throttled continuous
At once hormones raging
You see yourself changing

Desperation comes naturally
With uncontestable dexterity
Time is the enemy
But bitterly cannot be fought

Rationale defends contradiction
As if life were fiction
Hypocrisy is guilty pleasure
Affection is leisure

This is no violation
Of an obscene relation
Love is beyond explanation
Optimal not with infinite iteration

by Akiesha Luke |
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No Prices To Pay

Kiss me and bring back my senses,hold me in your arms.touch me and make me tingle,fill me with your charms. I think about your soft candy lips,especially when I trace them with my fingertips.with each sensational silky heart gives out emotional hormones do 'yeah' to every romantic word to say,for this everyday in our love we will stay...............                So forget about the world,no prices to pay.!.

by Samantha Margetts |
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"I'm fat"
"I'm ugly"
"I hate my job"
"I've got no friends"

"you don't love me any more"
"we are drifting apart"
when will these feelings ever end?

yes you guessed it, its "that" time of the month.
its the time that fills most guys with dread.

The time of the month that every woman knows.
this time of the month is red.

my hubby doesn't do anything wrong
he helps in lot of ways.

its just that my hormones are upside down, and they will be for a couple of days.

I'm such a hormonal woman right now, i hate you all and feel like giving everybody a punch.

All i would say,  its best you stay out of my way when it happens again next month.

by David Palmer |
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Tin Man

Wise men speculate, philosophers ask,
“Does love exist? Or is it survival
Mechanism of the species: hormones,
Chemicals, perceptions or illusions?
But those who question need to ask poets,
We, practitioners of the soulish arts,
Intuitive doctors of discov’ry,
Know the covalent strength of love-bound hearts.
Try to loose it, break it, crush it, and life
Falls fundamentally fractured, pierc’d;
Just pretend, make believe cannot produce
This devastation. The Tin Man knew he
Had obtain’d his heart as Dorothy click’d
Her heels good-bye. “I know it’s real. It hurts!”

by Jack Ellison |
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A Pseudo Love Poem

So it's back to love, gonna write about love My favourite subject besides giggles The thrill, the passion, the heat of the moment Makes me wanna wiggle and jiggle Love makes me act in very strange ways As if I'm possessed by some demons Always been a very prim and proper man Really can't imagine the reason Maybe I'm reliving my teenage years Heard you do when reaching old age Those romps in the hay with the girl next door When teenage hormones just raged Well this didn't turn out the way I expected It's void of the lovey dovey stuff So I'm gonna sit right down and try again Sometimes I find it real tough

by Anuradha Sowmyanarayanan |
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The gush of hormones
The rush of arrows

The burst of balloons
The tryst with poems

The cocoa in the chocolate 
The collage in cards

Love is in the air
Love is everywhere

Roses reach red dresses
Mars meet Venus
Days bright with stars

Love is in the air
Love is everywhere

Cupids in Tee shirts
Love songs in duets
Teddy bears in their hands
Love, Love, Love
Love is in the air
Love is everywhere

Soliloquy everywhere

by Seren Roberts |
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Tiny Kisses

Silver threads amongst the gold
They have  a story to be told

Of balmy nights and satin sheets
Of hands a touching and kissing feet

Lying in a bed of flowers
Steamy fun under the shower

Legs entwined tongues on fire
Nerve ends found more explosions sired

Hormones racing,  bodies writhing
Exploding together thats unsurprising

Lying close body well seeded
Touching his manhood , more needed

Bodies not satiated  need more loving
Need to shout out name whilst groping

Tiny kisses oh so sensual
Our lovemaking is not conventional.    

Love to love, to want to give
To have to hold as long as we live

Older now but loving still able
Even If it's just footsie under the table


by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: growing up, love, passion,

Two Worlds Colliding

two worlds colliding
with chemical reactions -- 
bright-eyed lovers meet

youthful hearts explode
under summer's fiery spell --
raging hormones blaze 

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, July 29, 2012
for Two Worlds Colliding Contest (Russell Sivey)

by Yusra Mahmood |
Categories: 7th grade, anxiety, boy, i love you, romance,

A Connection

Its not a physical attraction nor wild hormones; its chemistry.

by Fabiyas M V |
Categories: life,

Butterfly Gland

Something is
wrong with
the butterfly
sitting below
her Adam’s
destroy the
of her life. 

cause cracks
in relationship;
epicenter is
in her neck.

Her black hairs
fall unusually. 
Anxiety spreads
before her 
vanity table.

Love dries in
depression. Their 
bed becomes a
parched garden.

Her unlicensed
words hit his 
heart. A death
rattle echoes in	
the throat of 
their family life.

A physician and
pharmacist derive
pleasure from her
butterfly gland.

Fabiyas M V