Love Poems About Hooligan or Hooligan Love Poems
by Brandon Carter |
Categories: beauty, friendship, love, passion, sea, sensual, youth,


Written August 22, 2012

When I can squalor victorious
It's when I'll say
That I'm a ruthless young hooligan
Just for today

Here in the bedroom
Crime pours out in the evergreen
Bombarding on the beauty scene
Oh are you with me?

Charisma kills politically
Now and then it comes for me
Visionaries comfort thee
Coast to coast from sea to sea

Here in the bedroom
Colors flow across the morning sky
So beautiful I want to cry
Oh are you with me?

When I claim it in the name of us
It's when I'll say
That I'm as wild as a blunderbuss
Just for today

by Carson Jones |
Categories: beautiful, cancer, dedication, grief, loss, love, sympathy,

Hello,My Name Is

hello my name is hooligan
years ago i lost my bestfriend
he laughed everyday
but left before i got to say
i love you
hello my name is dumb
but the memories were so fun
you had a smile on your face but yet you couldnt stay we still love you.
 rip justin baker.

by Jan Oskar Hansen |
Categories: celebration, cheer up, children, city, computer, courage,

In Defence of the Lesser

In Defence of the Lesser 

Then it was Sunday and the easterly wind
curled around the house rattling windows 
the hooligan is in an intimidating mood
the rain came, big scary drops that held stones
and sand of hatred in its interior.
Towns drowned as rivers overflowed and
the old and babies died hyperthermia.

We have tampered with nature axed trees
and our intelligence of pure logic will soon 
destroy us as expendable humans and then
when humanity is so stupid, they can`t even 
make a proper sling; there will be lush forests
palm dates and peace, but only if we stay 
dumb, and favour love above anything else.