Love Poems About Hoorah or Hoorah Love Poems
by Nancy Jones |
Categories: football, health, jesus,

Big life questions

What does "I love you" mean?

Why is "does" spelled that way?

Who makes the rules and by what authority?

Where is where?

and the most pernicious (in my experience)


dancy dancy dance dance yippee hoorah hooray


How come????


by Malcolm Dyer |
Categories: imagination, inspirational, introspection,


permanence is fleeting til the morrow
perpetrating and dredging up sorrow
circumstance proposes to all that follow
the kaleidascope of my mind entertains fans
to all those who want to peek into the show
i say come on in bring the whole clan
but be warned the only light is from my glow
the stadium is dirty from the last hoorah
the waves of love shown me affect my karma
crashing down my senses to your level