Love Poems About Hookers or Hookers Love Poems
by Johnny Rhinem |
Categories: art, baby, cancer, love,

Dig, These Fallen Hookers

We could never say within good conscience that this country
Has ever been a great place or truly even her blessing given misery
From whence she was borne ? Lingering here today and better what Styx
Might say, Your fooling yourselves but you don't believe it ? Tis never been their
Masses whom have tainted as poisoned humanity; albeit this flesh no, wasn't designed
To embrace heaven's holy light: most assuringly an enmity, of love's beautiful and priceless
Spirit, crying abba Father ? Thus while joey crocker crotch gathers his wayward dumplings; spill the wine.

by Frederick Smith |
Categories: passion, philosophy, sympathy, me,

Lonely Nights

it's so cold
but yet
i'm covered with a quilt
My soul quiver
Awaiting for you to 
Come and seal the compassion
That rise in my heart 
Love and trust 
Helped build 
But why you leave me 
TO wander off to the night 
With them hookers hustlers 
Pimps,hoes and dikes
who hate you 
Don't care 
The ones who stole your life
Yeah' and left me 
Covered in these 
Lonely nights 
in fear

by Russell Sivey |
Categories: life, loss, drink,

I Drink For Society

Poking a hole in my drink
I drink solely for society
Lesbians love much more
Hookers never keep their child
Offerings going off the charts
Keeping soulless people sharp
I keep rebounding into a hole
Society loves nothing about me
Therefor proud women stand tall
Integrated, they fit in with everyone
Save the corrupted dark ones
Whom even darkness throws away
I see them, and am stuck with lower
Maybe if I’m a black Jewish lesbian
I would be desired in some groups
I drink solely due to society
To blend in, sweet golly, the pain
To fit in, enough, I’m brain dead
…I don’t know anymore…

Russell Sivey