Love Poems About Hooking or Hooking Love Poems
by Rainbow Promise |
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March Of The Footle - This Old Rhyme

Old Billy
Was a silly.

Owned a knife
He had a wife.

Went hunting
For Bunny Buntin.

Who ate carrots
And talking parrots.

His wife got to cooking
As he started hooking

Many big fish
For a silvery dish!

by CayCay Jennings |
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Whenever I See You Smile

It lifts my own lips whenever I see you smile.
Your joy phrased smiles radiate heart gems I treasure
for endless sweetness value in love kissed measure.

Your mood grips my grin whenever I see you smile.
Such pure cheer takes me in a delightful rush hold
of sweetheart clasp to grasp anew your spirit’s mold.

Brightly my face beams whenever I see you smile.
I cannot resist your sincere looks of happy
or hooking them to romantic curls of sappy.

My happy flaunts style whenever I see you smile.
Your glad grin inspires cheery tones in my heart’s home
where smiles feed love like sweet completes a honeycomb.

January 2, 2019 

by James Horn |
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God Give Me A Hint

God Give Me A Hint

God give me a hint;
When all my money is spent
Where will she have went?

He is an old grump
Loves living in land of Trump;
Has his own gas pump.

He was pretentious
Won't run around with witches
Hates dirty britches.

Must be good looking
Of my love is a token
Someone worth hooking.

Does this person sound familiar?

Jim Horn

by Liberty Robbins |
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Our Love

Our love is simple A sparkle in the eye A handhold A sneaky kiss Our love is childish Running around the kitchen table Peeking in the shower Waiting behind a corner…. Our love is boring laying on the couch fetching a glass of water watching that show you hate Our love is tender A kiss on the top of a hand Tracing tattoos with fingertips Hugging them while they're busy Our love is kind “It will be ok” “I miss you” “You’re beautiful” Our love is ours Weird kisses Inside jokes Squinty eyes Our love is unbreakable The hooking of pinkies.

by A.E. Rivenbark |
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A tornado barreling down
the dark alley of the hallway
Then shredding down the stairs
Half drunk and crazed with blood lust
And sheer want 
Fur and claws turned 
Into velvet touches 
Before the winds 
Wrap around in a choking embrace
Hooking onto the now damp wool
Coats of Robin’s long lost
Merry man who have strayed
Into the path of destruction
With howling winds 
The cyclone raises them 
Like spirits from the grave
Into the air they twirl
Before being cast to the ground
Like broken rag dolls
And in the aftermath 
Nothing is left but
Heaving hearts and chests
And the clothes torn 
From their backs

by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
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am still licking
finger sticking
from this soul food
its so cool
its got me hooking

by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
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grandma cooking
got me  hooking
this is these or not lies
i love her pies
after the pan
its in my hand
very quick i lick
my hands linger
 i have

by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
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she looks a mess
in her old dress
she can burn 
from her i learm
i allways finger licking
its got me hooking
i love


by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: food


my rout
from the south
its hooking
have down 
small town cooking
the smell
rings abell
love the way
it fixs

by Jo Bien |
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love is a drug
addiction strong
honey dripping sweet
fragrant and pleasing
soaking really thick
hooking you so quick
coursing through your veins
flooding your brain
surrounding your heart
confection for taste-buds
a feeling revered
music to your ears
a dance of pure pleasure
one we all treasure is a drug

by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: adventure, love,


i been looking
and hooking
trying to fine you
no longer have too
am in my clover