Love Poems About Hops or Hops Love Poems
by Vijay Pandit |
Categories: bird, family, love,

Beak To Beak

A tiny yellow bird, tiny beak,
Sits on a tiny branch
Of a big green tree,
Taps its feet, chirps, hops,
joyful, playful, circles around,
Lands on the deck post,
Agitated, loud and louder,
Aiming to snap the piece of bread
I tossed on the deck.
A big yellow bird 
On the big green tree roars:
beware of humans;
Zooming in,
Grabbing the piece of bread.
I get angry at the big bird
Until I see them together
On the big green tree
Sharing their love
Beak to beak.

August  2017
HM: Strand choice B by Brian Strand

by Vijay Pandit |
Categories: bird, nature,

Tender Bits of Love

Shadows now quiver
Leafy designs on grass
As sated leaves rustle
On a tall red maple
When fleeting rain’s gone.

Striped in brown
A lone sparrow hops
From branch to branch
In purposeful dance.

Not a cloud is found
In vibrant sky above
As horizon dreams
Visions of sundown.

Sun rays scatter
Through drops of water
On blossoms of flowers
Refracting light
From optical prisms
Gleaming gemstones
As warm air breezes
Petrichor emotions.

Suddenly a chatter
Lifts up insects
And lands in the nest
Full of young ones,

Feeding beak to beak
Tender bits of love.

April 21, 2020
Placed 2nd: Strand Pick B contest by Brian Strand

by Diana-Marie Bombardieri |
Categories: love,


she winks with her right
and sounds her most tuneful croak
yet, he sits unmoved

she tries her fly skills
which should impress any frog
yet, he does not flinch

she gets impulsive
takes a leap onto his pad
yet, not even warts

she is all wound up
she hops away insulted
it is so his loss 

April 25, 2012
Diana-Marie Bombardieri
CONTEST - lilly-pads and frogs - LeeAnn Sidney

by Clifford Villalon |
Categories: food, fun,


Seeds with butter or caramel
Beads of food, pops all in marvel
All pops and booms, scent that you smell
Popcorns of you, you chew and tell

Oil drops, olive or vegetable
Pops and hops, hot on the table
Salted or plain bops, rolls so well
Popcorns of you, you chew and tell

In boxes or foils, packed and sealed
Flavors of fun, kernels are peeled
Glass bowls or paper cups that sell
Popcorns of you, you chew and tell

Popcorns you keep and love so good
Freshness you peep, covered as food
Softness in you, you praise not quell
Popcorns of you, you chew and tell

by Peter Lewis Holmes |
Categories: devotion, longing, love,

Never Always Sometimes

Never, always, sometimes, have I scorned your love so 
Dear, sometimes, always, never, I caused you brackish tear

When glow’s pale moon-bow’s crescent, upon the altar rocks, 
We rest by surging water, where grayling’s gadfly hops

And never, always, sometimes, have you held my beating heart,
In hands that crafted future, love-born from river’s lark 

But now the failing sunset, bids bye to never-years, while sometimes 
Through our always, a slipping tongue quick sears; 

And should the morn bring cloud and rain, where sunshine spars
With rooks, my jail dear lies within you, while I the eager crooks

by J.W. Earnings |
Categories: beauty, friendship, funny,

Like a Boss

LOL (Laugh out loud) xD
I love your effort
Kangaroo hops 
Easy and hard hits 

A little better than before

BAM (Be a man) o.o
Owning the Hockey Game
sssssslither like a snake
Sam! You're like a boss - Ooh! Like a boss
(hey man...sorry for my loss)

by Karen Deeks |
Categories: inspirational, life, peace,

Beach Life

I sat on the wall and just. Watched
My mind and eyes danced to the fore
Waves of seas and souls who pranced
Was my expression

As impressionistic imprints imbedded in
Mind and sand and sea
Buckets of love and sand ebbed and flowed

Feathers flew, fled, fought for disregarded chips
And lay also
Lay as unwanted knickers on the tangerine sand

It was a knickerbocker glorious day
Of ice-cream cones and cream clad skin
Of towels, flip-flops
Bunny hops
Sandy hands and castles
Surrounded by murky, frothy, salted streams

For once the sky held little
Importance as
I was far to distracted by


by Constance La France |
Categories: funny,

Limerick Contest

Nice and Naughty Oh, there is an old cat that I call Smudge, her fur is spatters of caramel fudge; at night she hops on my bed, demands my hand on her head; if I should stop she gives me a huge nudge! One day "Cat" ran off with my pork wiener, now, usually I am no whiner; and I love my cat divine, always in my heart will twine; but gosh darn, there was no wiener finer! ________________________ April 26, 2017 Limerick/Limerick Contest Copyright Protected, ID 895682 Limerick Contest Jan Allison First Place _________________________ Syllables checked on - HowManySyllables.Com Rhyming checked on -

by Prafulla Sahu |
Categories: lost love,

On a Bird 1


Shot with grape dark beauty
Perches behind my window –
My love-
Hops to tickle my heart
Skims my dream to chariot
Making me speechless
With her raw silent crop.

With a burr of arrow-tail
She darts through my ears;
Light as thistledown
She roller-skates my vision
Black as coal full of steam
She drives my horizon.

She has no mobile to cheep
Yet more mobile 
Than time and speech
She wrights an ornate spot
Like an evening green..

A few minutes’ gaze
At that winged vibes
Holier high than years of youth
Scathed by fire of lips.

by Phoenix Szentesi |
Categories: friend, funny, joy,

Tricky Bunny

Pandora is so mischievous 
Not like the rest of us
Always playing silly tricks 
Always ready for a good kick

She sits on the couch when told not to
Escapes her hutch which is true
Tries to steal everyone’s food
Sits on tables which is rude 

But even though she is a tricky one
Without her my life wouldn’t be fun
She loves to cuddle and rest on my lap	
Wait long enough she’ll start to nap

She gives me bunny kisses by licking my hand
And hops to around my feet whenever I stand

What else can I say?
Other than I love my tricky bunny  

(Dedicated to my almost yr old mini lop, Pandora)

by David Byrne |
Categories: confusion


A wino looked at me and spout,
Mumbo-jumbo from his mouth!

“Wood and stone; 
Flesh and bone,
Sand and clay; 
Steel and hay,
Moon and sun; 
Milk and bun,
Glass and salt; 
Hops and malt,
Needle and thread; 
Hand and head,
Rain and fog;
Spawn and frog,
Chicken and egg;
Lock and peg,
Tooth and root;
Sock and boot,
Buckle and belt,
Beaver and pelt,
Ash and soot;
Loud and mute,
Sea and beach;
Apple and peach,
Nut and bolt;
Collar and goat,
Dime and purse;
Favour and curse,
Hard and soft;
Never and oft,
Fun and pun;
Over and begun,
Love and hate;
Pace and rate,
Good and bad;
Happy and sad.”

Down and out;
Kneeling there devout!

by Anita Harris |
Categories: celebration, change, earth,

Spring Brings

Spring brings bright new life
to this earth with such delight,
Roses an tulips rise up high
as the grass grows to the sky.
Birds flocking together as
families are for ever.

Spring brings bright new life
to everyone all in sight.
Love an colors fill the air
as a rabbit hops with cheer.
So many children run an play
as some kids fish by the bay.

Spring brings bright new life
As this kid fly's his kite.
Grass stains an flip flops
Bubbles an Bees
are in with Spring...

by Kushal Poddar |
Categories: allegory, animals, art, devotion, faith, family, fantasy, forgiveness, happiness, holiday, hope, imagination, inspirational, introspection, life, loveblue, blue,

The Shining Blue and White

The shining blue and white 
White enters inside, 
the psyche is being blurred,
a tree’s chalky smile…

Winter, I am here now,
mist roams midst my mind
shining blue is worn by sky.

The eyes follow truths
reach a garden. Lost Eden.  
A white unicorn hops 

over my nervous system.
Is it love I see
in the shadows around me?
Migratory birds 
flying over the blue lake. 
My hands touch hers.
            © 2008 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar

by Ashley Daly |
Categories: friendship, introspection, life,

So, Beneath Flying Darts

So, beneath flying darts
You are low on my floor
Cutting at meaningless pieces of paper
Which your eyes can’t discern
Until your picture hops the train
Headed on a midnight ride
To my door
A corrupt collision
Oh, how I love stowaways

by Sandra Haight |
Categories: animal, friendship, happiness, love,

Cheery Squirrel

He hops to the window waits patiently for I am his friend- my fingers hold his prize. With gentleness takes his nut as loving smiles spread on my face knowing this friendship's a special gift. Our cheery bond strengthens my happy day.

by Connie Pachecho |
Categories: beauty, life, love,

Honey Crops

Honey Crops

we split romance funny, bunny hops
our halves yearning sunny, honey crops


connie pachecho

by Connie Pachecho |
Categories: analogy, divorce, lost love,

The Frog and the Fiddler

The Frog And The Fiddler

The frog kicked the fiddler off her lily pad
For the fiddler monkeyed around and was mad
There was no found love in the air
As these two could not be a pair
Though there was a big splash, the air was still bad

The fiddler's infidelity was so sad
He couldn't be happy with the hops he had
His dishonor was hard to bare
For the moral here is everywhere
He played, and now his offspring are less a dad

connie pachecho


by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: beauty, joy, june, nature, night, sleep, uplifting,

Rhapsody In Black

Softly the night falls,
Shadowing vacant halls;
My recent morning glory, 
Now is nature's history.

Petals bob in warm air;
Tweets of a love affair!
Racy brook, moon gleam,
A time has come to dream.

Night creatures very gay,
As night owl hoots away;
All humanity in a swoon-
A firefly night of June!

Toad hops on water lily,
Stars shine on tranquilly;
All the world speechless,
As if it died of happiness!

by V. Deepa |
Categories: feelings, july, june, love, rain, weather,

The Wet Weather Coaxes Love

Rattling rain drops,heists our sleep at mid night Settling on tops,over the roofs from a width height Prattling quickly stops, whence I catch his sight Curling his mops of hair with my fingers a bit tight Battling cold, hops out when he hugs me in dim light Tackling him,slops sweat,continually in the twilight Troubling,he cops pleasure kissing me with might Bowling love crops stress,making us look bright.
6-7-2020 Note2:Triple Rhyme poetry Contest.(N/A) Placed as Honourable Mention in the contest. Note2: Strand Completely New (20), Any Form,Any Theme Poetry Contest Sponsored by Brian Strand.

by Imr Urooj |
Categories: artlost, lost,


Lost a word which has pain,
Desperation, hoplessness, unhappyness in it.
You feel pain when you lost yor love ones.
You feel desperation when you lost your hops.
You feel hoplessness when you lost blessness of God.
You feel unhappiness when you lost your dreams.
You feel heartbrocken when you lost your true love.
Lost is a little word which has wast meanings.

by Jan Allison |
Categories: food, fun,

Master Baker - For Barry

Sweet Sarah got ready to bake A sticky rich dark ginger cake Her flour was appaulin’ - vile weevils were crawlin’ to use it would be a mistake! Those weevils could make her cake sour So Sarah gets rid of that flour She emits a cus Then hops on a bus… She’s baking in less than an hour For Barry with my love 08/20/20

by Robert Morley |
Categories: love,

Jack Rabbit Lover

She's my little jack rabbit lover,
As cute as a Georgia jack,
She hops around, I really can't keep up, 
She is so funny and so fast,
I dare anyone, try to catch that jack
She is as soft as a fur pillow,
She makes me laugh, when I'm yellow
Her kisses are so sweet, as jello
I think I'm falling in love.

by Kurtis Scott Aka Curtis Futch Jr |
Categories: devotion, fantasy, food,

Down South Food Dreams

i like ham hops
love pork chops
when i shop
i buy collars greens
and butter beans
 this  my eating theme

by Jeff Kantor |
Categories: for her,

A Tear Forms

A tear forms

A tear forms, throat thick, my words dry.
Your mere form, body slick, make me cry.

Love envelopes, understanding, my heart weeps.
Love develops, commanding, I play for keeps.

Body beautiful, mind more so, my life complete.
Boldly dutiful, my mind on you, under the sheet.

A tear drops, mind hops, body stops,
I’m dreaming, I’m beaming, together screaming.

by Kurtis Scott Aka Curtis Futch Jr |
Categories: family, fantasy,

Mom and Pop

this is her day to play
and he hops
to the gift shop
with her he is stop
they love each other a lot
so me and sister and brothers
bought gifts  to give them a lift