Love Poems About Hopscotch or Hopscotch Love Poems
by Tim Smith |
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When a Heart Pounds

Cinderella dreams across yellow brick roads
Creating Prince Charming out of simple silly toads
We play hopscotch, jump rope and other little games
Trying to produce magic and a feeling quite the same
Dancing through life with rose colored eyes
Wishing and hoping love doesn't float on by
Finding the one that just makes us smile
Holding on tight, hearts entwined for awhile
Happiness comes to those who are blessed
Sharing our all when two lips are pressed
Suns set, moons rise but one thing still remains 
When fairy tales meet blood pumps in our veins
Whether young or old we seek out love to surround
There's no greater feeling when a heart in love pounds

by Desvin Umberger |
Categories: beautiful, happiness, love, metaphor, romantic, summer, winter,




Sun beams like Hot Choclate on a blue day...

Soft silky and smooth on your skin...



Butterflies softly floating like falling feathers in the wind...

Gently gliding gracefully over the bright green grass...



Eyelashes brush against your cheek like soft snowflakes on your face...

Fingertips flit freely across your arm...



Together playfully prancing like horses running wild...

Spinning tops twiling tenderly....



Wishes whispered wimsically like pixies playing hopscotch...

Softly calling quietly,

I love you!

by Noel Villarosa |
Categories: april, birthday, dedication, inspiration, love, romantic love, wife,

Lovely At Your Age

Lovely at Your Age 

The thought of years feels remarkably well
Like a hopscotch scheme, tossing, and hopping
In a numbered square where your aim will dwell
In careful steps, everybody’s watching

Blessed age is not too young or too old
Candles on your birthday cake tell a tale
In your age, love and care have all years told
Another rendezvous, young heart prevails 

For a moment feel free from your duties
Let me take you for a lovely dinner
Flowers and candle-lit room show beauties
For my wife, who’s lovelier than ever
Small notes that I always stick to the wall
April twenty-three is a birthday call

Birthday poem for my wife
April 23, 2018

by Glenn Mccrary |
Categories: life, nature,

Sound Prints In the Sand

The hue of streets; cousins of chalkboards;
the distinct voice of transition; of forbidden love
sipped through straws of anticipation;
swallowing decadent tribulations
to nourish picturesque gardens
and English dreams; the line between
appreciation and alienation
Happens to be the blemish
of today's death; headline hopscotch
founding father of premeditation
Sound prints in the sand

By Glenn McCrary

© 2012 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)

by Daniel Human |
Categories: allusion, nature,

Love Clouds

Why does the chicken nod its head
As it walks across the yard?
What has it seen, what has it read
Why is it so hard?

Why does the sparrow play hopscotch 
On the lawn?
Who is the person, the author
Of the invisible lines that had been drawn?

Why does the eagle fly so far up high
Defying gravity
As it eats the sky?

Why does the dove
Puff up as it serenades a mate
Ready for marriage, ready for love? 

Why is my head
Reading what is drawn 
In the sky
With love?

by Brian Martin |
Categories: longing,


Our mortality lowers it's sunlit beams
Receding in childlike desperation 
Just one more attempt
At anything
At everything
Til lungs dusk blow out
A heart beats 2
Three beats faster
Skipping a hopscotch pattern
Like so many times
The phone never rang
When life became shorter than not
Every man must have a delusion 
I think
As the blissful sea sprays
And eyes press the horizon
Anticipating today's yes
Certainly tomorrow or
The next
Promise me love
The wind whispers
The same
In dream as destiny
As clear as your name

by Dylan Reyes-Cairo |
Categories: childhood, daughter, father, love,

Alanis, Sweet Princess

You are Love like a soft and laughing breeze
unfettered, loosed upon the salted palms
in winter benign and without freeze.

Beauty breathless of a January babe,
dancing, careless of the Sun that fills your face
yet left your doorstep to wander from its place…

…to embrace and carry you, enchantress,
now elevated from the drenched and marshy plains
to enthrall, and in your mountain home to reign.

Play upon the grassy foothills of a dream
in sunbeams, giggles, hopscotch and apricot trees,
your eyes and infant’s curls from afar to me gleam.

Sleep the sleep of innocence,
live the dream of bliss.
To you, my daughter, beloved Alanis,
I send this father’s kiss…

by Tiffany Cordova |
Categories: devotion, faith, introspection, love,

Beyond a Dream

Tingling lights clutch my aching heart
Emerging my frail nerves beyond a virgins silence
Quietly a familiar embrace breathes calm rain
Interfering with my lonely tattered pleasure

Pocket size holes float softly through my dreams
Basting scarlet rose petals near my cheek
And beautiful wonders sprint through endless time
Of an unchanged memory flashing deeper into my intimate desires

Falling deeper I entangle myself in passion
Residing my changing heart on garden lilies
As I rest swaying hopscotch moments in a bucket
Urging to escape through the eloquent fingers of truth

I’m momentarily blinded, transforming my secrets, my desires, into fading reality

by Anderson Torres |
Categories: imagination,

Face Book

Drooling over
the keyboard....eyes making out
with the screen, pupils fall in love
with what they see
They call it Face Book...
Because your face can't stop to read...
The facebook link contains
Nicotine, chemicals for critics 
Because this site is so addictive
".com" is the blunt paper
that brings it all together
Fingers playing hopscotch 
across the letters
If you really think about it
More then 500 million people
spend over an hour on this site...
When for that 1 hour.. we could save a life..
that is lost within every minute
And so when Satan sneezes it's a sin 
So we give him the tissue
Every time we log in

by Jacob Jones |
Categories: lost love,

Not In Sight

Taking in vistas
breathing in autumn's perfume
squirrels hopscotch from branch to branch
juncos play a symphony for me
the wind whispers reminding me of emptiness on my sides
stinging me to the core with a sense of absence
till we meet again

by John Anderson |
Categories: music, song,

Skip To Aah

Skipping is binary,
one, nought, one, nought, one.
Clip clop.
Tick tock.
One foot up, skip.
Next foot up, skip.

Hop, step and jump,
'tis hopscotch time.
Heart in love, skips a beat.
Electrons skip in quantum rings,
dangling their participles.

Skipping off-beat in music 
it's syncopation.
Flat stone, flat-thrown
bounces, skims and skips 'oer pond
plink, ploink, plink ploink, plonk.

Notice, perchance if you will,
each skip is smaller, than the one before,
descending in declension to rest.
hic, haec, hoc
huic, huic, huic
hunc, hanc, hoc	
hoc, hac, hoc