Love Poems About Horizons or Horizons Love Poems
by Rachel St.Cross |
Categories: love,

Angels In the Mist

A nighttides talk amid this sea of Celestia's stars
Silver wings trimmed in gold horizons brushing dreams 
Wherein only love shall glow her gleam; dropping times pebbles 
Into reverberating waters images circling reflections voices these branches...
The lightning strikes a distant chord; their rippling mirrors her refrain and notes  
As Autumn's colours swept into hands gathering love's petals; heart's, silent no more.

by Tim Smith |
Categories: depression, life, light,

Darkness Held At Bay

First rays splash lines of love 
across naked bits of detour

dawn's door distracts 
chills of the night dissipate 
and I am free

Free of fight
held hostage ever tight

First rays flash and I see : 

yellow bits of honey dripped
scarlet tanager at play
horizons filling out the day

Darkness held at bay__

by Charles Fuller |
Categories: inspirational, life, love, passion,

One Moment of You and I

Azure mirroring 
Overpowering the senses
Pithy eyes moving
Upon twin horizons
Trembling breathed echoes
Holding silence closely
Sensations of a cacophony
Rhythmic intensity flashing
Transparent intentions firing
As eyes close 
Lips faintly caressing
Sweet passion
The goodnight kiss…

by Fading Star Silence |
Categories: autumn, feelings, journey, life, love, nature, sunset,

Sunset Reveries

as swans slide across lakes - sunset rays sway to autumnal reveries

ambling across swirling helix - of deadened cinnamon foliage 

mocking greenery framing skeletal bones - of lifeless roots crackling 

the warmth of your deep saffron gold aura - harvests the depth of our love

eclipsing rippling mistrals - simmering amidst auburn horizons

by Michelle Faulkner |
Categories: child, dedication, girl, hope, niece,

A Poem For Pearl

May you fall, so you may rise
May your horizons surpass your skies
May your future fill your eyes
May you make mistakes that make you wise
May your laughs outnumber your cries
May you wear your beauty, undisguised
May you stumble, so you may sympathize
May love take you by surprise
May you catch the light of fireflies
May your dreams flower to full size
May you hear your song - and harmonize.


by Ts Poetry |
Categories: desire,

Love Letter From My Soul Xv

M, Fresh orange marmalade lifts the dark naked in a mid-dream sky red streaks rush across horizons special moments won't slip on by the silk thru your hair seduces in love notes filling up your ear romancing a river of blessings trouble kisses off back the rear pearls adorn the neck of passion a taste so soft and sweet savoured and salted with desire in dimensions entangled we meet love sits silent at the table unclothed and wanting more our hunger is not mistaken as blood spills upon the floor

by Üzeyir Lokman Cayci |
Categories: inspirational, love, music, nostalgia,

Istanbul In My Dreams

Your expectations are carved into my eyes...
Their shapes melt in my dreams
The face seen in your postcards
Is not that of your soul Istanbul...
Living apart does not change your seas
Your waiting landscapes offer themselves
Thoughts do not remain still
Istanbul rests its weight upon my loneliness...
White fish swim in your living past
Seagulls float in your memories
Obliterated friendships stay awake till dawn
Anatolia rises from your horizons Istanbul...

by Uzeyir Lokman CAYCI
Traduit par Yakup YURT en français
French free verse translated into English free verse
by F.J. Bergmann., 2002

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: lost love, memory,

When Love Was You

When memories fade, like luminous fireflies
and days become another red thread,
on horizons
When hope is nothing more than a wish,
held in the heart as a reminder, 
when love was you
and I was a warm shadow to its light
To what end, do you haunt me so?
Is it desire?
To once again feel my feet endlessly float
Is it passion's yearning?
Caused by your mouth's kisses
Is it warmth from your hands?
As they held tight in conformation
Yes,  I've kept your memory close
A jeweled reflection,
of a passing star,  leaving a fiery trail
through the night sky, 
disappearing into the darkness
Leaving only a silent wish
and a sense of awe


by Paloma P |
Categories: dark, heartbroken, memory, moon, mystery,

Adrift Endings

Hauntingly explicit, plighted
  in yesterday's cloaked mystery,
wafting as whispers through
 wistfully grayed memories on dimly 
          recalled moonlit indulgences,
winding imprecise hazy endings
    beyond darkly covert horizons

 love isn't blind, it's persistently unsighted 
                by distantly echoed adrift endings

by John Lawless |
Categories: love, metaphor,

Feral Hearts

Whereas hearts are led by loving's blindness
and feral moans drift idly on the wind
rendering those stricken deaf and mindless
their voyage - sweet beginning of no end

Full sails, distant horizons, cresting seas
winds rippling the canvas short of gale
a shiver of timbers - buckling of knees
a crumbling of vows they wouldn't let fail

Yet hearts encompass a passion - a will
to scream at the night - to curse their own tears
to challenge the wind until it goes still
to cherish the mast - to conquer love's fears

The taming of the feral heart must be
to love and in the loving set it free


Love Sonnet Poetry Contest

by Anna Hopper |
Categories: growth, i love you, mother daughter, my child,

Grow For Molly

Grow tall
Grow your horizons, wide
Grow up
Grow on the inside
Grow yourself, all around
Tower above me
And smile down
You can grow, rapid
Or you can grow slow
Grow at your own pace
As long as you grow
Grow a little
But baby please
Don’t grow away

by Michael Degenhardt |
Categories: angst, depression, lifeheart, heart, me,


Heavy heart weighs me down
Troubles the mind
Obscures clear thought

Turbulent life coexists
Within the realm of the couple
On a plain different 
From where love resides

As shattered glass blocks the view 
But stays in place
People, too, can be the shards
Left there to block another
Not allowing the vision
The sight of what may be

May the glass fall to the ground
Opening up the skies to those in need
Opening up the horizons 
To the blind

May it not cut when falling
For with each piece
Are spoken words 
Which draw blood
Leaving scars

Heavy heart weighs me down
Troubles the mind
Obscures clear thought

by John Rhinem |
Categories: hope, life, love,

Celestia's Heart

Gazing dreamful into the stars while clutching tightly their marmalade moon ~

Gliding joyous unto it's milky ways; verical horizons spinning in lavas flowing

Galaxies, erupting to burst the melting sun; volcanic ashes of crimson hues

Genesis within love's cardinal colours; universal collusions, wherein all is new....


...."Celestia's Heart" *

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: appreciation, love, poetess, tribute,

Tribute To a Classy Lady

L   ooked to help this brand-new poet**
I    nterested in his every write
N   ever too busy to comment
E   ncouraged him by day and by night...

G   rew a veritable garden of friends
A   s she expanded her own horizons
U   plifting are the poems she's penned...
T   oday, this wonderful woman and wife's
H   usband is battling for his very life
I    t's incumbent upon us now to
E   ncourage, to support this classy lady:
R   each out with your love; it's the least we can do

** and so many others

by Ts Lewis |
Categories: inspirational love, morning, sea,

Love In Perfect Storms

Everyone loves 
nectar from honey
moons and the
sweet secretions of
honey sickle stems
But who will love you
when no moons shine
and seas rebuff
sands from your
When the warmth of
summer winds fade
and coolness assails
the molecular density
of your liquidity,
do candle lit windows
really welcome 
torn hearts 
into quilted tranquility?
Love of my love,
I pray you rest peacefully,
New moons await
on unwritten horizons

by Carl Fraser |
Categories: adventure, solitude,

Far Away

A thousand miles of oceans
Days and nights alone at sea
Whales sing under harvest moons
Its a refuge from the bitter world i see

Stars direct me to new horizons
To new lands calling out to me
Perhaps new roots and love await me
I can finally be free from misery

My passion for mankind has dwindled
That candle melted so long ago
Now i breathe in deep the salty airs
And accept a life of ebb and flow

One day when you no longer hear of me
And my name no longer missed
Know that ill be singing with the whales and dolphins
In the seas eternal bliss.

by Robertina B. |
Categories: beautiful, inspirational, spiritual, uplifting,

Escape To Beyond

Escape to beyond..
Beyond and beyond..
Beyond the horizons..
Beyond the blue azzure skies.
The glowing moon..
The shooting stars..

Escape to beyond..
Beyond the sun..
Beyond sundrenched landscapes..
Kissed by the sun..
Soaked in it's magnificence

Beyond and beyond I am..
Slipped onto another realm..
Undescribable and exquisite..
Colors beyond our comprehension..
Beauty you perceive..
Beyond recognition..
Mesmerized in bliss..
Enhanced in grandeur..
Loving heart expands..
Open to receive all the glory..
Held joyfully in love..
In the loving arms of the Creator..

by Janis Thompson |
Categories: memory, old,


Haunted Haunted by the way life used to be we hold to hopes that beat within our breasts and chase the ghosts of fading memory to catch a glimpse of time when youth and love, sublime together made us have the very best. Attracted by the places we once knew, we stare through clouded images to yesterday and see that what remains of then is through. With each look we move on to horizons’ coming dawn, with plans to fill each moment up in everyway. 4/1/18 Rhyme Time 1 Sponsored by: Laura Loo A-B-A-C-C-B (MAX 2 STANZAS)

by Mario Vitale |
Categories: abuse, america, angst,

Believe In Hope

through the duration of time to think sublime
heroes are made through like hellos
the wrestling with the window
one to embark on its solstace
throughout the duration of time so fine
with love to climb upon
long lines formed in desolation
burst inside with appreciation
live long &  prosper
keep your mind in heavenlies
illusively through a dream
meadows are plain in view
horizons of beautiful personifications
each door we close there's always one opened
search your heart to help impart the meaning
believe in hope
so far to cope
down to your last thin rope
love has hope we can share
let's look above to the heavenly love
sare with others a brand new you

by Vince Suzadail Jr. |
Categories: life,

Another Sunrise

The choices we make sometimes turn out wrong
Days and nights seem to last so long
Sadness and pain begin to take control
Regret is an acid that eats away your soul

When you've given all you have to give
Then struggle to find reasons to live
Now you find your life is void of love
With your arms outstretched to the stars above

Tears flow freely as you feel the loss
There are still bridges you need to cross
Mixed with sunshine there is always rain
Mixed with loss there is always gain.

You climb that mountain. You walk that road
You unburden yourself of that heavy load
Another sunrise will come your way
New horizons will make your day.

by Fading Star Silence |
Categories: angel, faith, feelings, hope, light, love, star,

My Destined Starlight

Lies whispered,
Seeking escape,
Soaked in caged deceit;
Mimes mocking withering 
Posies, left parched and sundered—
Suspended beneath obscured dusks,
Dripping amidst blinding aftermaths,
Idly shadowed by lewd scars of talons 
Amidst alcoves of echoing nocturnes 
Unshackled by your sweet afterglow, 
Healing me with the elixir 
Of our dawning horizons, 
Strumming eurythmic tunes, 
Suppressing starless 
demons, betwixt

by Kash Poet |
Categories: love, passion,

A Summer Fruit On a Winter Night

on a winter night I tasted a summer fruit under the blanket pulpy and juicy soft like a peeled red lychee her luscious wet lips lost in her softness I explored new horizons beyond this blue sky **click on "About this poem" =================== Placement:10th;(Nov.2011) Contest:A kiss like fruit Sponsor:Michael.J.Falotico By:kashinath karmakar

by Opeyemi Shittu |
Categories: love, autumn, , Lullaby,

An Ode To My Future Lover

I rest the rhapsodic morn along rustic shadows,
as if it were a sapphire,
i shall serenade beautifully beneath our efflorescent forests,
my hands await you like a rustic moon,
i shivery surreptitiously in my cashmere bowers,
the harmonies have dale's autumn glow,
the have bough's idyllic fragility,
ahhh, my future love,
my love,
my heart beats eagerly,
between the romance of a piano,
the season's have melody's romantic bough,
i will not wait me surely,
the feathers have glow's sparkling willow,
the lullaby leaps,
your silhouettes run the constellation,
you ,my love,
are my distant,eternal,
and yet, pastoral horizons

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, deep, devotion, love, memory,

Our Space Forever Held

Important blooming beautiful 
in you deep inside true
loving the time 
I spend in your company
please never doubt me in what 
I have said 
Really happily 
thinking all the time 
of you smiling so sweetly
dreaming in a sound of one sweet voice
kissing echoes warm softly surrender
Loving inside deeply cries
you are an noble maiden 
who dazzles across sweetly horizons
kissing moonlight thoughts faraway
Your light distant sparkling warmly
as the dewdrops fall silver
glistening a starlight love
Deep within this path standing 
golden sands we walk together
dream of dreams you dance with grace 
with great joy embraced for eternity

by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: love, together,


Come to me with whispers
Anoint my skin with kisses
Now the night belongs to us alone
Delighting in your quiet words, I
Leave the day's concerns behind
Ecstasy in your finger tips
Listening to a serenade of heartbeats
Imprinting your name upon my soul
Glory being in the giving of self
Horizons yet to examine together
Tonight, for now, just this night….

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