Love Poems About Hormone or Hormone Love Poems
by Terry Hillen |
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BF's girl

BF’s Girl

Man is identified by behavior.
I say man and she demands an
Accounting.  The definitive correlative
Can not be spoken.  The constant common
Can not be held in union.  I must discourse
All caveats else no communion, no love.
What of it?  I can stick a thermometer
Up her *** and she registers normal.
All biology, chemical registry, hormone
Therapy, cat scan technology yield
No abrasion any unguent could quench.
I say what harm I live and chose, too?
She speaks of a box she wasn’t raised in,
Impacts everything.  A falling body accelerates
Jubilant of nearing home.  Childproof or regret it.

by Goode Guy |
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what sense is your estrogen?
will it let my testoster in?
manliness touches your feminine
exciting our lives adrenaline

hormone sense scents - pheromones 
hormone again with that undertone
hormone bemoan don't leave me alone
hormone rings true 'round chromosome

what articles desired are genuine
my bone bemoan down my skeleton
to sample sweet, that specimen
at the core of my hard regimen

you know you are my denizen
you are, my dear, my doctrine
you're the sweetener to my insulin
you make me take your medicine

how can i portend to you, desire?
my urgent need is more than dire
to drive me to be so inspired
simple lusteine words are required

© Goode Guy 2013-02-22

by Kelvin Gathiru |
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Chelsea Wins UEFA

Chelsea has been my corazon,
I think I gotta a blue hormone,
Coz my love for it ain't common,
The heart and pride of London,
Always shinning every season.

It's the best team in England,
The finest on air and on land,
Every child, wife and husband,
Sitting on the southwest stand,
Watching players on grassland.

Our boys wearing Royal blue,
Country to country they flew,
Winning many games not few,
Finally in UCL finals they drew,
And our 2012 cup we'll renew.

                                     © Kelmwa

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Hormone Exchange

Ice, I must find and crush, to sooth this
 Intermittent flush, 
 No, it’s not a blush,
It’s not my cup of hot tea,
Or our holiday by the sea,
It’s just what happening to me my darling Bee!
I must undress, but yes
 I must confess, that was a sweet caress,
Let’s put it to the test,
And let the hormones do the rest!
I feel depressed and low,
I really love you Joe,
I’m soaking wet,
And so are you with sweat,
If we were to place a bet,
I’m sure that Doctor Sage,
Would agree with us, that
 We have reached that stage
When our hormones, have come of age!