Love Poems About Horizontal or Horizontal Love Poems
by Delysia Hendricks |
Categories: lost love, love,

Utopia Lost

True love lost direction
when bloomed my affection
for you, who magically weave word
decidedly smitten
by your comic verse written
my long-dead emotions were stirred

Chats online
yours and mine
the order of the day
word-sparring and witticism 
rhyming and rhythm
intoxicating;  who needs rosé?

By poetry joined
rich phrases we coined
muuuchly our lives intertwined
o'er miles merged our aura
with a burning urge for a 
naked horizontal align

When in waltzed a skirt
you hit pay dirt
a writer within her own right 
my utopia thwarted
firm resolve faltered 
my love remains steadfast despite

by Stefania Carmen Misaila |
Categories: devotion, love

Naked Shades

Red, color of madness,
The way I feel about you.
Black, the scent of your hair, 
Stroking against my breasts.
Pink, the lips of my lover,
Blushing toward the bush.
Creamy, the feel
Of your push.
Throbbing colors
I feel within.
Crimson, your face,
In orgasmic gaze,
White, the purity I have forever lost.

Hot, your arms content.
Cherry, my cheeks in bloom.
Green, your eyes so sleepy.
Steamy, your breath arising.  
Rosy, my rounded chest,
Asking for your tresses...
Sleep, so darkish and dreamy, 
After this sexual conflict,
On horizontal canvas.

© 2009 Stefania Carmen Misaila

by A.E. Rivenbark |
Categories: love, lust,

Tan Gentle Lines

She lies, tan gentle lines and curves so sharp
she pairs her heart horizontal to zero 
Her body falling from great cusps above
Then deriving great pleasure from the angle
Skirting the limits, fleecing the boundaries
She breaks the surface of space
Then her shell is unfolding, unraveling
Wildly spinning out of control on her axis
The ground giving us no differential treatment
Then her inflections begin to fluctuate
Now she can’t ignore the signs anymore
For a symptom hopes a cure will appear
Strum soft sweet chords on wire lyre strings
A convergence we’ll hold, integrate, we’ll come
Together to throw arc shadows on walls

Expanded on my older poem "Tan Gentle Lines"

by Cheryl Koko Koomoa |
Categories: desire, kiss, sensual, word play,

Enchanting Evening

beautiful woman
possesses intelligence
enchanting results

fireworks flying
on some enchanted evening
lovers rendezvous
deeply entranced by her words
and throwing her curves around

music sets the mood
dancing on the moonlit beach
with waves of passion

getting in too deep
and there is no life saver
nothing he can do
caught in a rip tide of love
captivating him slowly

drawn into deep pools
seduced by her emerald eyes
with delicious warmth

lascivious looks...
provocative persuasions
saying ~~ I WANT YOU! ~~
A vertical seduction
with horizontal results

by Kathy Guerra |
Categories: faith, love, religion, war,

Jagged Rocks

Fall on your knees, and don't worry about what you think others will say... just fight your demons...and pray 
The angels will circle you before you it gets too rough to endure... fight what you just found out were all lies.. and worry not about saying a proper goodbye. i remember times unreal and too visual... and i didn't worry about getting it made official. things app...earing no one would believe ... ain't a magic trick ... but roll up your sleeves. 
fall on your knees and endure the pain.... and watch the blood flow like a horizontal rain.... fight.. and know you are not alone... if you don't want to be. only if thats what you choose. either way... you will not lose.

by Lauren Patton |
Categories: addiction, age, art, conflict, education, lonely, love,

The Reflections of Light

Time unravels  
As layers of moments melt into a nostalgic goop 

 A glance through a Mirror is but a kiss from the sun,
 soft caresses of atoms sliding seamlessly in-sync harmoniously 

Things begin to come into shape

Like horizontal horizons, dancing rainbows in circles
....And life becomes real

Manifesting ideals 
Into reality 
No matter the energy 
Matter gathers in company until capacity 

And that is light
Being formed, manipulated and stored...
 Revolving throughout eternity 
Instinctively... Indestructibly

by Akere Victor |
Categories: lost lovelove,

Storm In Love

This poem is just invented by me and I call it TOPAKALLUS.
The instructions are: You read it horizontal and vertical

Like this:

   1             2               3          4
1 Storm     come           to         go
2 In           love         never      lost
3 Love     making       say        oh
4 Stop       haste           no       lust

For example: 1 horizontally is "Storm come to go"
                      1 vertically is     "Storm in love stop"
So i want all readers to read it horizontally and vertically each line its call TOPAKALLUS

by Kim Van Breda |
Categories: christian, perspective,

Revelations Beyond Horizons


Horizontal planes through the eyes of the observer
Parallel lines converge-- perpetual infinity
The vanishing point, hide and seek timeserver

Perspective sphere handwritten by God
Hallowed hemispheres hallucinating human hypothesis
Horizon separating earth and sky, a blue-golden rod

Resurrection revealing the righteous reality
Reiteration, a celebration resounding restoration
Eyes opened exposing God’s radiant potentiality

The realization of a brand new re-creation
Radiant retrospection representing His unfailing love
Word of God of inspired - regenerated Holy Revelation

Kim van Breda--  February 2013

by A.E. Rivenbark |
Categories: love, lust,

Tan Gentle

She lies, tan gentle lines and curves so sharp
she pairs her heart horizontal to zero 
But she can't ignore the signs anymore
For a symptom hopes a cure will appear
Strum soft sweet chords on wire lyre strings, we come
Together to throw arc shadows on walls

by Akere Victor |
Categories: loveme,

Stop Me and Wholly

This poem is just invented by me and i call it Topakallus.
The instruction are: You read it horizontal and vertical per each line.

Don't     run      thou     love
Ever       to        love     you
Stop      me       and     wholly
Love,    trust      will    match

by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: love, science, sensual, together,

Non-Verbal Exchange

Her exhalation of loin lucidity
mentally fertilizes
my inhalation with ova clarity

Silent eyes move with
midnight aura imperative speed
Time dilation purity 
seem to halo heat signature read

Twin soul synchronicity
mirrors a muffled, 
dual embrace reciprocity:
A horizontal transmission need

Sigh    ...    blink

Thought oscillations 
of laser intensity
enter the deepest diaphragm part 
of fetal prone me

Pheromone palpitations
leaves a muted trail of inaudible moans
Cosmic kiss-synapse fluidity 
is the lip-binding universal speech

Blink    ...    sigh

Love urgency travels 
on an arrhythmic aorta beam
Unspoken passion
twas utterly bosom conceived

by Ts Lewis |
Categories: adventure, flying, love, lust,

Crash and Burn

I took off
while staring
into her eyes
but left
Damn, I've
never been this
thankful before
Elevated and appreciative
gently tapping
awaiting heaven's 
seeing if this angel
synchronized kissing
please take me
falling like I never
fell before.
In the morning
I'll be needing
another sunrise
in those eyes
My religion
 forever altered
as the hands on
my altimeter
began to falter.

by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: holidaythanksgiving,

Thanksgiving With My Family

Thanksgiving with my Family

Thursday is the day our country has chosen to celebrate
Happy gathering of friends and family
Another year to give thanks for our many blessings
New Babies to kiss
Kids whose growth is measured and exclaimed over
Sameness of tradition celebrated..
Gastronomic extravaganza  served with love
Imprudent jokes by Uncle Dave
Vertical becomes horizontal after the meal
Incredible snores from the front room
NINERS lose yet again...
Grateful for family, friends and the food...we head for home.

For the Thanksgiving contest...

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: love,


Flute's melodious tone enthralled me
From far horizontal green hills
Hailing hearty neighborhood
It drags the soul of love
Where celestial mind
Bounds my life fair
With calm

February 18, 2023

Writing Challenge -F Words Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Constance La France

by Peter Hackwell |
Categories: math,

The Exponential Love Equation

'y', represents Love (L) and is the vertical axis.
'x', represents Effort (E), or the work put in and is the horizontal axis.
Rate Love from 1-10 and express Effort in time, whether it be months or years, but also 1-10.
The resultant curve that rises 'P' is exponential and represents pain.
Pain will be felt wherever it stops, because one or both of the factors that prevent it from stopping, Love and Effort, will also have stopped.
Thus it can be expressed: 
L x E = P.
Please add this to the school curriculum.

by Malabika Ray Choudhury |
Categories: devotion, love,

On a Sleepless Night

First love-letter kindled Poet in me ~ a passionate verse emerged. 

  October 3, 2020
  For "How My First Poem Was Born" Contest
  Sponsor: JCB Burl
  Checked by (17 syllables in one horizontal line)

by Aa Harvey |
Categories: day, depression,

Mood Swings

Mood Swings.

First thing in the morning, 
I want to sing I love you to the world.
By the mid-afternoon, I wish it would rain atom bombs.

By the evening, I follow a horizontal mood path
And pray to fall asleep, before midnight;
When my depression I know will come back.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

by Keiera Pooley |
Categories: addiction, anxiety, black love, deep, society,

A Painful Addiction

when you start to cut the skin around it puffs, 
crimson like the sky
horizontal beads of scarlet push through the surface, escaping.
at first it stings and it begins to tingle, but then you begin to feel at ease, 
your whole body is in panic mode as the blood starts to drip, 
yet your mind is so calm. 
cutting is an addiction, it makes me tremble at my knees
-unKnown Person

by Donald Meikle |
Categories: love, nature,

More Please

Wide horizontal  strokes from a thick dipped fat bristle brush
Not bending to the lightest of pressure
Simply splattering cloud patterns in furiously setting sun
Masking the shining glory in reflective ripples of running light
creating shapes and forming shadow wisps of imaginary beings
as all the colors shine in shimmer blends of burning time
Shared by two tied souls of loving trust
Sipping slowly as the scene unfolds
In yet another champagne sunset

by D.Albert Gabriel Rglekia Varney Ii |
Categories: africa, beautiful, black love, blessing, cute love,

Frozen Fantasy

Frozen Fantasy
By: Inking Al'Kallio

Loud noise and chattering voices, isn't distracting me like you. 
I am frozen as ice and like medusa, your glance has turn me to stone.
Adorable and angelic like oshun grace bestowed. Your lip are sitting invitingly than athromedia's apples.
 If cupid shot an arrow tonight and I fall into ecstasy, cover me with your body,
yeah, let it be my canopy.

 If I'm lucky to have you,I won't push horizontal, I promise you tangency,oh with rhapsody of realities; Because you, my darling are my greatest fantasy.

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: life, longing, relationship,

Effect of Cause

On the winter leaves
Dew after the foggy night
Vision of mirage

Limitless horizontal line
Crystal sky as long as sight
Frame of emptiness

On the highway road of sky
Fluttering wings of the eagle 
Radar of freedom

Silent rhythm of river stream 
Towards the goalless goalie
Lyrics of the eternity 

Don’t deceive to be deceived
Love all to win without defeating
Negative enjoys nothing

Breathe, breathe and breathe
Feel the silent language of lungs
Life speaks to death

©Mahtab Bangalee

by Edward Ford |
Categories: love

Love and Music

Love and music
Horizontal melodies we play all night
Music to calm a savage beast
Gently you pluck the strings to my heart
In darkness I see your full rich lips
They move to sing that siren's song
Known to drive all men wild
It's harmony on this night only for the one
He who has vanquished all other suitors  
Laid a rightful claim to your heart
And the everlasting warmth of your love

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: love,

Dark Love

Sleeping cloud to the rising sun
Blue envelop of the pink sky
Calling you with opening eyes

Horizontal yolk drawing paths
The folks of birds flying away
Flute of the cowboy catching all

Flowery bed on the spaced mind
Monsoon rain splattering the brines
Without love bodies are unkind

Twilight roaming the dark fire
Hiss sounds alluring the passion
Moonlight guiding us to ancient

Silence there in antique desires
Breaths creating all breaths in care 

Chattogram © Mahtab Bangalee