Love Poems About Hoped or Hoped Love Poems
by Leo Larry Amadore |
Categories: angst, childhood, death, depression, family, father, hope, introspection, life, loss, nostalgia,

Things That Seemed Poetic

Things that seemed poetic were always sad,
though I yearned for sparkle
and my dad's guffaw, which never came.
Familiar things were always drear --
repeated motions in the same old game.
There were only distant glimpses
of budding spring, fleeting views
of daffodils. The strongest
poems dealt me death and dying.
Yet I always hoped, never went under
to gray despair, always dreaming
of a garden of love we could share.
But those forbidden delights faded
quickly away; the only reality
I understand is the ever-looming
and final one. Nothing's changed.
The strongest poems deal death 
and dying.

by Mike Gentile |
Categories: hope,

Eloquence And Grace

Eloquence and Grace were sisters on the run
In a place that valued hate
They found that they had none

They sought a world of kindness 
Where love and friendship grew
They hoped that such a place exists in 1692

They heard of a new world, a welcome mat for all
From every meager walk of life
Where freedom will stand tall

They journeyed far to seek a life
In all love would allow
I wonder how they’d feel today, if they could see us now

by Daniel Turner |
Categories: angst, autumn, goodbye,

Saying Goodbye to Autumn

It seems we said hello, just yesterday
Do you recall the night you came to town?
You blew in silently, I hoped you'd stay
Time really flies when old friends come around

When you leave here, I guess you'll be southbound
I love the pretty blanket left for me
Those yellows mix so well with red and brown
It will make such a treasured memory

Yet when you've gone, how diff'rent things will be
So cold and bare, your warmth will disappear
It happens ev'ry year so let's agree
We'll plan a longer visit for next year

Sweet autumn it is time to say goodbye
I wish you'd come next year about July

   by Daniel Turner
Spenserian sonnet  rhyme scheme

by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: love,


Perhaps I was half asleep.
I always felt drowsy at night.
I sensed her warm body snuggling near me.
She put her head on my shoulders.
Her cuddles sent me to seventh heaven.
I only hoped she did not mind
The stubble on my unshaven face.
Still I was elated when as I felt
Her smooth downy face next to mine.
How fragrant was her exquisite hair,
I guessed it resembled a Soleil Neige,
An elegant and mesmerising perfume.
I took a deep breath, indulging 
In its fruity nectar…so I opened my eyes.
Only to see an empty bed and a lumpy pillow.

by Bruce Schuhart |
Categories: angst, lost love, light, light, truth,


I saw a light from across the field
On a night the sky shed tears of rain.
I had hoped the dark would help to shield
My heart from sorrow it need not feign.
To the burden of truth I must yield
And with truth the burden I might explain.

The light shone on, then it was put out –
It’s glow prematurely extinguished.
Gloom filled the void and then cast about,
It engaged me and I was anguished.
Morning found my spirit easy to flout,
And all that morning I so languished.

by Wilma Neels |
Categories: break up, lost love, moving on,

'Walked Away'

When he walked away  He yearned for you to call him back  Even though it would not be what it use to be He hoped; he had that believe that you could try again  That "call back" never came  Just like that morning  As with every morning thereafter He wondered should he have turned back  Just get a last glimpse of your smile  A smile that said you believed in us  Instead all he got was a bewildered face  A stare that had so many "what ifs"

by Paul Callus |
Categories: romantic, time,

A New Year - Time for Love

The New Year (Cornish Sonnet) 

The clock struck midnight; she came in
attired in silky flowing dress  
that matched her youthful glowing skin.
She clutched an hourglass in her hand
that showed the seconds evanesce
with every grain of trickling sand.

I put my bow to violin 
and played for her a melody;
I hoped her tender heart to win.
Champagne was popped and glasses raised
but she cared not for revelry...
into my eyes she deeply gazed.

The clock struck midnight; she came in.
I put my bow to violin.

4th January, 2015
Contest: Cornish Sonnet
Sponsor: Craig Cornish
Placed 4th

by Ryan Tyler |
Categories: abuse, bullying, child abuse, childhood, religion, sad, violence,

The Wild Child

My past was violent.
My world was quaint.
They made me a demon,
instead of a saint.
My past was full of cruelty.
They called it love.
I only felt the darkness,
as they preached from above.
They said I was a sinner,
that I should change my ways.
Whilst I cried with fury,
I hoped, an end to my days.
They shackled my wrists,
and tried to warp my mind.
Telling me, in Gods love,
freedom I would find.
With pride and arrogance,
they did this to a child.
They tried to birth a sheep.
Born rather, an animal that is wild.

-Angel Fatale-

by dixie fallin |
Categories: fantasyme, heart, heart, me,


Thought I'd experienced love, and all the different shades,
Then you came along, and we found another way.
You caught me off guard, I didn't see it coming,
                        Did you?....
Sometimes I wonder if you hoped for all this,
Or if you got caught in your own trap?
Did you really think, you'd fall in love this way?
              Or were you already?....
When we shared those special moments,
And you opened your heart to me.
Thats when you grabbed my soul,
            Held me captivated...
You own this heart of mine,
Your name's engraved inside.
I'll carry you with me forever,
  You know that don't you?...

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: romance, sad,

Moon Dust

Once upon a time my mother read me tales of princesses who joined with their prince - fairy tale romance. Wishing on stars, I hoped my prince was out there too. He hung the moon. What magic when life held such promise! I was spurred by . . . dreams. Love! It filled my mind. A young girl, I asked for just the moon! I longed for it. I searched for it. How elusive it seemed to be. Once found, it often disintegrated quickly, for it was - after all - simply the moon dust of dreams. For Catie Lindsey's Diminished and Advancing Hexaverse Contest Poetry Contest

by Regina McIntosh |
Categories: death, devotion, family, sorrow, surreal,

My Truckdriver

Driving at night, with the window down
Air in my hair, hands on the wheel
Him driving by me, there to reveal
His face clearly visible in the middle of town

Passing by him, I was startled and yearning
Wishing for the chance to say hello to him
He was my uncle and I felt it all on a whim
Even though I hoped, his head wasn’t turning

How could I be seeing him tonight,
Without a doubt his image in the window
Reminding me why I was stuck in limbo
Him the truckdriver – mostly out of sight.

He had given me so much of his heart
Pieces I still carried and pulled out often
Yet I had seen him there, lying inside a coffin
Tonight, I was haunted by the love he did impart

by Louise Riveiro - Mitchell |
Categories: death, life, lost love, love, sad, time, time,

Words I Never Said

    My soul mate, my love, my friend
     We had a bond that would never end
      There was a time you belonged to only me
      But that was a long time ago
       And I foolishly set you free
      Never telling you I loved you so
      Never asking you not to go
     I always hoped there would be another time
     To once again feel your caress and your hand in mine
     But that time will never be
   The time has passed and all I have are memories
    All those words I should have said come back now to haunt me
    I never said I love you
    But know there was never anyone but you

by Mama Bear |
Categories: love,


Think it over carefully
Before you become a lover
Are you there for the long haul
Or are you just going to hover

Do you want it all
The inner soul and the outer face
Are you for real
Will you hold out in the race

You have to want the good and the bad
There can be no reservations
A love forever is what is hoped for
The one person who will love with no hesitations

Our goals are going in the same direction
But are you really going to be there in the end
Will you love without any holding back
Not just a lover but a forever friend

by Alana Tye |
Categories: fantasylove,


Her arms outstretched and waiting 
to see her love once more
She stands within the sands of time
as sea gulls rest upon the shore
Her eyes close in concentration
as she begins to take her flight
On wings only seen to her
she flies throughout the night
He knows she will return 
as she's always done before
So he picks a rose of crystal
to show his love once more
She sees him in the distance
and her heart picks up beat
He's the world she had hoped for 
even though in dreams they meet
This life they share together
to him, is sweet as morning dew
One day this dream they share
will possibly come true

by Michelle Converse |
Categories: hope, life, love,

Love's an Illusion

I’ve realized that
love is an illusion, one
that’s out of my reach

I’d hoped that if I
refused to seek it, it would
come to me softly

on butterflies’ wings
fluttering in the spring breeze
…so sweet and simple

by Chuck Novotny |
Categories: inspirational, introspection, lost love, life, me, life, me,

In Losing at Love

Having hiked a thousand miles
through forest, field and alpine valley,
and lived a life of forced smiles
while wasting time in fruitless dally,
this highway hoped to bring me home
yet no one's there to bid me, "Come."

This life seems so ill-fated now
and serves to keep my nerves at strain.
The chase that led me away, somehow
creates painful disorder in my brain.
The wicked dreams became my master
then let me be to clean disaster.

How death-like it is to lose at love,
but I refuse to take his hand.
Emotions rise on wings like dove
and I walk boldly in this new land.
I've a rendezvous with death sometime
but not 'til done with life sublime.

by Sidney Hall Mad Poet |
Categories: love

Betrayed by her heart (My ending)

He knew his love betrayed him before he walked into the door
Her nervous behavior indicated that she still loved him
Or so he hoped.
He dipped a finger in her glass and moistened her lips 
Before gently pressing his against her quivering mouth
Her moan was enough
He knew
This was the moment
When it would all be revealed
The longing….
The passion….
He knew….
He had to see a doctor about his problem 
That made him reach the climax of mount Everest before the act of love….

originally Writen by Wilma Neels

by vikki coram |

Our bed

The centre of my universe
A place, together we laid
We’d talk, we’d share, just be
We cried, we hoped, we prayed

The world outside was turning
Yet I never really knew
Births and deaths occurring
My focus stayed on you

In that bed I dreamt
In that bed lay me
Vulnerable and insecure
Needing to feel free

Free to examine life
Free to feel alone
Free to make my own mistakes
Free to come and go

I let go of your guiding hand
Jumped into life’s deep sea
Never understanding why
I felt this need in me

I still don’t have the answers
And I still don’t understand
But I miss your love, your kindness
And how I miss that hand 

by James Horn |
Categories: religious,

Look So Trim

Then there was time that seemed so terrible
Everything that happened was unbearable
I had hoped would never happen again
And God would save me from my sin.

By things like that I have been plagued
While in prayer to God have often begged
I know You truly are the sacred one
Please forgive me for what I have done.

From all of my sins I am now forgiven
God's love is why I continue to be living
And if it really had not been for Him
Then I still would be fat and not look so trim.

by Michael Donnelly |
Categories: love,

Lost love

Once, I found a piece of paper
in a parking lot
in the snow,
bright white,
as if just dropped there
by accident.
It was a note
addressed, “My love,”
and nothing more.

Either it was
the shortest love letter
ever penned
the author could only 
what they felt.

I understand that
love is not about
but more about
like impassioned eyes
glancing across a room
at the object of their affection
or, a touch so tender
that it electrifies all of your senses,
becoming a part of you,
melting into your soul.

I only hoped that
whoever wrote it
would be able to experience
what I knew to be-
beyond words.  

by Fiona Hauber |
Categories: life, lost love, sad,


Things weren't suppose to end this way
They weren't suppose to end at all
I never planned a goodbye with you
You were suppose to stay here with me
But as each day rolls on
I come to see
That that story
(The one I invented)
(The one I hoped)
Will never come to be
And even though
you're with her
And not with me
It makes me happy to know
That you and her were meant to be

by Robert Warlov |
Categories: poetry,

Poets Predicament

Where will I find that one-best thing
to say in that way that is best

better words keep falling to paper

and falling but
say I find you instead

and falling in love I keep falling

and falling
what better hoped for or said

Love is always its best

by Sandra L. Weiss |
Categories: break up, confusion, emotions, heart, lost love, pain,

Not For Me

Words that I no longer hear, 
whispered softly in my ear.

The things that I used to say,
 long ago and far away.

Love, that would always be,
The smile I won't ever see.

Silly moments that made me laugh.
When I was whole, now a half.

The loving role that I used to play,
I lost the part, it was given away.

The special look, I would see,
may still be there, though not for me.

Dreams, I hoped would come true, 
are gone now, just like you.

by Gwen Schuetz |
Categories: dream, friend, god,

Royal Love

He was a royal Love,
He was a prince in disguise.

The day she met him they fell in love,
She hoped to be his princess.

Hoping to share a palace,
Where they could ilive together.

When they met each day, 
They became good friends,.
Now and then they would embrace,
She wished to look into his eyes and say that she loved him.

When he was away she would miss him,
Like rainy weather  and clouds.

When he returned the sun would shine. 
She was very blessed to have him in her life.

Author: Gwen von Erlach Schutz

by CJ Krieger |
Categories: change, love, pain,

An Agreement of Love

An act of kindness unbelieved 
Love freely offered not received 
A thoughtful deed offered to ease 
Pain of words from those who tease 
A kindly gesture from a friend 
Advice and help from those who?ll lend 
A means and chance to help me mend 
And lift me up least I descend 
When all was said I?d hoped you?d sway 
And not dismiss these words away 
At last we finally both agree 
That I love you 
And you don?t love me