Love Poems About Hoofbeats or Hoofbeats Love Poems
by Bob shank |
Categories: life, love, people, sensual,

Night Rider

Slowly she climbs aboard
through darkness of shadows cast
her noble steed awaits
anticipating the joy of being ridden 

through valleys and mountains
full moons glaring upon howling wolves
through waterfalls of sensual pureness
one can hear the breath of hoofbeats

always she rides at night
afraid of false impurities
never understanding
she glows in the dark.......

when you love somebody, nothing should ever be hidden, especially that which 
you give unto each other....Peace

by Mel Gill |
Categories: age, desire, destiny, emotions, first love, heart, love,

Cupids Arrow

When last we spoke 
	An image came

This latest journey 
	The latest challenge 

That will test
	The strength of 

	Build upon the love

Begun long ago	
	Now re-inspired

Hesitant at first like the 
	Faltering steps of a foal in spring 

Struggling to stand 
	Kicking up its heels 

Now thundering hoofbeats
	Racing toward an

Ever closer
	 finish line
Two hearts then 

By arrows from
	A Cupid’s bow

Souls now merged by
	Love in overflow