Love Poems About Hoofed or Hoofed Love Poems
by connie pachecho |
Categories: lost love,

Rooster Lost His Crow

Rooster Lost His Crow

I wanted to enter her barn door
I wanted her farm to the very core
She said no, we lost rapport
Our tongues then went to war
Our bulls hoofed in ink galore
She fell deaf to my words implore
I wanted her farm to the very core
Our paths lonely forevermore


Rhyme Time II - Poetry Contest

by Sam Poole |
Categories: love, muse,

contact corn

Words fell through my mind
in plumber’s wrenches
you walked
through a room
my hands shook 
I kept pebbles in my pocket
to hold on to 

kicked at my desire
broad hoofed 
your head became
an Olmec icon
my fingers reached
reached for you
like skinny cobs 
of ancient maize