Love Poems About Horizonless or Horizonless Love Poems
by B. Andrew Kelly |
Categories: angel, animal, cat, happy, love, sweet,


there was a sweet little man
with a penchant for fashion
who wears his jackets tan
he closes his eyes when he smiles
and looks awfully dashing

eyes of green and gloves of white
he struts about without a worry
soaking in windowbeams til twilight
but if you wake him without caution
he will dash away in haphazard scurry

oh what a lovely little lad
he will greet you with a darling chirp
if you are feeling terribly sad
he has a horizonless kindness
that can heal oceans of hurt

he needs to little to live life sublime
kneading biscuits to start the day
our little Eggy is just a simple guy
whose purrs on your belly will offer
a warmth better than any cabernet