Love Poems About Hoping or Hoping Love Poems
by Carolyn Devonshire |
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November Dreams

We lie ‘neath the oak on a carpet of brown leaves that lost their amber glory. With eyes tightly shut, we envision spring’s return— hoping our love does the same.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: angst, anxiety, betrayal, emotions, feelings, image, lost love,

Paper Plane

Since you left, I've been unable to dream, thrashing about in tangled sheets all night. I fold paper planes, odd as that may seem, preparing the night's fledgling fears for flight. I believed we'd be together till death, and yet, you left, and I’m alone and scared. Without you, I've no reason to draw breath, what kept me going was thinking you cared. I scribble down my anger and my pain, describing just how much love has hurt me. And fold the page into a paper plane, hoping the hand of fate will set it free. And await a breeze to launch my letter; for once that plane takes flight, I'll sleep better.

by Charlie Smith |
Categories: love, summer,

Summer Breeze

Soft lights with warm winds pirouetting in time whispering its music so perfectly in rhyme Hearts searching, ever searching for love's sweet caress Wishing, ever hoping, to so tenderly possess Moonlight in concert reflecting its bliss Starlight's twinkle, a pretentious first kiss Hearts searching, ever searching for love's sweet caress Wishing, ever hoping, to so tenderly possess The concert of summer called gently your name Softly, by this music into my life you came Hearts searching, ever searching for love's sweet caress Wishing, ever hoping, to so tenderly possess. 08/10/2018 Summer Breeze Contest Sponsored by John Hamilton

by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: love

Queen of Hearts

I waited for a man with no cards up his sleeve one who dated with sincerity hoping, believing searching for a beau to cast a royal flush I seek only to complete his life I've encountered many Jacks players lacking good intent yet these men had found their matches they had more in common with the Queen of Diamonds I need no wealth or fame professions of love would be enough it is a game I cannot win a Queen of Hearts, I lie unnoticed having slipped to the floor will anyone miss my presence or is the deck stacked against me
*Entry for Paula's "Pick a Card, Any Card" contest

by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: addiction, betrayal, hope, trust,

Hoping For Love and Trust

Over his lies
Trust not 

Never again
Now wise

Comes with life
I learned

To share my heart

on longest days
yields peace

Flowing waters
Bring hope

Fretting no more
Heart's strong

Strength builds
Tower of faith

Brightens dark days
Light shines

My stride returns
With love

Not enabling
Trust earned

For Richard's Mussetle Train Contest, 12/1/14

by Maureen Mcgreavy |
Categories: abuse, addiction, forgiveness, relationship,

Laws of Attraction

Mind over matter

      It seems the mind
      is more forgiving
      than the matter

Love at first sight
Magnets inseparable 
Believing true love could
Conquer anything
but anything butt up against matter
Hard enough Long enough
turns out
is enough is enough
for matter to shift
Attraction becomes Repulsion
Mind over matter

      The mind forgiving
      matter not forgetting

Both hoping time will heal the wounds

by Ralph Taylor |
Categories: hope, love, love,


I know you're out there somewhere!
Dreaming of me, as I'm dreaming of you!
I sense we're both wishing and hoping,
that soon we will meet, as we're destined to do!
When that delightful encounter takes place, 
we'll both fall in love and start life anew!

Romance and Love Contest
Ralph Taylor

by Keith Bickerstaffe |
Categories: angst,


He hurries home late from the office
and hesitates out on the lawn,
the mists are swirling like her dress,
the moon is frowning down.

The music in her soft blue eyes,
that hungry look upon her face
makes him tremble like a teenager
fumbling his first date.

Hoping she's gotten home safely,
beguiled by her lingering perfume,
his wife and kids are sound asleep,
he tiptoes through the family room.

Bedeviled by such fervent yearnings
full-compounded day to day,
a strangled heart, a tortured soul,
old love, new love - there is no easy way.

by Tim Smith |
Categories: love,

When a Heart Pounds

Cinderella dreams across yellow brick roads
Creating Prince Charming out of simple silly toads
We play hopscotch, jump rope and other little games
Trying to produce magic and a feeling quite the same
Dancing through life with rose colored eyes
Wishing and hoping love doesn't float on by
Finding the one that just makes us smile
Holding on tight, hearts entwined for awhile
Happiness comes to those who are blessed
Sharing our all when two lips are pressed
Suns set, moons rise but one thing still remains 
When fairy tales meet blood pumps in our veins
Whether young or old we seek out love to surround
There's no greater feeling when a heart in love pounds

by Paul Callus |
Categories: love,

Gambling On Love

love can be a gamble treading on sand in uncharted land hoping to quench the craving of parched hearts - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - A Ninette Poetry Contest Sponsored by Emile Pinet Placed 2nd © 30th May 2020

by John Grinsell |
Categories: love, romance, science,

Many Worlds

Maybe there's a multiverse.
I'm hoping that it's true.
Many other worlds out there
in which I'm loving you.

by Olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: life, love,

Gracious Damsel

I wonder whether this is love or lust,
If rain reigns in the day or dark night,
Confused as I lay low without foresight,
My soul sails through the sea of metal rust,
Clean my lens and brush my hair just to adjust, 
Hoping to see my diamond shine so bright,
This passion can`t be hidden but brought to light,
as I look at the sky to know who to trust.

Heaven smiles at me as my joy abound,
This reminds one that shinning stars are few,
Knowing that goodness and bliss will be found,
I walk towards my pearl for the time is due,
Her beauty and traits spin many heads around,
For her benevolence you have to take a queue.

*Valentine Poem*

by Kelly Deschler |
Categories: autumn, change, heart, love, october, romantic, words,

A Change of Heart - Etheree


                      had brought


                     and you to me.

             With words from a heart

              so far from my own, but

        still so close when I read them,

   feel them, see them, bringing changes.

         I, like the leaves, am falling fast,  

hoping that you, like the earth, will catch me.

September 23rd, 2015

"For Love Of October" contest

by Doug Vinson |
Categories: beauty, love, moon,

How the Moon Does It

The moon spoons pieces of jeweled firmament from the universe's dark heart into her golden bowl, mixes incandescent milk with a cool touch, then pours it all out on us in tender love, hoping we are ready for such a gift. ----------------- December 19, 2016 For Kai Michael Neumann's contest - 'Moon Spoon'

by Aiyah Torres |
Categories: courage, cute love, daughter, emotions,


in a quiet room,
with the hand of li'l baby,
hoping for full recovery,
sunshine meets her glance,
after rainy day has gone.

by Nicholas Windle |
Categories: life, longing,

The War Wife

They said that it would never come,
This war of hate, and not for some.
  A sleepy hamlet, far from all,
But now it’s happened, god helps us all.
 It’s not a year since they were wed,
But now he’s gone, she hopes not dead.
 They are in love, for his touch she yearns,
   A tight embrace, the longing burns.
The closeness only they can share,
 You can see the magic in the air.
A knock then comes upon the door,
As her mind’s brought back to this wretched war.
  Her heart now breaking, and is hoping no –
  She had pleaded with him not to go.
  Is that all to this that makes up life?
 When all she wanted was to be his wife.

by Tim Smith |
Categories: love, miss you,

Welcome Home

Waiting, I'm patiently waiting for
your ship to sail on back to shore
Time standing still, does it even exist
It's been too long since we once kissed

Your scent on my pillow fading away
Wishing and hoping you were here this day
I lay in the darkness thinking of you
and of the day all of our dreams come true

Sounds of footsteps creaking on the pine floor
Gentle knocking upon my bedroom door
Visions of beauty, visions so clear
My meaning, my whole has finally appeared

Crawl into my arms, crawl into my heart
Our two lives together, no longer apart

by Joe Flach |
Categories: loveme,

Surrender To Love

It is not worth the pain inflicted
to continue our mutual fight
so let me be the first combatant
to wave the flag to make things right.

In an attempt to remove the darkness
that has crept into our life
I wave the flag that lacks any color
hoping it will restore the light.

We united together in marriage
born from a love so deep and pure
to stop this argument from ruining it
I wave a flag from the dress you wore.

I surrender to you completely
it’s not important to me who’s right
I hope the colorless flag that I wave
puts an end to this stupid fight.

white / for nette onclaud's Color My World contest / by Joe Flach

by Matthew Anish |
Categories: jewish, joy,

Another Day Before Nightfall

Pen to paper
So no tears today
Monday back to slavery 
I cast my out my lline
Hoping for a bite from a female fish
Do you not see what is meant by love ? 
Do you not see what is meant by peace?
Shalom is where its at, friends 

by Frederick Espiritu |
Categories: heartbroken,

At 3:00 Am

Still awake at 3 am
Listening to a mellow song
Waiting for the sun to rise
Holding back the tears in my eyes

Still up at 3 am
Doing some flashback
What happened to us
A love that I fully trust

Still sleepless at 3 am
"It's not you it's me" your voice still echoing
My heart was ripped in thousand pieces
And seems was drop into different places

Still not in bed at 3 am
Holding a bottle of beer
Wishing it can help me heal
Hoping it can erase what I feel

Still wide awake at 3 am
Maybe it just don't fit right at all
Waiting for the sun to rise for me to traces
To start anew and pick up... my broken heart pieces...

written: Oct. 7, 2014
Mysterious Aries

by Brittany Cuneo |
Categories: husband, love, sadday,

Sleepless Nights

Another sleepless night alone,
as thoughts raced through my head,
thinking about that day you left,
and the last words that you said.
I wake up several times at night,
reaching for an empty space,
hoping all was just a dream,
and I’d wake to see your face.
Never does a day pass by,
when I don’t wonder how you feel,
and when I start to really worry,
I just bow my head and kneel.
“Please god be his eyes,
when his duty is in the field,
bring him home safe and sound,
god please protect him, and be his shield.”
Every time i say those words,
a wave of calmness comes over me,
and I’m finally able to close my eyes,
to finally get some sleep.

by Nadine Youngblood |
Categories: love, dream, dream, me,

More Than a Crush

How did a girl like me, meet a guy like you?
You’re the kind of guy girls dream about,
Almost too good to be true
This isn’t just a crush, I think about you everyday
And whenever I’m feeling down, you always know what to say
At first I didn’t want to get too attached
Because I had seen the pain of love gone a stray
But u make me feel loved and promised me
You’d never hurt me in any way
As I sit here writing this poem, I’m constantly thinking of you
Knowing this is more than a crush, hoping it’s a dream come true

by Pandita Sietesantos |
Categories: hope, lost love, love hurts,

What Will Tomorrow Bring

What will Tomorrow Bring

Hoping for Rainbows

Hoping for rainbows after rain, 				
wind-blown rose petals of red.  				
Petals pierced by thorns of pain				
like butterflies’ wings spread.				

Wind-blown rose petals of red,				
bleeding from a broken heart				
like butterflies’ wings spread…				
remnants of love ripped apart.				

Bleeding from a broken heart,				
petals pierced by thorns of pain.				
Remnants of love ripped apart…			
hoping for rainbows after rain.			


Contest:      What will Tomorrow Bring - Pantoum
Sponsor:      Eve Roper
Placement:   3rd

by Gayle Niewahner-Starks |
Categories: confusion, love, passion, love,

Former Love

A Former Love has
returned into my life.
I'm not too sure 
it's wrong or if it's right.

He once made me feel special
in so many different ways.
It's starting again,
I'm daydreaming all day.

The same old butterfly feelings
are fluttering in the pit of my belly.
Again my heart is awakening,
I'm feeling a little silly.

Do I open my heart
and my arms once again?
Or turn away for fear, 
That I may not win?

I'm not sure which way
to let my feelings go.
I do not want to get hurt,
this I do know.

With the idea that life is too short,
I will give this love another chance,
hoping and praying we can begin
a new song and dance.

by John Lawless |
Categories: lost love, soldier,

You Walked Away

You Walked Away

I carried it always
		…that scarf
					….….as you walked away.

Wore it as a knight
				……in my lady’s colours.

soothed myself
		…with its soft texture
breathed deeply
		…….. imagined scent
					……long faded.

Wrapped my wound in it
			….tied tightly
					……a tourniquet
							….to stem the loss of blood

		….from death’s coldness.

…………it would work

as I shivered
		……on that day
				……you walked away…….

John G. Lawless