Love Poems About Hopper or Hopper Love Poems
by karen feist |
Categories: recovery, universe,

I Left My Purse on the Chopper

It is day number twenty-one.
I've been awake for a week, I think.
The ride in the chopper was fun...
But my hair never slept a wink!

I love how the Universe speaks.
The tap on the shoulder, a whisper
From angels who know time has ceased
Asleep, til her prince just kissed her!

A tragic event - I might die
But i woke up and everyone smiled.
The husband and kids by my side,
The Universe bearing a child.

The Doctors and Nurses from God,
Who helped me get back on the hopper,
Discharged me with twenty prescriptions,
But I left my purse on the chopper!!

by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: business, future, science fiction, space,

With the Quickness

With the quickness ...
unprecedented corporate rise
Fabulous omni-view sky work space,
immune to boardroom gossip sickness

Poker-face negotiator disguise ...
keep the key competition guessing
Do the necessary background homework,
anticipate any proprietary lies

Next gen capitalist with no corruption trace ...
squint the inside of planetary councils
Logic sequencing of managerial decisions,
investors' hugs are a burgeoning dividend embrace

Lawyers love the legal byzantine thickness ...
corner the market on low g orbital gear
Warp expansion of the company's political assets,
explains how a lowly rock hopper ascends with the quickness

by arthur vaso |
Categories: art, imagery,

Poetic Confession

I can not dance
Nor can I sing
I can not paint
Not even by numbers

So here I sit
I write line after line
Of heartache and love
Of loss and pain

I am not an artist
I must be a fool
For all of my writings
Profess my love to you

Notes: Inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper

by Marty King |
Categories: freedom, how i feel, joy, night, peace, silence, uplifting,

listen to the whisper of the night

listen to the whisper of the night
i love it when i can wind down with no light
the fireflies gather round to enjoy the same feeling
it is like we are one united to take a breather from the life in which we are dealing
the calm and the beauty of it makes me feel all giddy inside
it makes me so happy and glad that i chose this place in which to reside
no longer do i feel like a mooch or a pauper
no longer do i have a use to be a couch hopper
right here, right now, i am so content in my elements
i rest right here with a smile while enjoying the fresh taste of velamints

by Brian Strand |
Categories: art, nostalgia,


A romantic,wistful view of the past
in the music of colour,veiled by meaningful
shadows. Enigmatic roads to nowhere,
old footprints in the sand, a longing for
Remains of love, moments in time in
that perfect world of nostalgia.Stylistic
short stories in paint... in ..hidden narratives.

Ekphrasis tribute  to and inspired by the art of Jack Vettriano (the 'Scottish' Edward Hopper in my opinion)

You may hear me recite this and most of my PS poetry on youtube under the pen name ichthyschiro

by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: computer, inspiration, leadership, military, soldier, technology, woman,

Amazing Grace

Rear Admiral “Amazing Grace” Hopper
To her colleagues quite the show stopper
She turned computers to household items
And now humans know how to control them

A counter-clockwise clock hung on her wall
To prove man’s mind is not so small
Always looking beyond and above
Her vision and efforts a labor of love

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, desire, how i feel, relationship,


The grass hopper jumps the the bunny hops the kangaroo jumps and pigs love slop ~ just whaz up?
7/26/21 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2021©