Love Poems About Hopi or Hopi Love Poems
by Feli Elizab |
Categories: absence, loneliness, lonely, lost love, love, marriage, nostalgia,

If the past was never

Lately, a kiss is a long lost wish.
We've both forgotten how to care.
So just in case you never remember,
I will tattoo "love" behind your eyelids
so you will see it when you sleep
and forget the ghosts that became us.
I should sneak into your darkest crevices
and replace the webs with words.
Forget the complicated cursive strokes.
I will rewrite us in Braille, in
rounded words that were meant to feel.
I will reconstruct us in the language
of the Hopi, the way we spoke when
the past was never, and love was all
we could ever see.