Love Poems About Hopscotching or Hopscotching Love Poems
by Jo Bien |
Categories: lost love

without beginning or end

in the whisper of the wind
as the leaves of color fall
the afternoon shadows stretch 
reaching skinny and tall

we skip the cracks in the sidewalk
hopscotching to avoid bad luck
laughter fills the empty void
of conversation when we are stuck

in desperation we hold on to
what little that we have left
thinking if we don't look too hard
we can continue to drift

how do we get back to there?
that safe place we used to be
when distance isn't the only thing
that's keeping you from me

as the time slips quickly away
we kiss and part as friends
always sweet, these times we meet
a circle without beginning or end

by Stewart Watkins |
Categories: 6th grade, 7th grade, black love, children, community, girl, growing up,

Ghetto Girl

Little ghetto girl so sassy and sanguine
Afro puffs, old shaggy dress, and a big grin

Rushing home from school to lend mama a hand
The little shadow, learning womanhood firsthand

An excursion outside before the lights begin to flicker
Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake baker's man, ghetto laughs before dinner

Hot Cheetos eating and Faygo Orange drinking
Hot topics talking and little boys thinking

Hopscotching and double-dutching
Finger snapping and bus stopping

Now, in the house, she goes for a hot meal and study
Tomorrow back to school to reunite with her little buddies