Love Poems About Hopped or Hopped Love Poems
by Paloma P |
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Essential Spirits

She was like Bordeaux,
a tall drink of spirit
He was more a hopped
pale lager like Pilsner, 
both gorgeous and
super gingered flavors,
although clashing mid
respective savored aplomb,
one so refined the other
rowdy after hours,
yet they complimented
each other in the way
they blended their
drunken demeanors, 
intoxicated by mere
existence of nature's
essential complexities

by Maleiah Ewert |
Categories: best friend, dark, deep, depression, first love, love, love hurts,

Tethered To a Moment

You keep me running around,
on this never ending merry go round.
The carousel stopped,
and I hopped off.
I began to get sick,
so I thought really quick.
One more time on the merry go round,
will help my stomach settle down.
I tell the conductor one more time,
he said, “that’s okay there is no line.”
So, I never hop off no matter how dizzy I get,
because once it stops,
I know I’ll get sick.
This isn’t healthy,
but that's okay.
Maybe one more time will take the pain away.
We’re going in circles,
just like you used to say.
One more time on the merry go round,
will make the pain go away.

Tethered To A Moment, 08/23/21

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: animal, cat, god, grandson,

Easter Bunny of Florida


God sends gifts to sensitive hearts.
My grandson left his pets behind
as we travelled from familiar parts
of Georgia to Florida. God is kind.

Muffin, given the first name of Stud
by my grand’s dad. A small bunny
in the tiny yard, was the color of mud.
God’s gifts, better than money.

The cottontail posed under the palm.
My grand wanted to take Muffin home.
The rabbit was his after Easter balm.
Then away he hopped as we drove home.

Grandson returns to his bunny, Buck,
and to his feral cat, Lily, who oft’ hides
under his parents quilt, surely awestruck
at the return of their family. Love abides.

by Kim Mcadam |
Categories: girlfriend, lost love, love, memory,

First Love

As silent as a sparrow, 
she hopped into my heart. 
She made me dream the sweetest dreams 
that never will depart. 

Our love was technicolor 
like autumn's splendrous leaves. 
We danced through winter's coldest snows 
and into spring's reprieve. 

We shared our hopes and wishes, 
our diamonds of the dawn. 
When Easter lilies bloom their best, 
I looked and she was gone. 

She took my poor heart with her 
and left a vacant place, 
but even after fifty years, 
I still can see her face. 

I never have forgotten 
our season in the sun. 
If only we could dance again... 
But alas, the dance is done.

by Anjali Mishra |
Categories: funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, imagination, love, romance, teen, visionary

The Only One

The only one

My heart hopped,
Or I should say ‘stopped’,
I was shocked,
Because with me, he talked!

It’s me, the only one,
Whom he chose,
I’m the luckiest one on the earth,
It is like he has given me a red rose!

I was surprised, he’s so cute!
I stared at him, my voice mute,
It was like I was on cloud nine,
As if we were going to dine!

I was fully filled with glee,
The other girls did envy me,
He’s the handsomest, of all men,
And I said, “Yes, you can take my pen.”

by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: pets,

Bunnys Go Wiild

Two little bunnies hopped on the Ark
They got up to mischief after dark

It wasn't long more bunnies came along
They all sang the hippy hop song

We like to make love we're not about war
If the ships rocking don't open the door

After forty days and forty nights
So many bunnies it just wasn't right

Noah decided he must segregate
Their appetites he could not satiate

When they got hungry they ate bunny stew
By the time they landed there were just two

Noah's Ark Contest

by Kevin Shaw |
Categories: animal, humorous, love, nonsense, pets, silly,

My Pet Frog

Pet Frog

My pet Frog has gone and hopped it

Which makes me feel so sad

I do miss that little green fella’

Because I’ve had him since a Tad’

6/9/17 KS

by Arabian Poet |
Categories: love,

Love's Aroma In the Coffee Shop

This is was written by my friend Salwa Naamani - as a reply to my poem with same I really liked to share it with you here 

Unlike any other shop 

For coffee , I hopped 

Morning beauty in its top

Met my eyes as I turned the knob

Everything clean and in form 

Attractive in every sob 

I stood frozen and cold 

As she asked about my cup 

I wished she would be my trophy 

The fantasy of all age 

Could she be the Empress 

Could she play over my beats 

Tune my harp 

Put things into art 

Call the insane heart 

Spell the call 

Order my messy blocks 

Could she be 


Would she be 

All this and more !!!

By Salwa Naamani

by Terry Flood |
Categories: sports,


I hopped into the hospital, I’ve broke my toe, I said
The doctor said, that’s three times now, you must be off your head
I tell him it’s because I’m sporting and I love the sea 
I play my sport along the shore… but this he said to me…

Ball games on a sandy beach are always kinda neat
With sand between your toes because you’re playing in bare feet
But if the ball should come your way and you decide to kick it
The white balls are for football, but those red ones are for cricket

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: heart, romance,

Open Sesame

cross from 
the darkside
release me 
from these chains
my saviour 
i found you

open the lock
with your 
magical key
on leaving 
the lock
the key 
a beautiful butterfly

flying to you love
swallowed by 
the frog
who hopped
 into the pond
sitting on 
a lilly leaf
eyes closed dreaming

my key 
it found you
deep down
 in your throat
 for your heart

have i found you
only then 
will i give you
my soul
it is then
you found
the key of  
my heart

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

by Robert Gruhn |
Categories: poetry, star,

The King of Poets

How large that realm his mind dances in must truly be,
Tripping over own thoughts while wading through others.
Waist deep in screaming laughing unkind joyful humanity,
To love drowning within that midst of it all crowning him.

Once upon a time only a pollywog serfing through kingdom,
Then his imagination hopped one day upon a water lily.
It was his launching pad to bigger and greater things,
No longer held down by memories from a distant past.

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn A.R.R.

by Anjali Mishra |
Categories: funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, imagination, love, romance, teen, visionary

The Only One

The only one

My heart hopped,
Or I should say ‘stopped’,
I was shocked,
Because with me, he talked!

It’s me, the only one,
Whom he chose,
I’m the luckiest one on the earth,
It is like he has given me a red rose!

I was surprised, he’s so cute!
I stared at him, my voice mute,
It was like I was on cloud nine,
As if we were going to dine!

I was fully filled with glee,
The other girls did envy me,
He’s the handsomest, of all men,
And I said, “Yes, you can take my pen.”

by Vickey Rhymer |
Categories: 2nd grade, moving on,

A Country Song Numero Dos

Sung to tune of Salty Dog

She came back
And I got

And you expect
To understand

Honey won't you 
that woman go

She arrived
And I got

And into
You two hopped

Honey won't you let 
Woman go

She came
At four
And left at five 

Honey Baby
Sakes alive
Honey won't you let that woman go

It's, time to
Tell you
River dirtchy

None of this
Said to hurt ye

Won't you
let that woman go

Chorus close

Honey let that

She don't love
this I know

Honey won't
Let that woman go

by Chase Craft |
Categories: animal, sad, silly,

Frog Tears

There once sat a frog in a pond.
On his lily, he sang his love song.
But, there was no one to hear,
so he shed his frog tears
and hopped right into the pond.

by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: love,

I Always Care About You

Just thinking of you yesterday, 
As my hopped-up heart beat so fast; 
I was worried and anxious of
What happened to you in the past.

Yes, today is no different, 
You are still on my distressed mind; 
Passing me by are nights and days,
Memories are not left behind.

Tomorrow will certainly be
Another new, bleak, unsure day; 
But I still hope for a promise
Of the things that I often pray.

There is nothing that I desire
But the joy that makes your eyes glow; 
Though sadness may come annoying, 
I know soon it shall fade and go.

I miss you so much, oh my dear,
My love for you is really true; 
To you I will give my whole life, 
For I always care about you.

by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: bird, lust,

In Flagrante Delicto

A pigeon expressed to a dove
An urgent desire to make love
Like a maniac
He hopped on her back
Pursuant to all the above

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, animal,

Animals Sensed Wood Nymphs Love

Wood nymph was wearing flowers in her hair.
Her eyes were oozing kindness.
She sat still, not speaking.
The animals came to her.

a mouse
two squirrels
three chickadees
a deer

They sensed her love for them
a rabbit hopped by
feeling her wholesomeness
none were fearful, even a tiny bit.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: humorous,

Jackie Reads To Bunnies

Jackie sat on a hill outside and began to read.
He was chastised by one Johnny Appleseed.
Why do you waste your time? Come help me get honey.
No thanks said Jackie, I am reading to this bunny.

The bunny was touched, and brought his family around.
The hopped and played, and sat next to Jackie on the ground.
I love his reading so much, this can never get old!
But then they were joined by a crazy old toad.

The toad hopped off to get his family too.
There were soon toads all over, maybe twenty-two.
What is happening? Asked Jackie. What is their goal?
I do not understand said a bunny, but they need birth control.

by Adeyemi Joshua |
Categories: allegory,

A Piece of Meat

Many a time have i fell in love with beauties,
But I'm locked in the cell of their duties.
Many a time I've been bewitched by their luxuries,
But now they've lent me variant abuses.
By stretch of rigid vices,
My 'Sire had hopped from thither to hither.
But the potholes and lapses,
They've sketched,got me fixated like a trapped cheetah.
Here is a piece of meat,
Of which if you feed on you'll be strong
Like the rock. When love you did meet.
And to love's choice you'll never be wrong.
      "Discipline thou thy eyes and heart,
       And come to Jail me if thy path be not right."

by Robert Johnson |
Categories: true love,

Train'D Hearts

The train pulled out and left me here.
To wonder if I'll ever get near.
That girl that left me standing still.
Not knowing if she ever will.

I hopped the next one out of town.
Just trying not to be a clown.
Because when a heart falls apart.
You're left to just make a new start.

And if the moon will light your way.
Maybe you'll find a place to stay.
Where love will keep you nice and warm.
Inside her arms safe from the storm.

by Carol Mitra |
Categories: humor,

Quitters Never Win

A frog fell in love with a stork shrewd
Suggesting a kiss she wooed her food
Trying to swallow him, how rude!
The frog rung her neck, eyes protrude
He hopped on out, limping like a dude!

Sponsor: Margarita Lillico

by Aysha Nuwas |
Categories: allah, animal,

Neppie My Little Bunny

I mourn the loss of my furry friend
my loyal companion, soft and pretty
a rabbit, so gentle, with eyes of love
hopping through days, a bundle warm and sweet

Though you've hopped across the rainbow bridge
sadly gone, in my heart you will always live
in my memories you will never part
hugging you near the oceans soft sea breeze

A bond unbroken, even in death's embrace
unlike humans, love was love, without conditions

by Hat Bueckert |
Categories: music, nostalgia,

Keep Boppin

He hopped and bopped across the charts to the top
Until a tragic crop landing put him to a stop 

Performed Chantilly lace for pretty faces
Chase young aces through melodical paces

Love notes in rock’n’roll quotes for youth emotes
Giddy nervous gulping throats in pink petticoats

Crooned bee bop tunes of teenage moon
As new love bloomed in first kiss swoon

It went so wrong, the piece that didn’t belong
Songs we sing along to keep a legacy strong

Feelin’ fine in fame prime until end of the line
The great music that defined, declined in 1959

Keep rockin’ with Ritchie and boppin’ with Buddy
To nifty fifty’s charisma, a music history to study

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade,

My Entertaining Friend Dale

Why would a monkey be riding a blue whale?
I stare at my imaginative friend, Dale.
I don’t know, I say.  Perhaps it was a quail?
He laughs, and flips into my lap his junk mail.

I’m not kidding he says. It is no tale.
As a best friend, he entertains me without fail.
That monkey hopped in a turquoise pail.
One thing about his stories, they are never stale.

There was pink polish on his biggest toenail.
I said “Next time, with you, I shall go sail.”
Then there was the talking parrot, with the robotic tail.
I always love being with my creative friend, Crazy Dale.

by Christopher Quigley |
Categories: poetry,

Should Have Bought the Hanging Cat One

wiping the dirt sleep from his virgin gaze
there it was his favourite mock
laughing back
those infantile unfairly tails
yeah i knew it was tales
but i don't care
that unfinished promi
hope that hopped away
god i love the grey
white noise brings no joys
the day his love broke
when just
just wasn't
and good wasn't enough
took a bit out of err  ness
Despair viewed from
his city of Scars
but not today
he ripped it down
before he hid his weapon
today he made them pay