Love Poems About Hoover or Hoover Love Poems
by catherine labeau |
Categories: destiny,


the story of Marsha never told
as what to hold of a soul of a trans
found in the hudson river floating the flotsam of scum

She was a bright star in my world
dressed in sparkled to hoover a dammed six feet tall
and more in stiletto

she just disappeared one night
living a life of hardship
waiting for the love boat of rescue

but in my dreams she lives
as not one to judge the choice
of roads taken she just asked to entertain

I hardly knew her but we shared many laughs
and will pass a twenty in her hand
for the next smoke of crack and the deluge

by Darrell Hoover |
Categories: lost love,

Angel Dust

Her wing reached down and touched me…
Was it real or was it dream?
Her broken halo splashed, in my fabricated stream…
She fell from heaven with her passion and her lust…
But in the end there was nothing left but her angel dust...

Darrell Hoover

by Seeyam Brjmohun |
Categories: lost love


I wasted my life
When you stole my heart
I withered away
The roses you brought me

You married me
And I’ve cooked
You got drunk
And I’ve cleaned

My Hoover
Your TV
My microwave
Your golf


by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: death, imagery,


ecstasy of piranhas, perhaps
to dream the dream of falling
flying...i’m flying
thereafter eaten by raptors
well there’s that
the big bang
i’m the new world
inhabited by Fraggles
shake that off
the dust bowl
i think therefore i am sucked
up by a hoover
the anchor agitates the floor of the beautiful blue sea
surreality is attached to me
black eyes
of a pea lodge
in my eternity
dressed in a green and purple Barnie suit
my kids won’t even bury me
afraid of i love you you love me