Love Poems About Hook or Hook Love Poems
by Tom Woody |
Categories: appreciation, friendship,

Hold Your Head High

keep dwelling in the clouds, my mentor said
and shun those who would drag you through the mud
their heinous wish to keep you seeing red
is Satan's lure for drawing out first-blood

for in this world malevolence abounds
and evil lurks in every corner nook
to tit for tat in idle chat with clowns
is like a fish who can't resist the hook

but in the sky there's love and harmony
you'll find yourself immersed in dreams of peace
I'll help you in your quest to stay angst-free
together we'll find joy and sweet release

forever may this be my firm resolve
to rise above the fray and thus evolve

*inspired by a friend

by Shane Cooper |
Categories: tribute,

A Poem For Jan

There was a hot poet called Jan
Who one day developed a plan
By hook or by crook
She’d write a kid’s book
And a lizard love story began

A lizard meets a pretty girl
Their tongues in unison unfurl
On a mossy rock
Their lives interlock
Together in love they now curl

for my so talented friend

by Tom Zart |
Categories: adventure, happiness, nature, men,

Besides Love Men Need Fishing,


Besides love men need fishing, 
And for both, most are wishing, 
Catching trophies chosen best,
To be envied by the rest.

Fishing is a game of sport 
Loved by all, both tall and short.
We must fool the fish’s eye, 
If we plan to stir and fry,

Some use boats while others wade, 
As they fish the sun or shade. 
Ice-cold drinks help pass the day, 
While life’s troubles fade away.

Most men feel they've everything, 
With their rod, hook, cork and string.
Be it river, pond or lake, 
We all pray our line won't break.

By Tom Zart

by Abraham Tor |
Categories: confusion,

Femme Fatale

You clipped my wings
You cured my flirt
You blinded my sight
From bevy of beauties.

I'm a toy in your palm
Administered unto your wish
And, like powerful Samson
I'm doomed!

Sweet bait
Covering a naked hook
The cemetary of my life.

by Krystal Cochrane |
Categories: heart, love, me,

Velcro Heart

Zurrip Zurrip
rip it, pull it, yank it free
peel your velcro heart from me;

stick it to lashes
stick it to hair
stick it to a love that's barely there.

Zurrip Zurrip
fine job you did to zip me in
a velcro heart plays to win

loop it in my mind
lock it on my tongue
hook it on my love, then I guess you're done.

Zurrip Zurrip
the bristles break
the more a velcro heart does take

unstick it from my future
unstick it from my past
rip it from me openly be sure to do it fast. 

Zurrip Zurrip
the taste of love is is never so tart
until you find yourself fastened to a velcro heart.

by Ettie Christian-Bowling |
Categories: life,

Words Unspoken

Only time can mend what has been broken,
And fill the hole of words unspoken.
Replace what has been fear and hate,
Stop any further destruction in the wake,
and send a warming smile to the one that all has forsaken.                          
show a light down a path, without wrath.
And show love in its full form,
Mending the heart that is almost beyond reform.
A heart that life has torn like a hook,
Taking what can be took.
Time does mend a soul that is far more than broken,
By words unspoken.

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: romance,

Floating Feelings

flying high within
floating on
wings of love
beating on the walls
softly like those
fluttering wings
butterfly feelings
emotions kiss
when i laid
eyes on you

becoming one world
a dense fog lifts
an oasis
of paradise
drinking from
the cup
you became
my addiction

hooked like a fish
fighting this 
loving feeling
as the feet
landed on shore
hook line and sinker
you got me

walking the sands
of life
your hands
in mine
stepping into 
the setting sun
tonight we dine
awaiting morning
in a rising sun
eloping with you
to a golden paradise

by Brian Strand |
Categories: lost love,

Love Questions

Why oh why did our sweet love die:
                             My dearest heart
Has another fancy come nigh:
                             To take my part?
Did good looks,fine words turn your head:
                              On rebounds hook
Then to another,he so quickly sped:
                              And thee forsook
Will words of love and this gold ring:
                              Now make you mine
With promises,to make bells ring:
                              This troth is thine.

 | Year Posted 2010

by Russell Sivey |
Categories: boat, love, poetry, water,

Moment of Grace

We are out on a small pond in a boat A blue row boat floating on the surface I recite lovely poems that I wrote The moment is electric sent with grace I softly touch her smooth skin on her face We face each other with a tender look Seeing how our love is read like a book We’re sent slowly into the pond beyond Our gaze and our souls aligned on a hook A kiss on the mouth is how we respond Russell Sivey

by Scott Thirtyseven |
Categories: humorous, love, romance, soulmate,

Love Sonnet Take 1

Firm against the tempest we stand
Hip to hip and hand in hand
And when your hair flicks my nose
An excited shiver reaches my toes

As we stand beneath shining full moon
I shuffle a little to create room
To fully appreciate the breathless sight
That is your beauty by silvery light

Then I look upon that incongruous stanza
Doubts roll through me like a German Panzer
But stressors melt at the touch of your palm
For when we embrace my mind goes calm

We hang our destinies on the same hook
And into a hazy future together we look

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: blessing,

Just Be You

Dear soul
Here you are today,
Live whole
Walk well you own way.

Just look
Follow you own heart,
Dare hook
Fashion poise that starts.

Seek choice
That you know you fit,
Splurge voice
Word you ample wit.

Be you
Here and now be brave,
Pay dues
Each act from you saves.

Taste gall
Yet be not bitter,
Start small
Prepare for winter.

Make room
For fragrant florals,
Dare bloom
Spice you own choral.

Dear heart
Learn to listen well,
Love art
Soul can discern tell.

Leon Enriquez
04 October 2017

by Jslambert Mister Roboto |
Categories: funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, husband, life, love, passion, people, romance, wedding, wife,

Mrs Hemorrhoid

You messed around 
and married a real 
"pain-in-the butt" man 

known throughout the land 
for ripping
completely deserting 
then leaving 
women hurting

his only claim to fame 
is over reacting 
and lacking class
a self-proclaimed pain in the ***
a crook with line 
and hook to cast 

things will never be the same
trade away your maiden name 
to Mrs. Hemorrhoid 
and wear his name with class.

by Millard Lowe |
Categories: allegory, analogy, fishing, imagery, love, spring,

Fishing For Love With Love


In the pale yellow evening
of spring, from my heart,
I cast a line into a flowing stream.
In the depths of its wetness,
teased my bated hook;
but evasive were the little swimmers
in this gentle brook.
With undying love,
the pale of my heart was fully packed;
grateful not having to throw anything back.

by J. Summers |
Categories: seasons,

Simple Pleasures

When summer's in the meadow
and the bluebird's on the wing,
I love the simple pleasures
that a country morn can bring.
Then all the world's a cane pole
with a bobber and a line,
the catfish are a jumpin'
and all I have is time.

My back against a willow tree
the clouds float softly by,
the wind is gentle on the pond
as it mirrors the summer sky.
With bated breath and baited hook
I love the joy it brings
when summer's in the meadow
and the bluebird's on the wing.

by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: valentines day,

Looks Like Cupid Missed the Mark

I told her at work I been bizzy
She got mad and threw a big hizzy
Thus I've been in a bit of a tizzy
Tryin to fix things with Lizzy

So I say I’ll come see her again
(How many weeks has THAT been?)
If I knock on her door in chagrin
I’ll take a left hook to the chin

She ain’t buyin no more of my junk
Seems my Love Boat came in but it sunk
So I guess I’ll go out and get drunk
(Then consider becoming a monk)

by Mark Turner |
Categories: funny, love,

Dont' Look

Don’t Look

I glanced at you for two seconds,
the longest two of my life. 
I felt your touch in the glance, I reckon
for something touched my need to sacrifice.
Wanted to give more to you
than the glance that I gave back;
the conditions made it not true, 
so I settled into your eyes to relax.
I journeyed to peace and pleasure,
into the depths of my soul;
there were no material treasures
to replace my desires for you to hold.
So the next time I nibble at your hook;
Please, baby if you see me,
don’t look.

by Wilma Neels |
Categories: hope, inspiration, life, love,

'if You Don'T Have Love'

If doubt becomes your best friend Try and hook up with hope You will see a faint light Even if darkness surrounds you Do not listen to the "she said this and he said that" They are all out to steal your joy If you love you And you have one person that loves you back All the negativity Gets drowned in that love Because if you don’t have love You have nothing But guess what
God loves you
You have something No judgment Just his love You are sorted; so go in hope Even if you can’t see He is already there

by Ahellas Alixopulos |
Categories: allegory, funny, life, love,


Swimming in circles,
not hearing,
analysing every word
of a neutral text,
wondering if, wondering why,
something I said?
About to give up, 
don't be a fool,
all that caring,
sticking your neck out,
chopped off for sure,
body filleted,
without a thought,
they ask for commitment,
and take it as their due,
you're not a fish,
spit out the hook,
escape is near,
the ocean is large,
then a quick note,
"See you soon?"
Now, we start
all over again.
Don't tell me it's
it's women that are
the fishers of men!

by Samantha Komornik |
Categories: desire, emo, high school, longing, love hurts, sad love, teen,


I lost all the color in my face
My throat is closing up
My brain is frozen
My hands are shaking
I'm naseous again
I didn't mean for it to happen
Why in the world did I ever hit send?
Waiting here like a fish on a hook
Reeled close and closer struggling to drift away
The hook is caught on my lip
I can't escape this
I can't breathe
The weight of this is crushing me
It's like carrying the world and the planets on top
Patrick, the name of a saint
Michael the name of an arch angel
Why did you leave me hanging?
Hands are shaking
Mind is frozen
Soul is burning
Mouth is dry
Losing color slowly
Fading away
Preparing for the big bang.

by Kurtis Scott Aka Curtis Futch Jr |
Categories: how i feel,

Baby Whats For Dinner

am calling in
your love and friend
did you cook
well am hook
i'll be over it s my clover
you are a winner

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: allegory, animals, hope, inspirational, life, mystery, naturelife,

Fisherman (Co-Written With Doris Culverhouse)

Swimming, life carefree
Net tightens around the school
Deliverance, grace

May your hook always be cast
Where you least expect fish caught

Synergism, save
These lost fish, grateful intent 
Catch and release, Life

Responsible now
Freedom, new life in warm water
Breach, spout words, joy, sing

School of life, protective school
Numbers rise with the right bait

Bait, love, nuturance
Guide... North Star...The leader Home
Reward eternal life

by Shakeela Kingzley |
Categories: abuse, dark, death, evil, horror, love, psychological,

Those Dark Eyes

Those dark eyes on me
Like a candle-wax scraper

Cut me with your love
Then graze me with affection
Dip me in your world
Of damaged imperfection
Addicted to those dark eyes
Suspense of a frozen look
Soft feelings on my back
Before the thrust of a rusted hook

Ah but I like those dark eyes
And the uneasiness I feel
When I hold onto broken glass
You rest my head down on the steel
Addicted to the prick
Contamination that surrounds me
Rip my skin off piece by piece
At peace every time you drown me

Scabs feeling coarse
I like it like sand paper
Those dark eyes on me
Like a candle-wax scraper

by Denis Brezik |
Categories: beauty, woman,

The Bass Is a Woman Walking

the bass line is  woman walking
talking kissing making love 
the bass line is a fish in stripes 
a hook in time the bass line 
is eadg its almost easy 
a bass line 
next to the beat 
has feet is a woman walking
alone in her thoughts that no one sees 
her desires a bass line 
in brass a woman walking 
her heels clicking
a cat on fire 
sweeping brushing beats 
cleats hushing echoes her steps 
boots ***** cats hips
darkness lions  a bass line

by Ryan Tyler |
Categories: deep, depression, hurt, lost, sad, drug,

The Hook

I scream, I cry. If I fail, I will die.
I vomit, I bleed. I am weak from need.
I shiver, I shake. I lay here awake.
What is it I've done? What have I become?
I see a mirror. My end is clearer.
My hair is so dry. Redness is my eye.
Body once strong, to drug it does belong.
My mind is not here. Something I held dear.
I am no more man, a child with no land.
All I've tried to make, thrown out for spice sake.
How will I return? To love life's sweet burn?
I must rise from ash. Reach into soul's cache.
Destroy my destroyer. Leave hell's foyer.
To never look back, wrench my life on track.

-Angel Fatale-

by Arturo Michael |
Categories: dream, love, passion,

Blissful Glow

She’s got curves

Moves that dip in flight

Her natural pose

A vintage Rembrandt delight

She’s got bait...

I'm caught like a fish on a hook

And she’s reeling me in

Into her mind

She speaks to my soul

Of healing passions 

Of wild sexual urges

Her radiant Sunshine...

Highlights the shape of the world

She's colored in rainbows 

She’s got Smile

Kisses that turn me on

Eyes that need

To be cared for long 

Skin deep beauty...

Down to her very bones

She the dream I've dreamed to hold

A beautiful flower

Laying on white satin sheets

In blissful glow

When love FITS sweet music flows...