Love Poems About Hoots or Hoots Love Poems
by Arturo Michael |
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Scenes of Spring Magic

Stage is set

Participants in place

A wolf moon smiles

Bright stars palpitate

Roses in a garden

Lovers sitting on a bench

Hand sending messages

Lips kissing to undress

Bodies on fire

Temperature’s hot

A voice sweetly caressing

Baby don’t stop

Owl hoots Whoo Whoo

Squirrel’s a little bit shy

Scenes of Spring magic

On the screens of our lives

by Jeremy Street |
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I Am The Good Shepherd

Stormy weather thunder roars ?
Something they've never seen before
Afrighted tiny hearts their brand new world....
Leap for joy her baby doe; his occas antlers reindeer
Show hoots time's owl love's gentle lamb: meek as mild Heir's, prancing ram.

by Eve Roper |
Categories: bird, old,

Night Owl

Night Owl While flying over a little new town A nice friendly place called Hooters I found It must have been opened for owls like me For my large eyes to roll at what to see A big building of large red stone and bricks Full of big plump young good looking stacked chicks A favorite hangout after sundown Judging from all the hoots and other sounds Tonight this old bird will give it a try I will hoot the hoot and have some stir-fry The nice environmentalist love me Now I don't have to sit in this old tree 2/15/2016

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A tale of love not well told

                                               Mosses dabbed gray

                                       Silver moon above shines blind

                                             Owl hoots distant rats
                                         Drag  glum silence of blood

                                          A tale of love not well told

by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: family, love, sister,

Happy Birthday - L'iL Sister

    Twinkling Stars, Morse code : Happy Birthday Shar
    Birthday candles light the campfire we share
    Happy Birthday to YOU, Barn owl hoots : hoo
    Happy Birthday L'il sister I LOVE YOU

    My sister Sharon, Inspiring me
    When I first started writing Poetry
    I comment to her, she comments to me
    Entwined Quills creating a Family Tree
        Happy Birthday, Sharon Weimer With all my LOVE,
        HEART, and SOUL. ALWAYS and FOREVER YOUR Brother


by Caroline Cécile Delacroix |
Categories: inspirational, love, nature, nature, nature,

In the night

In the night, when the wolf howls to the moon Do not fear, it isn't because they are after you It is because of love And you will know you are not alone. In the night, when the owl hoots Do not fear, it isn't because they are after you It is because of love And you will know you are not alone. In the night, when you hear the sounds of nature around you Do not fear, Nature is in travail, preparing for the new day, It is because of love And you will know you are not alone. Oh God, How great thou art! For love, Is all that thou art! Free verse © CarolineCecile - 04.06.12

by Junate Ersal |
Categories: anniversary, lost love,


It's Saturday...
It's today...
The shouts are familiar afar
behind the bars of my mind
It's today…
The streets are packed with people,
but, the day's troubled in pain.
Crows disperse off the trees,
intimidated by the hoots of a 7 train
I'm walking and time flees
with the head fixed up in the sky.
Can't help thinking,
The Sun still shines,
squirrels are  frolicking...
Today is my birthday.
I take another lonely breath in,
even the sea is celestial blue,
It was four, three hours back,
Don’t know why, no clue,
everybody is here,
except you.

by June Ellen Smith |
Categories: food


Today I planted my tomatoes.
Last week, bought them at store.
I love tomato, grapefruit, French
On avocado; Popi grew those in
His yard. I've grown radishes,
Great in tossed salad. Fruits,
Galore is a bowl full of hoots.

Fruit in Jello grows nails strong.
I could eat salad all week long.

Lettuce, eggs, green onions, too.
Carrot salad, brocolli made sweet.
Waldorf, ambrosia, all are a treat.

Italian, Ranch. Mix Blue Cheese 
And Thousand Island. Coleslaw
Dressing on cabbage is also good.
Make salad everyday, yes I would.

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We are so closely knotted that,
You ponder and I utter those unsaid words,
I whim of something and you make it happen,
If you close your eyes I fall asleep.
Tonight I want to sleep once more alone,
On the same broad warmth zone,
The love den that I call my own,
That’s one other than your shoulder.
Let me make harmony with the night,
And so the ringing howls and sailing boats,
The clashing tides and echoing hoots,
I will make peace with all to establish a midnight symphony,
Entangling the fingers of mine with yours,
And get sunk in intense love!

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: beauty, joy, june, nature, night, sleep, uplifting,

Rhapsody in Black

Softly the night falls,
Shadowing vacant halls;
My recent morning glory, 
Now is nature's history.

Petals bob in warm air;
Tweets of a love affair!
Racy brook, moon gleam,
A time has come to dream.

Night creatures very gay,
As night owl hoots away;
All humanity in a swoon-
A firefly night of June!

Toad hops on water lily,
Stars shine on tranquilly;
All the world speechless,
As if it died of happiness!

by William Bill Stevens |
Categories: lost love,


Shooting stars burning across the sky writing a trail of love letters against the black, but twinkling night. Night animals sing praises to your lovely words. An owl hoots applause to the depth of your thoughts. The moon caresses the suns' reflections. You renew the words and say hello again while the night air breathes a warm passionate embrace with the feelings you have conveyed. Wakings renew our strong bond as the beauty of nature surrounds us. Another star writes wonderful words of love, and we blow kisses to the warm wind. Smell the freshness of life. Early darkness wakings during a spring day sleep

by Ibohal Kshetrimayum |
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Passing through the woods
Midnight train hoots and hoots
Owl's bubbling voice

by Tiffany Bailey |
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Laughter really can save a life

Last night I laughed.
I thought about how much you make me sick, 
And I laughed.
The blare just forced its way out,
And there was no holding it in.
I sought to cry,
But I laughed.
Within I felt my mind snicker as well.
I presume my loathing of you entertains me.
Otherwise, I would not have laughed.
It went on perpetually, the giggles, contained by my head.
Your ignorance and malevolence are so self-indulgent,
That I might merely laugh.
When all was through I became conscious of one thing.
The snorting, chuckling, chortling, and hoots,
They restored the fissures within my heart.

by Linda Bolt |
Categories: nature,

This Place

Deep in a valley there is this secret place,
a place to relax with the sun upon your face.
The only way out is to climb up hills so steep
all that you can see is fields of grazing sheep!

Surrounded by restless trees rustling in a grove.
The crackling of a log that burns to heat a stove.
The cawing of a bird and the buzzing of the bees
a trickling from a stream the mind is puts at ease.

When the night-time comes, take off your walking boots
then along comes a tawny owl who sits alone and hoots.
While sitting on your deck with a million stars above
You will feel at peace and this place you’ll surely love.