Love Poems About Hopeless or Hopeless Love Poems
by Paul Callus |
Categories: innocence, love,

A Hopeless Romantic

along the hinterland
relentlessly I search 
for innocent love
in the remoteness
of unspoilt territory…
a hopeless romantic
making inroads into

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

by Janis Thompson |
Categories: encouraging, hope, poets,

Somewhere Poets

Somewhere Poets

Somewhere written purely
new words from the mind,
poems having beauty
speak of love so fine.

Somewhere hopeless believe
good things are for some.
Daring poets conceive
of great things to come.

Somewhere people listen
for the sounds of hope.
Lyrics sparkle glisten
to give bright new scope.

Somewhere poets daydream
of a world born new
writing verses unseen
till an eye takes view.

by Peter Lewis Holmes |
Categories: beauty, confusion, devotion, emotions, heart, jealousy, love,

Sweet Paramour

I see the edge of your smile
and the tip of your varnished toe,
the waterfall of your flaxen hair
that makes your shadow grow:
Love!  I am the one, who loves 
you as the day.
To lose you makes me shudder
like a mast on a blustered  day;
Keel-haul and whip my hopeless love
Send my soul to hell
But let me call before I die,
Love! I am the one.

by Donna Golden |
Categories: introspection, social

No Cage For Me

I own my thoughts and feelings
I have a right to them
You can't control emotions
Or steal from whence they stem

If you should ever tell me
"Come on, don't feel that way!"
I'll simply have to answer
"You don't have any say"

You see, I own my feelings
I surely own my thoughts
I'm free to feel as I wish
My heart cannot be bought

Don't try to cage a lover
And make her soul your slave
For love not freely given
Is hopeless, then to save

*Inspired by Sami Al-khalili's contest, "Small Cage, Big Bird".

by Diana Mohammed |
Categories: hope, inspirational, love,

They Come

Battered and bruised they come
Scattered and torn they come
Homeless and lost they come
Lord, they come..
Mocked at and pained they come
Laughed at and scorned they come
Hopeless and maimed they come
Lord, they come..

Unclean and sick they come
Diseased and lame they come
Tormented and hurt they come
Lord, they come..
Trampled and faint they come
Rejected and stained they come
Wearied and shamed they come
Lord, they come

Open the gates they come
Clear all the ways they come
Let angels praise they come
Lord, they come...
Lord, they come...
Lord, they come...

by Craig Cornish |
Categories: love,

A Fragile Wish

Still hope before the final petals fall
and feather ~ slowly drifting to the ground;
I cry within my heart a dreadful pall,
myself, a hopeless painful love impound.
As crimson beckons softly to cajole,
I yearn the skin as smooth upon your breast,
to cradle and to sooth my troubled soul
and whisper words that put my mind at rest.
The lonely roses pale without your lips
and blossoms fade without your blushing cheeks,
as colors of the day to moonlight slips
I pray once more to hold the love I seek.
My darling love please save me from this fate,
I lie alone ~ for only you I wait.

by Mike Gentile |
Categories: desire, longing, lost love, love, love hurts, pain, senses,

Footsteps In the Hall

I wait to hear your footsteps in the hall
     The night is low and I a wretched beast
The pain of empty arms will not relent
     As I lay down my head to try and rest

The violet night winds begin to blow
     They whisper of the songs you sang to me
It silences the torture and the fear
     That you may not return to me tonight

I taste your lips in wine stained tears of love
     The fire’s warmth, a hopeless substitute
I wait to hear your footsteps in the hall
     I’ll wait, my love, until we are as one

by Matt Caliri |
Categories: on writing and words

Spinning Prayer Wheel


And I will spread this like wildfire
with love and seflessness,
I will make hot the world.


To not broaden your heart's landscape 
is to not see all of suffering. 
Without this ability we are hopeless in our thinking 
that we are alone in our suffering.


In the mist of struggle
I cannot breathe without writing something.


by Dominic Magofna |
Categories: life,

What Hurts Most

A world in which love desecrates
A mind into such empty life
Is one you would most likely hate
And stab into yourself a knife
Or one in which you reach for stars
But they still seem so far away
It's hopeless and might break your heart
Or possibly could end your day
Maybe a life-long obsession
one in which you'd trade your life to gain
an unknown questionable possession
only to find out it isn't yours to obtain
What if it's an ultimate devotion
one that kept your life in line
but long ago suffered an erosion
so have you lived a lie this whole time?
As for I, the pain that beats them all
Is endless love
in which i have allowed myself to fall.
endless love, an endless fall

by Craig Cornish |
Categories: war,

The Siege of Vicksburg

Acoustic shadows haunted hills
and crawled within a sleepless cave
where peace was whispered in a wish 
and silence was an endless prayer.
The sound of tears dripped in the wind
that carried din until it bled
the last of life from hungry lips,
the last of love from hopeless hearts...

by Iris Blade |
Categories: beautiful, love,


He’s beautiful.
Laying across from me,
Eyes a confused green.

I know his skin is soft
Because in one moment,
He placed a coin in my palm,
And I had the 
Overwhelming desire
To run my fingers
Through his hair and

I know
I can’t help myself
My hopeless romantic 
Tendencies have 
Taken ahold of me.

And him, he’s just
Simplistically hopeful
And so am I.
I can see the good in him
And he sees the good in me.

And I think,
I don't know but I want to
I think 
Hidden in the dark,
We could outshine the

by Janis Thompson |
Categories: emotions, fantasy, psychological,

Another World

Another World

Take a step into a world
where manic fantasies unfurl
and see the hopeless hope again
and live a dream within the brain
grasping neuron’s elevation
for some positive sensation
that resembles normal life
yet with just a hint of strife
which is that it won’t exist
in any form other than this.
Mania moves to make it so
and fills the face with radiant glow
as if a love was near around.
You must buy a wedding gown.
When everybody who you know
says that this just isn’t so
Reality, a step away
acted out in drama play.
Mistaken often for a rage
but grandiosity on stage.
Euphoria on disbelief 
sheltered from the truth or grief.


by Aurore Severo |
Categories: loneliness, love hurts,

Ghost Lover

Poetic words
In the heat of love
Dreaming of tomorrows truth
I fall onto a hopeless dream

By the emptiness
Of rumbled bed sheets
The song birds singing on window sills
As the sun rises yet again and again and again
Coffee cup filled with tears, loneliness fills the years

by Master Jones |
Categories: angst, confusion, depression, faith, fantasy, fear, happiness, inspirational, introspection, life, love, peace, philosophy, uplifting, heart, heart,

Alone I Stand

In frozen ivory towers and burning dungeons
The inescapable truth is that in the darkness
Even your shadow leaves you
Stare at the abyss and the void fills you
Your mind trapped as you hide your black-hole heart
Shadows lurking out of sight
Manifestations surround you
the journey of the hopeless soul
Is it a lesson that must be endured
To make the heart steady
So that when you reach the end
You truly appreciate how bad it could have been
And what you’re capable of
So that you know that you all need
Is your beating heart and nothing else
Just you
Believing in a dream..
Something that
The darkness
Can’t touch.

by Charlie Smith |
Categories: faith, hope, love, peace,

In Hope-A Rhyme In 60 Contest

From feigned blind darkness that falls into night
     Where no heart could beat in a cheerful rhyme
     As all dreams lay lost to such hopeless fright
     Let one spark stay lit with the fire of time
     With fervent prayer that hope brings into sight
     Your love and peace forever framed in light.


by Sandra Adams |
Categories: heart, hope, love,

A Gift I Give To You

the pulse of night i fear it not today
it comes to me in silent beats that fade
a claim it stakes upon a heart of staid
in rhythmic strikes of somber time to splay
i clasp my hands on bend of knee and pray
to walk away from death's own hopeless shade
and find the path beyond the live's it slayed
then blush again beyond the skies of gray

i see the past as darkness lifts its veil
it bids itself farewell in leaps of hope
then brims within this heart i give to you
a love so deep it speaks with great avail
my heart i lay upon this endless scope
but mere a wish is all that i can do

December 29,2019

by Gordon Mcconnell |
Categories: bible, god, spiritual, uplifting,

My Ultimate Clinging -Psalm 63: 8

All mankind is weak at heart
we are helpless and hopeless to a tee
our sin wraps us around its finger
tripping us up always so very easily

But there is a way to escape
there's one who we can pursue
all power and grace belong to him
out of His perfect love all things He can do

Pursue this God who is eternal
be passionately pursuing His person
cling closely for He is able
to bless you indeed His will be done

Make your soul be close to God
for His right hand to you will uphold
what greater security can you have?
the Lord God more precious than gold

(Psalm 63:8 New International Version (NIV)
 I cling to you;
    your right hand upholds me.)

by Poeticmonwa Monwa |
Categories: break up,

My Heart Wants To Let Go

My heart wants to let go
Let go of you and move on
To carry on, to go on
It wants me to quit
To stay in this relationship it's unfit
It's been so long now
I've been holding on
Staying strong for you,
for me and our love
Which is now a hopeless,
hopeless love
That commitment 
and amusement has died
Stress, sadness 
and sorrow are now born
That unconditional love, care, funny
and romantic talks disappeared 
and now avoidance 
and distance have grown strong
Why always in love Joy I find not?
Why always in love freedom of heart I find not?
It seems I never will find any
It is better for me to let go.

by Susan Woodrow |
Categories: allusion,


Gypped by the sea, the tossing
yanked a breath out, carelessly ~
Propped on a cliff edge, a deep
surge, swept over the hopeless ~
Escape came from birthed love:
A Nymphean with eyes of aqua ~


by Francis J Grasso |
Categories: god,

God of Mystery

God of mystery your secret lies Behind dry tears and empty eyes Hearing troubled, hopeless sighs Watching as an angel cries God of a boundless universe Fill the beggars empty purse For all the chanting praise they do Their soul still weeps for the love of you God of a universe so wide Filled with stars and pompous pride
written 2021.09.14

by Joanna Daniel |
Categories: heart, love hurts, sad,

My Foolish Heart

My foolish heart fell hard in love 
And was shattered to smithereens
I wish I had control thereof 
Now I'm crying behind the scenes 

My foolish heart faltered in love 
And was wounded with hopeless dreams 
For he was not sent from above 
Now I'm sighing with silent screams 

My foolish heart, when will you learn 
That life's not a sweet fairytale 
Now I am left alone to burn 
Tarnished memories that assail 


For Craig Cornish's "My foolish heart" contest

by Kai Michael Neumann |
Categories: change,


Ruben looked deep down a decanter of hopeless glass

Engulfed in spirits of the wrong kind by his inner nemesis

Saturated with agony delusions and soaked surrender as he

Opened the screw top and drained drunken promises

Lingering at agony’s abyss he glanced at the sink hole

Unrequited love was a reason to live and not to dissolve

Tempests of titanic proportions tempted his resolve

In the face of drowning he tied a new essence to his dreams

One day at a time and sober he now faced life on it’s terms

Naked to the core he put the genie back into the bottle

15th January 2020

by Faye Gibson |
Categories: bullying, conflict, freedom, peace, world,

Start Small

What humans wish for universally
is difficult to conceive;
only one tyrant can undo
what the rest work to achieve; 
yet, we, each, in our own worlds
do not live with peace in mind;
we fight with one another,
nearly each day we are unkind.
Self is the ogre enemy
looming large in every breast;
until that nemesis is dead
we undertake a hopeless quest.
Perhaps world peace starts very small
to secure all men are free;
you live for me; I live for you,
each other’s concord guarantee.
So, whether the scale is great or small,
the world or just one family,
let us dedicate ourselves to this,
to love without partiality.

March 5, 2022

by C.N. Vunc |
Categories: lost love,

Yellow Tulips

There is sunshine in your smile, my love
Though I do keep asking myself, "why love?"

All this pain when I have little to gain
In my heart all I can do is sigh, love

Your lovely presence makes me feel pleasant
And thoughts of you makes me want to fly, love

Reality hits me and thus I flee
Your refusal makes me want to cry, love

I remember times we were together
That is all it takes to make me high, love

Hold in my heart what we had from the start
All the way until the day I die, love

These thoughts I keep it, hold it in secret
Hopeless love, I bid farewell, good-bye, love

by Naji Almurisi |
Categories: love,

The Value of Love

Fatherless Motherless
I am lonely in this planet
And my world is boundless
Where is the sea?
Where is the narcissus?
I am entrapped among wings of birds
In this planet
And I have no wireless
In this unknown world
Do wear the love as necklace
Around your heart
And plant the lotus
Don't denounce the sense
Because love is priceless
And love without sense is useless
And the life is few minutes and maybe less
Because of loneliness
I am hopeless
And my love is worthless
So, without you
What is the value of love?
Please guess....