Love Poems About Hopelessly or Hopelessly Love Poems
by Arturo Michael |
Categories: i miss you, lost love,

I'M Still Hopelessly In Love With You

So far away 
Whenever I need you
You’re not around

I think of you
Dreaming we would find a way 
To get back together again
And that you would stay

I love
Everything about you, if you didn’t know
I love the way you hold me close
I love the way you whisper to my ear

There’s nothing I won’t say or do
To have you, back into my arms
Loving me the way 
The way only you can do

I love 
Love to dance with you
I love to feel
Your heart beat next to mine

As we move across the floor
The music takes us away
And we’re hopelessly in love 

The way I pray we'd stay

If you were only here
but you're so far away 
I'm still hopelessly, in love with you

by Harry Horsman |
Categories: love,

Prisoner of Love

Oh with her sweet smile
I was taken prisoner,
cry of the castle
shackled to chains of desire
captive hopelessly in love.

© Harry J Horsman 2013

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: longing,

Love Letter Ii

Love Letter to Adonis

My dear Adonis, you who even charmed
the goddess Aphrodite and the Queen
Persephone, it’s I you’ve now disarmed!
One look into your eyes, I did not mean
to fall in love with you so hopelessly!
I understand two thirds the year you are
required to split between Persephone
and Aprhodite. Oh, she is a star!
But neither of those two could love you more
than I! This mortal woman’s love is true!
My beautiful Adonis, I implore
you, give me just a little time with you!
I want you so! Please, my beloved, bring
your love to me when you’re reborn in spring!

April 4, 2018 For Viv Wigley's Love Letter II Contest

by Ed Morris |
Categories: funny, funny love, humor, humorous, poets,

Poet On a Date

A hopelessly poetic guy met
A scientist studying climate.
   Nearly all that she said
   Went right over his head,
But at least he was able to rhyme it.


Date Written: January 3, 2019
Contest: Limericks, sponsored by Joseph May

by Keith Bickerstaffe |
Categories: love


Giddy as a schoolgirl picking lipstick, giggling helplessly and hopelessly in love as joyously she taunts him with her towel, blissfully aware that this is Sunday and it's just the two of them!

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: loss, love,

The High Holidays

The Chicago winds blew the soft, dark blue
satin drapes.
It was the spring of our passion.

Why do tears fall now, with you in a cold grave?
I think of what our life would have been like in Israel.
But of those never to be Shabbos meals, I can never tell.

You told me you were dying, but I did not believe you.
A mensch like you? Impossible!

Then, HaShem took you home on the last day of High Holidays. 

The Chicago winds no longer blow the soft, dark blue satin 
drapes ever again in Chicago.

Lake Michigan, outside my window and I still waiting.
In a stunned,silence.
Still hopelessly,languishing longing for you!


by Wendell Brown |
Categories: blessing, first love, happiness, love, romance,

The Realization of a Dream

Whom shall I love
when all my dreams,
and all of my thoughts,
are so alive...

Dancing with each image
of bliss, dressed in a
vision of your likeness

While my heart yearns
for endless moments
hoping you will soon
come near...I faint
from mental exhaustion

My educated mind suddenly
becomes uneducated and
hopelessly falls into a
hypnotic state...flavored
with a sweet natural high

I realize I will never know
what to do anymore, if the
vision within my mind of
loving you will not soon
come true..

So I am left praying that
the dreams which embrace
my world endless nights
will birth a realization
of a genuine blending of
our hearts love.

by Jerry Golden |
Categories: adventure, art, life, lost love, music, people, song-autumn, life, love, paris,

Paris By Night

this morning is falling burning into a sunset an autumn decision you and I will never forget joy by day paris by night i'm there love by the hour Paris is ours evening breeds new life a moment of twilight a horizon of heavenly means I love you like life loves itself joy by day paris by night yes dear i'm there love me by the hour and paris is ours i'm down too often like a child awaiting his scars to soften hopelessly a pedestrian walking a way from traffic it could happen, indefinitely i'll take paris by day and love by night i was there long enough to love you by day and surrender by nightfall "there is joy by day if you can take paris by nightfall"

by Jan Allison |
Categories: romance,


Can’t get you out of my head
Oh pretty woman
Under the moon of love
Reach out I’ll be there
Sometimes when we touch
Hopelessly devoted to you
It must be love
Perfect day

Contest: Romantic Acrostic (created using song titles) 
Sponsor: Regina Riddle
~awarded 1st place~

by John Williams |
Categories: animal, dog, children, funny,

The Goose and the Dog

A dog and a goose 
For some unknown reason,
Fell hopelessly in love
Last Spring season.

He serenaded her
With his barking voice,
She wobbled at the wings
With his barking choice.

Next he started plucking 
His country guitar,
He pawed out a tune,
She fell in love so far.

Then they sailed on 
A river boat cruise,
He howled at the moon,
Then sung her the blues.

Now both have returned
To their rustic farm,
Goose still swooning 
At his doggy charm.

They moved in together 
In a haystack barn,
He tends to sheep
While she knits their yarn.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: angst, depression, emotions, feelings, imagery, lost love,

Tangled Strings

A smile camouflages fear, but you cannot hide your pain. Yet your mask conceals a tear that's just too hard to explain. You entertain worlds of lies, like a clown in painted-face. And wiping tears from your eyes, you make sure; you leave no trace. Keeping feelings locked within, you avoid awkward goodbyes. And face the world with a grin, stifling emotional cries. Depression denotes defeat; as you abandon your dream. And when good feelings retreat, anxieties get extreme. Pride is nowhere to be found; hiding from the shame truth brings. And hope is hopelessly bound; in a puppet's tangled strings.

by Rebecca Lynn |
Categories: lost love, love, sad


Breaking down fast; it feels like fever
The sun has turned black and the stars are dim
My sore heart; through it a butcher's cleaver
And solitude coming loose at the hem

My mind is lost and my heart seems to bleed
No thoughts enter my mind except for one
It screams at me, that it is you i need
The hollowness of my mind i have shun

I see your beauty; blind to all but you
I could not see; with you my way i found
Thoughts devoured by everything you do
Hopelessly, always to you i am bound

Though i plead my mind not to think of it,
I love you; something i will n'er admit.

by Tim Smith |
Categories: hurt,

I Ought To Go

Adrenaline pumping, my tongue is in knots
Her swan like reflection in my every thought
Walking rose cover aisles that I have dreamed of 
Together forever I think I'm falling in love

Dare I stare deeply into those sweet caramel eyes
Searching for meanings to the heavenly skies
With me at her side can our hearts be set free
or shall we dance in a vineyard under a fruitless fig tree

Chances I take, but alone I still wait
Without ever knowing truly my fate
Out the shadows many a tempting snakes slither
Hopelessly I watch as my bloom starts to wither

The love and passion behind my kiss you'll never know
My dearest sweetheart, with regret, I ought to go

by Oriana Lezama |
Categories: feelings, love,

Hopeless Romantic

Beneath the stars and galaxies 
The moon, that’s split in half
I fall astray in the cosmos of you
Placing my heart once again
In everything that I once believed in 
Hopelessly. Helplessly. Passionately
Relentless imaginings of a love so wide
A reminder of what I know to be soft and pure
Organic, yet electric 
Dreams of a hopeless romantic

by Sidney Hall Mad Poet |
Categories: loveme,

Falling In Love

I did not realise the depth of love,
Until I fell in.
I began to drown, 
No matter how hard I tried to swim.

I thought my life was over in a painless way,
But I felt more alive the deeper I descended every day.
As it filled me up to my surprise,
My soul seemed bottomless when I was fixated on my lover’s eyes.

Hunger, thirst and cravings made me want more,
From the beautiful goddess I have come to adore.
She too eagerly attempted to satisfied my need,
And she possessed the same ravaging look in this mutual feed.

I am still falling deeply in love,
I have not reached the bottom,
But I know I am hopelessly far from the surface above.

by Frances King |
Categories: animals, devotion, funny, pets, cat,

Undeserving (For Trudy's Hopelessly Devoted Contest)

She is the most demanding cat who ever shared my home.
She stares at me so balefully till I do what she wants, 
And yet I love her more than any other cat I’ve owned.

She tramples on my feelings as she tramples on my plants
Then stalks away with nothing more than a disdainful glance.

Some people say of pussies, that you can’t tell them apart … 
I treat all mine as equals … but Pandora has my heart ...

by Kyle Carlson |
Categories: teenage, drug,

I Liked You Better From a Distance, With Your Clothes Off

Wildfires in my condemned heart
Spread like infections in the shallow dark of my hopelessly desperate bedroom
Lit firecrackers hanging from the corners of my melancholy sheets 
Like romantic candlesticks with deceptive intentions 
Ready to pull me apart into their flames

She said
She’ll never love me, it always dies at my open door
I’m just a maniac who will never get past the blinds
So I shouldn’t waste my time 
Or my breath 

Lipstick and blush stains on my eyes 
Under my thin skin and all over my heart attack
Bury me beneath my bed 
While perfume drugs me and goes to my head
I’ll be just fine with my dreams of her pretty little figure dropping dead

by Jay Loveless |
Categories: love, universe,

Lost In the Universe

He kissed her till her lips were brusied,
She couldnt get enough,
The air from his lungs was the air in hers,
And even a gentle brush of his lips against hers,
Left her incredibly breathless, 
Gone were the butterflies and In their place,
Danced a million sparkling stars,
She swirled down into the universe,
Losing herself in every bit of him.
He became the sole object in her world,
She was hopelessly immersed,
And she couldnt be happier about it.
This was one hell of a ride,
And she was in it without the hope of getting out.

by Elizabeth Landon-Lane |
Categories: devotion, fantasy, happiness, love, fantasy,

Re - Runs

The fantasy begins behind closed eyes:

I am entering a Summer forrest
Verdant green and whimsical.... 
The fantasy breathes..breahtless laughter
Filling lush, unencumbered life,
And we become:


Firm young bodies and enduring love,
Unending love...
With rich young men
Handsome into heartbreak
Hopelessly devoted to the pleasures
Of pleasing me...

The very best Daydreams
Are always in 3-D...

by Poet Shi |
Categories: sad love,

When You Left Me

Hurt like hell
when you left 

I cried so much 
like a baby !!

Time was my enemy,
cause there was no 
way getting over you.

No matter how hard 
I tried, I couldn't get 
you off my mind.

Who would've thought 
love could hurt so much.

Who would've thought 
you'd break my heart...

But you did when you 
left me, I've been restless
ever since.

I don't know what to do,
where to go, how to eat
when I'm hopelessly in 
love with you.

I gotta find me away 
to get over you...

Cause you ain't worth 
my tears , worth the time
that I've given you.

Written by: Poet Shi

by Jody-Ann Beckford |
Categories: love, me,


Smitten by his every move, his every breath, 
Moving towards me and I'm dumb struck, lost for words,
I intend to do nothing about it, just enjoy him,
Tempting me, seducing me, how desperately absurd,
Tasting his deliciousness, with each inhale,
Excitement, wondering if he feels it too,
Nothing can stop me from being hopelessly SMITTENED by you.

by Alrio Miller |
Categories: first love, longing, lost, poetry, youth,

Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love 
I want to be with you
Your smile makes my soul rejoice
Every time were apart I forget how to breathe
You are a part of my existence
But I’m me
I never have the right words to say
so when every your away
I think to my self
What if ?
What if I was better with words
What if I stood out?
What if I was gifted with a special talent
Would she notice me?
I am hopelessly lost in this feeling
And I don’t know what to do
My first unrequited love

by Natasha Prins |
Categories: emo,

Forsaken Love

A dormant volcano, it appears to sleep,
Stirring within, waiting to be freed.
It burns with such fire, so fierce & so deep,
Abundantly flowing, yet hopelessly seeps.

A love so intense, it's yet to be seen,
Her passion's explosive, overwhelmingly keen.
It runs through her veins, slowly going to waste,
Disappointment and heartache was all that she faced.

Buried so deep, a long lost treasure,
Hidden beneath her, this forsaken pleasure.
A love so suppressed, just seeking it's place, 
It patiently waits, to erupt in all it's grace.

by Tahera Mannan |
Categories: love

Black Eyes

Bemusing beauty of black eyes
As they stare into the silent soul
No need for needless words
As lusty love lovingly makes
Honest hearts hopelessly happy

by Eve Roper |
Categories: love,

Hopelessly In Love

My love, you saunter in my heart of golden sand touching the waves of heaven that ebb and band emerald in the balm teasing light on my palm of my hand. With a breath beneath the sun and sky my soul you command.