Love Poems About Hoops or Hoops Love Poems
by Cona Adams |
Categories: humor,

The Graduate

You've graduated with honors, you're over the hump,
with not many hoops left through which to jump.

You've left behind all that you hold dear
and stepped forward blind, but never fear.

We've set no traps for you to fall into.
We're harmless, benign, kindhearted and true.

We like your style, we love your quick wit,
but we're keeping track, we freely admit.

We're writing it all down for a future roast
and if ever we share, your name'll be toast.

But we promise you not to draw blood,
just want you to know, your name'll be mud.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: friendship, love,

I'd Jump Through Hoops

Love all you ladies here on the Soup Irrespective of age, whatta sweet group Daughters are like some To all I succumb If I could, I'd surely jump through hoops © Jack Ellison 2015

by Butterfly Mantra |
Categories: beauty, emo, gothic,


She has metal in her face:
tongue ring, nose ring, cheek pierced too,
Studs, rings, barbells, hoops, loops, balls
shooting out from every where!
Her piercings shine in the Sun;
twinkling bright to the eye.
I had a love for them, too;
with rings in my tongue, ears, nails,
none of which healed properly 
so I don't have any now
I decorate my body less permanently instead.


by Jack Ellison |
Categories: love,

My Heart Does Loops

Love can be strange, love can be a hoot It can make you crazy, make you jump through hoops Bottom line though is this Love is complete bliss When that one comes along and your heart does loops! © Jack Ellison 2015

by brittany mccormick |
Categories: nature,

G-gifted child

  Born,1986,falling in love with the signs of the earth.
 Music glistening,soaring in the ears of her mothers birth.
 Lying still,waiting patenitly,to sleigh through the hoops.
 Pain endlessly,through the blood veins like dieing troops.
  Held in one hand,the lift of pressures off.
 Watery eyes ,like the hurting clouds,a soft.
 I feel the rumbling,as if drums where in every direction.
 I hear the sounds of unfamilar voices,straying in my own protection.
  Sunlight pastures,like the clouds have done died down.
  Soaring through the tunnels,until I hit the ground.
  Cold air,like i've never felt before.
   A gifted child, now has been born.

by Thomas Hsi |
Categories: angel, love, sad love,

They Called Me a Bug She Knew Me a Royal


HER MOVIES..................'YOU KNEW'...............SHE TOLD YOU!




by lauren gift |
Categories: childhood, happiness, hope, life, song, love, song, tribute,

A love song for Sommer Long

A love song for Sommer Long 
And a tribute to summers gone 
Face Painting and tire swings
And friendship rings

Four square and basketball hoops 
Capture the flag and camp outs 
All Star teams 
Softball games under the lights 

A smile as big as the world 
And a heart to match 
she sure could play a game of catch 
First base and Ace of base 
Short stack and return of the mac 

A childhood cut so short 
But not untouched 
your print here on earth was left 
And your memory is not unkept 
This is a love song for Sommer Long 
And tribute to summers gone

This poem is dedicated to Summer Long RIP

by Nicole Sharon Brown |
Categories: life, loss, lost love, love

I Apologize

I apologize, 
For believing all of the lies.
I’m sorry,
For putting myself through all the pain the worry.
I certainly regret,
For jumping through hoops.
I apologize,
For receiving nothing back in return for all that I gave.
I apologize,
For how I behaved: I will never do it again.
I apologize,
For the then acts of being,
Your lover and your friend.

wrote 3-15-08

by Jeffrey Bovee |
Categories: abuse, addiction, break up, change, forgiveness, how i feel, hurt,

breaking free

a world away from where I started
it's not a hallucination or rag tag illusion
I remember the phone ringing and the answer
that never joined us
I'm removed from it
like the classroom when we were young
I tried to jump through the hoops
invisible ones circular and scary
the promises of love and forever
disjointed attempts at realization
everyone who is close is far away
in dreams we attain that freedom
the light was lost
but a sliver of sun remained
through closed eyes I tried to feel
the remnants of a discovery
fueled by fantasy and feedback
the voice that tells you everything is alright
I believe it's god sometimes
letting go of the resistance
it just feels better....

by Sharon Downer |
Categories: life,

Sterling Silver

Some of us wear simple pewter bracelets,
others many gold hoops.
Some of us wear the love of another in the form of a diamond wedding ring, 
shining in the happy light.
Some have dragons coiled around strong fingers, next to the Irish Claddath, 
a billboard of our "Vacancy" or "No Vacancy".
Some wear the rule of a kingdom snugly upon their neck, clutching it tight with 
wary fingers.
Some wear the death of hundreds on their head, dark and disastrous.
We as a people wear strange jewelry.

by Andrew Travis |
Categories: forgiveness, lost love, symbolism,


The space between us
Is mostly air
Fingertips brushing
What's not really there 

Jumping through hoops, 
We get tired and forfeit
The momentum that's looped
With how little we gain

This weight that we're lifting
With an open hand, 
It defines what we mean
To the world we live in

by Gail Lewis |
Categories: appreciation, heart, i love you, i miss you,

Gypsy Love

Rustling skirts of gypsy women
Ears all tattered with gold
Tambourines and bells abide
While hearts fly by on wings of old

Hoops of flaming fire
Honey nectar flows freely so
Eyes are black as coal at night
Red lips are all aglow

So Rustle those skirts my Gypsy Love
and stay with me a while
I feel you near my Gypsy Love
Come and make me smile

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: adventure, analogy, anxiety, longing, meaningful,


Halloween Michigan
We aloft we believe not in superstitions
Are you calling your heart
My love is reminsed
My soul kisses
The rim of my mind
Is ever so inclined
Social services Massachusetts
Plymouth Rock confusion
Are you stalling
Your spirit jumping hoops
Basketball bouncing off your chest
L. A. Nick's didn't make any basket
I am calling your heart
Let us dance away all holidays
Stop, recieve the trust of God
Allow Him to invoke His love

Written by James Edward Lee Sr © 2021

by Edward Ibeh |
Categories: encouraging, love,

Demonstrate, Rather

show your love;
don't just say it,
prove it,
make it ring true;
leave no room for doubt.
act on it!
being there 
a clear sign 
of true love.
show up rain or shine 
to help someone you love 
through all of life's hoops.


"Yalto" is a form invented by yours truly.
Line 1-15: 3,4,2,4,5,3,2,3,2,3,3,5,6,1,5 syllables
Date written: 10/06/2021

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: allusion, analogy, conflict,


Honor truth
Settles the heart

Displaced young
They do start

Basket ballers hoops
Drops the love parts

aMERICA cuts the net
Ballers shoots the ball

Broken leg blurry eyes
Once again shoots a shoot
Drops the ball in game and love
Loses the game moves on

written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©