Love Poems About Hormonal or Hormonal Love Poems
by Cecil Hickman |
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Bond of Love

Love shall be the easiest word; to say.
Though deeper than any words do go,
Harder in ways that anyone may show.
True love so much more such anyway.
Shall wipe out any form of dismay,
 If veracity of heart is graciously slow.
When mixed with eyes that seem to glow.
Tenderness rewarding, true loves array.

More than any act, that enriches pleasure.
Flows from, enacted verses; unspoken,
Spirited rapture, with hormonal divide,
From the soul; pure golden treasure,
Enriches feelings beyond any token,
Heavenly bond ensues; when two coincide.

by John Hamilton |
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The Human Experience

The human experience

We enter this world with a soulful cry
as children we're gifted the skills to live
Nothing satisfies our questioning Why?
we learn, make mistakes, then learn to forgive

Teenagers say, "what do my parents know"
First love happens in a hormonal rage
"Can you give me ten bucks, I gotta go!
You pay until they enter the next stage

One by one the kids leave the fam'ly nest
You've done your best to give them a head start
You have worked hard, now you deserve a rest
Grand kids hold a special place in your heart

You don't feel old, but you must say goodbye
We let go of life - with a plaintive sigh!

John Derek Hamilton
August 21,2018

by Thabang Ngoma |
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My Wife Supernova

With her motherly self
At peace with herself
A flawless expression
Of Mother nature’s rendition

A brimming supernova
She’s still my inamorata
Through to her third trimester 
Glowing with carefree laughter

She’s beauty and grace
A delicate, but uncertain face
Yes, she accepts her responsibility
A lioness, this she does diligently

Hormonal maybe, I still love my wife
I've never seen a stronger force of life
She's a sensual life giving soul
I’m indeed a fortunate fool

I don't purpose to ask why
When she breaks down and cry
I let her know it's okay
I love you (both), I care

by Samantha Margetts |
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"I'm fat"
"I'm ugly"
"I hate my job"
"I've got no friends"

"you don't love me any more"
"we are drifting apart"
when will these feelings ever end?

yes you guessed it, its "that" time of the month.
its the time that fills most guys with dread.

The time of the month that every woman knows.
this time of the month is red.

my hubby doesn't do anything wrong
he helps in lot of ways.

its just that my hormones are upside down, and they will be for a couple of days.

I'm such a hormonal woman right now, i hate you all and feel like giving everybody a punch.

All i would say,  its best you stay out of my way when it happens again next month.

by Maggie Flanaganwilkie |
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tie our mouths 
to the complexity 
of love, 
disorienting the brain 
and dulling 
common sense. 

The seeing 
become myopic; 
missing the forest 
the trees, 
and life, 
for a short while, 
fast tracks mankind 
with unbalanced eruptions 
of hormonal agitation 
and grand expectations. 

Their secret 
is held well 
in the genetic coding 
of a womankind 
that blends 
the faint hint 
of freshly-picked apples 
in arousing pheromones.

by Mohammad Abedin |
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An Analysis of Love
There is love everywhere
In the land, in the sea, in the sky
In the  trees, in animals……

Philosophers say that is nothing 
but a burning cigarette
burn into ashes quickly
like the madness of a moment…..

Physicians say this is an expression 
of some hormonal imbalance
In both male and female 
to fascinate each other…..

Love can make someone king
But can make someone  beggar too
It can convert a sea into a hill
Or a hill into a sea in a moment…….

It has an unlimited power
an unknown destination
an unseen character
like a great magician.......

by Sigrid Ermine |
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Pairing Procedure

Paint coat gloss of stigmatised strategy
Ink print format dishonourable dastardly
Rewriting total emotional reliance on romantic target solo
Mistakes made eradicate match develops purely personal 

Necessary structure supports test criteria
Shifted not by storm of hormonal hysteria
Flattery, female following foresee men fearful, fatigued
Indolent inconsistency implores males imbibe, intrigued

       14th January

      - format dating -

by Kim Merryman |
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Touchy, moody beings,
Trying to be grown up.
Testing parents' limits,
Trapped in hormonal flux,
Turmoil at the ready,
Trust issues do abound.
Treat with love and patience.


by James Fraser |
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She Said

She gives a loud sigh
After five minutes of love
She said it was fine
What ever it was

   So you thought it was nothing
   When you said go ahead
   Take me to heaven
   On our marital bed

Gee, thanks
Was that all you had
That's okay
I'm hormonal glad

   Don't worry about it
   I got it at last
   I've down loaded the instructions
   It should give you a blast

Thank you my dear
I just don't give a dam
It's a stallion i want
Not a worn out ram

by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
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Mama Boy

Mama boy ...
that be me
Lactose weaned on nuturing apron strings,
tugging on uterine maternal instincts

Mama boy ...
always so needy
Taught spiritual hormonal wise sayings,
faithfully abide by those loving estrogen teachings

Mama boy ...
Father said that was me,
and I’m just like my daddy — 
Splitting image   ...   umbilical unique

by Kurt Philip Behm |
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No Longer Free

Bring your lover into your world,
  don’t hide inside of hers

    ‘A mistake too often made
       with respect to women’

Self inflicted homicide…
  men die of good intention

A modern age hormonal trap
  —loves truth no longer free

(Greensboro North Carolina: April, 2019)

by John Lawless |
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Time Travelers

Time abides
              the exuberance of youth

         in hormonal histrionics

         into a relationship

         Love's fever and frost

         through its moments

           it's partners 
                           in life's final dance


by Wilfredo Derequito |
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deep, heavy breathing,
    ah, just a hormonal thing,
      love overrated!