Love Poems About Hooted or Hooted Love Poems
by Viv Wigley |
Categories: love,


Willington canal bridge, we hand in hand
our journey pausing briefly, nothing planned.
nearby an owl hooted to egg us on,
distracting the face that I gazed upon.
eager and expectant, forward leaning,
rose lips parting, no doubting their meaning.
fingers tightly coiling around my wrists,
unnecessary, I would not resist............
loved that first soft tender fleeting kiss.

January 5th, 2016

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by Tom Quigley |
Categories: loneliness, love,

I Looked For You

I looked for you down the hall
Just echoes call, 
photos on wall

I looked for you on my device
Your pic is nice, 
texted you twice

I looked for you inside the moon 
You’d return soon, 
hooted the loon

I looked for you both up and down
Found wall of sound, 
here but not around

I looked for you inside our bed
Found naught instead, 
blinders we bred

I looked for you out in the field
My heart unsealed, 
and somewhat healed

I looked for you under canopy of stars
Around you are
Arm’s reach, but far

I cried for you both loud and clear
Then you were here.  
I need you, dear.

© Thomas W. Quigley

by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: travel, true love,

The Train Hooted

The dark train hurtled head on,
     in the star-studded night
to its projected destination.
                    The train hooted. 
Sometimes it slowed
     as a solitary station passed by.

Sometimes it flew
even though the lines were crossed.
                    The train hooted. 
Clickety clack, Clickety clack.
     The hoot hooted in delight
as peaks of ecstasy were reached.

Until the train arrived.  Smoke ejected,
engine slowed to a stop.
But I assure you, my love,
     the journey would have been no fun
had you not been with me.

7 January 2021

by Adelaide Evans |
Categories: anger, anxiety, betrayal, fear, heartbreak, lost love, love hurts,

Fear The Night

Frightened, hiding in this park
Every rustling sound keeps me in this dark
All I want is a place to rest my mind
Rearranging shadows are all I find

The owl has not hooted
He has not made his kill
Even the night bird has become still

Nerves crawl along my arm
Insistent, persistent, like your charm
Ghostly images blur upon my sight
Hollow gestures I once thought were true
Tensed, I point my abandoned heart at you.

Adelaide Bond
May, 12, 2016