Love Poems About Hooey or Hooey Love Poems
by Sue Mason |
Categories: foodfriend,

Chop Suey

I once had a friend named Louie
who never gave a hooey
about when he ate
as long as his mate
fixed his favorite chop suey.

Louie was married to Betty
who much preferred spaghetti
but when Louie said, "Please,
fix my favorite Chinese"
Betty said, "I won't be so petty

since pasta is in the suey
and I really love you, Louie."
So she took all day
chop, chopping away
till onions made her eyes dewy.

Help!!  I don't have an end
to this saga of my friend ...
no way to finish
this tasty suey dish
perhaps you have one to lend?

by Albert Ahearn |
Categories: inspirational, peacesad,

Song of Love

Some songs are sad songs: dum de dum dum dum.  
Others are cheerful: tra la la  la ling 
And people are the same. Some may become
A sadden lot, see gloom in everything.
And then there are the opposite, see joy
In what life brings. They dance to different drums.
The sad do dum de de  dum de de hooey 
The merry do Tra la la la tra umm 
The moral of this poem is: The Earth
Is our home and we love it, no matter
Who we might be. Our self-defining worth
Depends if  we get along together.
So lets tra la dum de umm tra de 
And try to live our lives in harmony.

by Adeyemi Joshua |
Categories: love, wisdom,

Reserata Carcerem Xiii

love is not a plague - punctured plumes:
hoisted hooey, disaster's hood
quack qualities dripping nectar
worn whooshes, malady's fosters

love ain't bounty bliss - Utopia:
numb nature's cloak sewn by favor
timid oak oozes pruned pleasures
sassy stream girded in leisure

lanky love is far from merit:
gaunt grace's groomed by bruised verdicts
felon features seeped'n hacked acme
porous passion puking smith'reens

love's a gullible game: the Chess!
We're the pawn, while nature's the rest.

Note: of lanky love.