Love Poems About Hookey or Hookey Love Poems
by T.A. Skyles-Theoklapoet |
Categories: funny


Mama's work last all day.
Never appreciated or any pay.
Mama's jobs complies of this-n-that.
While Daddy sits on his a** getting fat.
Mama takes the time to make us cookies.
Except when we're sick or playing hookey.
Mama's spends her days giving her family love.
She is always praying for us to our lord above.
Mama's job is never done.
She's always working for someone.
Mama's bisquits and gravy are the best they can be.
Just one bite and you will see she has the best recipe.
Keep your mama's in your heart.
She's the one that loved you from the very start.
There's one more thing I need to say.
Everyones mama is special in her own way.
                Teresa Skyles/Theoklapoet