Love Poems About Hoodwinked or Hoodwinked Love Poems
by stephen pennell |
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For the love of Donald

There once was a president called Donald.
Who had more money than Ronald McDonald
An old perv with the lasses  
who hoodwinked the masses 
I cant believe america swallowed his waffle.

Inspired by the queen of the limericks Jan

by Sebastian Aaron Baez |
Categories: art, humor,

don't believe everything you see

ringing with telegrams
I answered and received a body slam
bubble gum used to fix a cracked dam
rhymes grown weird
sexy and funky, smeared
like mushroom toe jam
enjoy chocolate milkshakes
with a juicy rare rack of lamb
please stand here while i give you
a close glove inspection body scan
I love sticking my beef hotdog
inside her tuna clam
honey glazed pineapple blazed
smacking that glistening ham
make sure to stream it on your webcam
clicked on the link
but those ***** pills were a total scam
hoodwinked, duped a sour global sham
now you're salty like canned spam

by Millard Lowe |
Categories: allegory, analogy, bereavement, child, eulogy, imagery, sad love,

for another budding child flower

for another budding child flower

alone in the dark uterus
of my bedroom
I lie curled up
in thoughts
and emotions 
of the day:

another budding flower
plucked from the garden street
leaving its red sap
as a jaded memento
to stained innocence
and hoodwinked justice

another aborted life
spiraled away
as echoes of fading outcries 
floated wearily
on reefs of passing time
covering awareness
of another heinous crime
whose guilt
will soon vanish
from human notice

with my cervical poised head
resting on tear soaked pillow
I pray god that not another child flower
be not plucked away tomorrow

by jay del fierro |
Categories: lost love, nature, heart, heart,

Collective Disregard....

Got caught...hoodwinked
only a moment,don't blink
cesspool...full of fools
disregarding golden rule
playing games are the lame
crying shame...pointing blame
poison tipped are the spears
tongues sharp gouging ears

Catatonic catastrophe
blinded minds now hard too see
being led further along
away,away...from our heart of heart song.....

by Emenaha Godwin Holiday |
Categories: passion

Face Issues

It’s green _ when we fall in love
Its yellow _ when we were 
hoodwinked by lust
above our pride, but as 
diminutive as a dove
humming a sad song fading to 

echoes of you _ shades of the 
happy-go-lucky mind _ care full 
(careful) death
a heart of onus _ for the soul of 
the meek
the feet of the feeble _ with 
perpetual breath

how does it feel _ to make you 
stay proud?
we don’t say much _ but much 
have been said
Isn’t any way to write (right) the 
zilch here _ faces pirouetting in 
the head.

nowhere to be found in your 
countless faces to reminisce
but never lose the essence
face issues _ igniting your non 

by Michael Burch |
Categories: desire, engagement, lust, marriage, passion, sexy, wedding,


by michael r. burch

(a poem about wedlock, or lock->wed)

& disarming,
but mostly ***ALARMING***
since all my resolve

as a sheikh's
harem girl in the sheets
but castle's no longer my own
and my kingdom's been overthrown!

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