Love Poems About Hopelessness or Hopelessness Love Poems
by Jesse Zerlaut |
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Courtship of Poetry

I wrestle with my words in aimlessness when I write.
Poetry is a relationship to me, it's a troubled courtship.
I can't come to reasonable reform in words on the spot..
but rather seek intimacy with my thoughts in attempt. 

The two of us, man and his romantic notions,
carelessly Laid into tousled affections on a page.
I love her, and the page, she spurns me willfully.
I love her, and grasp in hopelessness to understand her.

I give my undivided attention, my eyes wander her form.
I've sought shamelessly to appease her whispered desires.
But she is a selfish lover, asking for more than can be given.
She, the playful counterpart in a field of rationality, often eludes me.

by Eve Roper |
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Praise To the Lord

Thank you, God, for all your blessing.

There has never been a day of my life that you have not been with me; 
walking beside me holding my hand or carrying me in your arms.

In times of loving

Times of happiness

Times of childbirth

Times of hopelessness

Times of forgiveness

Times of homeless

Times of illness

Times of heartbreak.

Times of death.

God, so magnificent. Jesus, my Savior and Redeemer

Holy Spirit to lead and direct me

All three in one.

Thank you for always being my being in my soul 

I love you my Lord.


by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: childhood, death, food

No Bread. Why?

No Bread.  Why?
     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

Big round dark eyes staring at forgetfulness.
Eating nothingness, feeling helplessness.
Scavenging the streets for morsels finding hopelessness.
Foraging to fill a swollen abdomen full of emptiness.
Holding death securely within mothers’ bleakness.
Too hungry to show love and too hungry to cry-
But not too hungry to die-
Mankind’s blindness and heaped up forgetfulness, sighs.

by Aakanksha Sharma |
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No Sunshine Without You

Maybe one of these days I’ll get over you
Start anew
But each day now seems cold with little hue
No sunshine my love..No sunshine without you

Everything has come to a standstill
Only emptiness prevails that no one can fill
Hopelessness has struck me like a plague
Life suddenly is so bleak…so vague
I walk in the rain hiding tears
Like a scene out of my worst fears

I know I’ll never find a love so true
My wasted heart will keep missing you
But I have gotta keep walking…make it through
Try to start anew
Its killing me to live the cold days without hue(you)
No sunshine my love..No sunshine without you

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: poets, world,

The World Is Not Perfect

The world is not perfect.
People are killing each other.
I love my life anyway.

Peace is not coming.
People have assault rifles.
I paint my feelings away.

The world acts crazy.
People have mental illnesses.
I focus on the things that I love.

Hopelessness and despair
Are two things I see in the eyes of five-year-olds
I come home and write poetry, to forgive the world.

by Eric Ashford |
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She turns up the blue flames,
lowers the chops.
Dripping crackles, iron is fat licked -
grease on her fingers.

The meat finds its voice,
splutters of buttery smaze.
The pork is in bloom.
The animal inside the flesh 
The meat opening 
florets of aroma.

My stomach is cramping,
not with anticipation,
but with an acidic hopelessness.

Mother turns from the gas burner;
splattered apron - flushed cheeks. 
She smiles, not looking at me,
but seeing a man
who will be home soon.

“He will love these.”

I pretend not to hear, but wonder
if there will be milk with 
my cornflakes.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: fire,

Pray For Australia

Houses built with love and thought gone in seconds.  Poof!
Koalas who have lived in a territory for generations running
to gulp air
to find water
but alas many die any way

Trees gone. Grass blackened. Earth crying. Australia disappearing.
Hopelessness felt around the world, as we watch the inferno 
Taking lives
Taking homes
Taking safety and freedom

Kangaroos and koalas falling by the thousands never to get up
Destruction devouring Australia
Destruction of houses
Destruction of millions of animals
Devastating destruction

Everything disappearing in an apocalyptic inferno.
Climate change nightmare
Climate change reality
Pray for Australia

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: hope, trust,

Inside This Castle On a Hill

Intrepid knight, sweet gallant, hear my plea.
Inside this castle on a hill, confined, 
I wane. On reading this, please speed to me, 
else I shall be to hopelessness resigned!

I sadly saw you off to the Crusade.
Recall the pact we made. I gave my heart
to you! May God be with you. How I’ve prayed
when you return, we never more shall part.

With utter faith in you, I write this now.
My kin were killed. A cruel lord  took control.
He'd have me for his wife, but I'll not bow.
He has my land but can't possess my soul.

Please, trust my go-between as I trust you.
My love, let not our pact be proved untrue.

For the Contest on a Hill Poetry Contest of  Nayda Ivette Negron

by Stacey Brown |
Categories: inspirational,

Doubt the Thought

Drifting doubts,                
minds encage:
Fists of rage!

Pain, sorrow,                      
utter despair:
A place of hell,
Don’t go there!

Take a chance:                 
doubt the thought,
Trust your faith,
Not for naught!

Take captive, the word of truth:
In his love,
Christ will sooth!

write with your heart/ contest
doubt your doubt before you 
doubt your faith

by Daniel Beus |
Categories: introspection,


overweight, underpaid, insomniac, and out-of-date...
unbiasedly proud father of Raiden and Anika Mei...
a lover of language, of forests, of night...
who feels (at turns) lucid, alone and alive...
who fears hopelessness, boredom and hell...
who'd love to see th'aurora, the earth from the moon and the far side of ninety...
resident of the "blackbird's roost" in "the origin of the sun"...

by Vivienne Blake |
Categories: break up, depression, lost love, recovery from,

Rubayiat of Lost Love

Hopelessness attempts to drive me under,
despair to take me down, break me asunder
but loss of love can never quite defeat
or drown, or mercilessly leave to flounder
for I am not yet ready to retreat
or cede to your demands  nor yet entreat
your mercy, plead with you for one more chance
pander to your ego, giant conceit.

This feisty lady’s finished with romance
You have already led her quite a dance,
offended her, disgusted her with love.
She will no longer give a second glance.

Written and posted 29.8.14 at

by Sheila Cooperman |
Categories: beauty, change, confusion, deep, depression, emotions,

Sadness and Happiness

This poem is really written by the student VK/11 yrs. Read top down and then bottom up

Death destruction and despair
Families and friends
Vanquish hope
Say I love you
Be sad
Do not
Be free
Hopelessness and poverty
Take over
The world
You will rule
Dissipate the word

by Deon Burger |
Categories: feelings, forgiveness, love hurts, relationship,

Apology Accepted

Trying to say 
I am sorry
takes every fibre in my being to new levels.
I cannot fathom out
the uncontrollable hurt
and sense of loss
burns within me...
Sorry - 
a shallow grave of vocabulary,
a sham of emotion
but how can I prove
that all I say is honest
and true,
that all I feel is what I do...
Love, caring, doldrums of hopelessness?
What acidic retort will I get in return?
Probably a shoulder of ice,
a frozen relic of the past - 
ignorance and foolish pride...
Whatever you do,
I don't mind
at least I would have been a man...
and said I am sorry!
Copyright Deon J.H. Burger 2014

by Vesna Arsenich |
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When stars die in the silence,
When lonely hearts are lost in the distance,
I need your hand,
I need your strength,
I need your mercy,
O Lord.

\When sadness prevail in my soul,
When stormy thoughts crash my heart,
I need your hand,
I need your solace, 
I need your persistence,
O Lord.

\When all love is lost without a trace,
When hopelessness kills a day,
I need your hand,
I need your beatitude,
I need your guidance,
O Lord.

by Caroline Cécile Delacroix |
Categories: hope, life, love,

New Hope At Dawn

The soft light of the morning sun
Has ended the moonless nightspan
There is no worries to be had
yesterday's wars no more at hand.

I stand in the new dawn's birthlife 
With the clarity of your grace
Within the fibers of my life
The future's taken a new face.

It is no longer sad and gray
Gone are the clouds of rain and grail
It is no longer the shade of black
For the night's hopelessness has failed.

My heart has turned up a beat
As you have come across my way
Let this new delight our soul seal
That we walk hand in hand always.

By CarolineCecile
copyright © 08.07.11

by Shining Bright |
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Healing Oneness of Two

“Healing Oneness of Two”

A Symphony of blue
As far as the eye could see
Where water and sky merged
Like two bodies in sacred union
Two hearts destined
In the Lustrous ever engaging face of love
A small word
With giant effect on life
Healing a rugged and scarred heart
Erosion of adversity 
Emotional devastation
Despair and hopelessness
True love’s emerald hills
 In the tranquil valleys
Endearments fulfilment 
Of tantalizing blooms
Crowned by the setting of the sun

by Oleg Borisov |
Categories: philosophy,

In Love With Sophy

In searching for her he’s found a philosophy
to balance his soul in the presence of Sophy.
The scales of existence measures his sufferings,
from his shoulders, she’s taken off the weight of desires.
His spirit is soaring above the ordinariness.
The lightness rules over the human hopelessness.
Penetrating into the Universe is the man.
The truth is a languor for him till the end.

(translated from Russian)

by Paige Clinton |
Categories: deep, depression, happiness, imagery,

Color Me

Color me happy
Red, Pink, Gold, Orange, Yellow
Fill me with romance
Peck my face with kisses
Spin me around in a garden
Laugh with me
Sing with me
Everything is vivid
Freshly anointed in 
Sunshine and love

Color me sad
Blue, Black, Purple, Green, Indigo
Fill me with despondency 
Watch the smiles fade away
Hopelessness brimming an empty void
Cry with me
Scream with me
Everything is desolate
Freshly bound in
Vices and malice

by Hanna Potter |
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Hope of Life

Hopelessness was drifting in, 
That’s when new life begins. 
The life is from the One above! 
His Spirit is in the form of a dove. 
His grace will give you life anew, 
His love and mercy pulls you through. 
He will always be by your side, 
In your heart He will abide. 

-Inspired by Psalm 139

by Amy Frazey |
Categories: hope, love, peace

Break Free

We are all dreamers
Dancing in the dark
Can we find some peace
In the thorns of Fate
And the pain of life?

Fear in our hearts
Grows with each beat
Dragging us down
Into nightmares.

Once we pull
Free of this

That's when
We'll find


by Cory Long |
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Dear God

Dear God, If I could have a Christmas wish It would be of a selfless gift. A wish full of love, hope and faith. That one day my dad is saved. His lungs are shutting down by the day And his liver is toast you see. His skin is a yellowish color And he has lost a lot of weight. I understand he did this to himself, But please lord I need your help. Surrounded by candles on this night He is too weak to continue to fight. I can see the pain in his eyes. The look of hopelessness he is trying to hide. Please lord do you hear my cry? For my dad to survive, If I could have a Christmas wish It would be for my dad to live.

by Iris Gonzal |
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I'm just a shadow of a Rose
A place where hopelessness grows
Where thorns are welcome
And pain is all but seldom

No one can see me bloom
They have given up on this gloom
Can't fight what I am
A woman or a man

Admire me for who I am
Hate me for having no glam
Love me now my friends and foes
As I was once a beautiful rose

As I wither in the cold and rain
No one comes to ease my pain
I promise again that I'll change
But my words are worthless and enrage

Those that loved me
Have said "you can't see"
The beautY and purity as you were born
Now the painful beauty of a thorn.

by James Ph. Kotsybar |
Categories: allegory, depression,


Like a vampire in a hall of mirrors,
She lacks reflection, so finds no escape.
She stands alone, surrounded by her fears
In an endlessly repeating landscape.

She’s lost without an outside reference.
She’s the living dead whose life is murder.
She bows to hopelessness with deference,
and won’t accept the help that’s offered her.

All those who love her best she hates the most.
She takes their sustenance, but no advice,
till they become weary of playing host,
because their support can never suffice.

Eternal victim, all she’ll do is grouse.
She finds no joy in her darkened funhouse.

by Ansar Mohammed |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, courage, first love, heart, heartbreak, poetry,

A Pyrrhic Triumph

Her eyes lightened the darkness of my hopelessness,
something about its softness pulsated.

                          Oh, what a prize,
                            my dear be mine.

I stared at her gently moving pupils hopeful,
to catch her gracious, precious attention.

But as our eyes locked, her consort arrived,
which solidified that she won't ever be mine.

        Will there ever be a time when,
        I can see such beauty again?

                          Short-lived dreams and,
                            pyrrhic triumphs.

     - Ansar


by Hayley Cimochowski |
Categories: loss, love, words,

I'M Sick With Emotion

I'm sick with emotion
filled with hopelessness
I hate you
I love you
I don't know even know you
You slipped from my finger tips
Fell into a sea of black
It was not for me to find you
But for you to find you
I often ponder what went wrong
It is one thing I will never know.