Love Poems About Hoofs or Hoofs Love Poems
by Robert Lindley |
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In This Olden Soul, A Fast Dancing Horse

In This Olden Soul, A Fast Dancing Horse

In this olden soul, a fast dancing horse
lively one I now can not ride, of course.
Looking on this world, it races away
saddened by hidden darkness holding sway.

With echoing hoofs tapping stronger beats
I dream of my love between silken sheets.
Her long, pretty hair with its golden sheen
as I recall, fantasies of my teens.

Pounding of my heart when love's race is on
sorrowful stampede when my love has gone.
At such pain, horse speeds into the mists
I beat wailing walls, with my bloody fists.

In this olden soul, a fast dancing horse
its premature death, my greatest remorse.

Robert J. Lindley, 3-04-2018
Sonnet, 3-04-2018

by Katherine Stella |
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You Little Stinker Devil's Echo

In forest you'll hear squak squak squak
May capture bears play
Or foxes ****-eyed walk walk walk
Down by waters bay

High in trees you'll hear owls owls owls
Just more feathered friends
But I love water fowls fowls fowls
So let's not this end

Miss Hood cried big bad wolf wolf wolf
I just stared and laughed
Seeing deer prints from hoofs hoofs hoofs
Think she's needs skunks bath

As many stanzas as you like.The last 3 words of each 8 syllable line are the same, to create the echo. These can be 1 or 2 syllable words, so long as the line is 8 syllables long. Syllable Count...... etc.
Rhyming Sequence.......a.b.a.b. c.d.c.d. e.f.e.f. etc.

by Bozhidar Pangelov |
Categories: love


i won’t come back

and the shadow of the horse does not
slide behind the soft clock
chtuck* here
chtuck here
i won’t come back

yes mem
in the air is spread
a sound and silence
and the built stays much

i won’t come back
for digging
the mall is digs
digging for a worm 

i won’t come back

* an author’s unique approach to resemble the clatter of hoofs

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Hoofs stomping and rumble the ground.
Ones not enough but tens alright.
Roans and bays are my favorite for sure.
Some are so naughty but most are alright.
Everyone needs to love a horse that’s my insight.
Socks and snips are beautiful alright.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: nature,

Wildebeest Love Sex

So wildebeest must have a lot of time on their hoofs If you've seen a herd, you'll know they've found the nook They surely enjoy sex Females always say yes Male asks “gnu”? And the task is undertook!

by jay del fierro |
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Riding the air,to my lady fair....

As I gallup my steed
amongst towering elm and snowy birch
jump hurdle like equestrian
over fallen cedar and trickleling brook
in urgency I ride return
bursts of wind the sod does fly
'neath thundering hoofs from spurred flanks
my hard charger senses my determination

My lady fair,why do I think of you so
why does yesterday crowd my mind
my heart does so ache with expectation
I ride blood rushing madly
oblivious of such dangerous travel
thoughts of you like vision mirage
dangling in front of me
the faster I ride,the faster you run
my head lowered on windblown mane
behind the snorting steam of steed....

I ride my fair maiden

by Satish Verma |
Categories: life, love, nature, peace, philosophy,


Remember it not.
Let it slide into cave.
The annual rings of old wood are
Tree of life burning inside.

It cannot happen
it can happen.
There is no certainty.
this is certainty.

Bread with hoofs
no butter, no udder
no milk.

A spider in the bottle
slumbers on gaint legs
watches with red eyes.
Time to feed.

The aroma of sea.
Pungent smell of brown algae
the bathing moon,
a lone boat.

Did you know why I admire defeat,
retreat :
Perfect  solitude,
featureless calm.