Love Poems About Hooters or Hooters Love Poems
by Eve Roper |
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Night Owl

Night Owl While flying over a little new town A nice friendly place called Hooters I found It must have been opened for owls like me For my large eyes to roll at what to see A big building of large red stone and bricks Full of big plump young good looking stacked chicks A favorite hangout after sundown Judging from all the hoots and other sounds Tonight this old bird will give it a try I will hoot the hoot and have some stir-fry The nice environmentalist love me Now I don't have to sit in this old tree 2/15/2016

by randy johnson |
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(This is a fictional poem)

When I was eight, I accidentally saw my aunt naked and now I'm scarred for life.
I've never been able to make love and I'll never have a wife.
My aunt weighs 600 pounds and she has three breasts.
Just remembering those sagging hooters gets me depressed.
I've seen ten girls naked but I never got an ********.
I can't get the image of my aunt's flabby ### out of my mind so those ladies got 
nothing from me but rejections.
I know that I'll never be able to have sex and it's really scary.
It's because of my aunt's flabby body and her legs that were dirty and hairy.

by Michelle Edwards |
Categories: life, love, music, song-visionary, wife,

if i cant

if i cant go out
you should do the same
cus apparently you must be insane
to tell me what i can, and can not do
you always at the club, and hooters too

eating hotwings,
yeah thats your thing,
saying you working late,
knowing you having a fling