Love Poems About Hoods or Hoods Love Poems
by Betty Bateson |
Categories: beauty, nature, sun,

Sunrise Fashion

the mellow blush of sunrise 
seeps through the soft gray clouds 
trees appear in their green hoods 
love is in the air as doves flirt
birds go mad making throaty noises 
as they dip over the clear lake water
echoing sweet sounds of fresh life
yellows, oranges, blues burst in full attire 
as sunlight shines like diamonds 
patches of flowering grass trim the forest  
in a circle of colors
slumbering animals whisper
to the joy as the new day appears
in the radiant look that nature wears

by Julie Grenness |
Categories: blue, fantasy, friend, funny, funny love, giggle, smile,

On Finding Nemo


Nemo is blue,  and I am a rabbit,
Comical thoughts my brain inhabit,
Thoughts invent friends imaginary,
Quite silent, tacit but delusionary,
Women's fantasies are good,
For older Red Riding Hoods alone in the woods!
Do not have a victim mentality,
Smiles are universal and free,
A concept not so imaginary.
In each person's brain, thoughts cohabit,
Nemo is blue and I am a rabbit!

by Kyle Carlson |
Categories: death, love,

Car Crash Lovers

Two bodies hanging from annihilated cars
Collided hearts
Crashed at the lips
Creating daydreams with the impact of their fingertips
Worlds bleeding onto the jagged spears of shattered windshields
Love forming on the merged, crumpled hoods; Love the bodies can't feel
A marriage in death
Exchanging vows in silent breath
You may kiss the bride, the stranger
Upon this altar of a devastated Pontiac Grand Prix and a mangled Jeep Wrangler

by Michael Wallentine |
Categories: 10th grade, depression, desire, evil, inspirational, pride,

The Downfall of Pride

I stand against the frigid cold and scream
I try to scream loud enough to be heard
Though i scream, i cannot forget my dream
Peace feigned by my heart, to fly as a bird
Always near, the hollowed monster of pride
Hides in the mist, screaming in a whisper
Opportunity brings another stride
It's brought the vision of our death crisper
As now nearer the writhing truth is brought
Disguised in enticing hoods of splendor
The magnificent love for which we fought
Pride steals away as we crack our door
We find that we have caused this lonely murder
And drove us against our friends much further

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: spring,


love and remembrance
in various vibrant hues . . .
as springtime ensues

symbols of free thought
pansies gaily brighten yards. . .
cute faces in hoods

Feb. 15, 2023
For Tania Kitchin's Spring Flower, Bird Or Butterfly Haiku X 2 Poetry Contest
Submitted March 11, 2023 for Brian Strand's Pick-A-Title, Vol 35 Poetry Contest

by Jeremy Street |
Categories: baby, bird, love,

Grabbing It's Serpent By, His Tale

Into the abyss dust from lambent's heel....
Jelly goo betwixt his pew; amid toe tapping time
Holding tight her branch a farewll address he pleads
Tears flowing down touched their crowd; dae's bondman weeps
While Impetigo adjust fate's twined horns this cloth she kept love's red rose
Black cloaks white hoods pill'box pilgrims of ancient old dissipate presenting mastiff's
Statuette baby Bael hands reaching towards one another embraced and don't go papa: fade to gray.

by Johnny Rhinem |
Categories: angel, art, autumn, love,


Viewing a commercial this morning being a rarity for myself
Watching television these past years but intrigued perhaps their
Advertisement similar unto feed the children world vision or as such
The bit which made myself smile was the contact phone number given in
1-888-699-3331 ? So sweet especially because I too love precious little kitties
Poochies and actually all her creation these babies: then, we find the aclu barking
Another treatening suit about LA county resurrecting Love's Cross: damaged via quake....
Memories white hoods quite ironic pagans dreams volcanic altars an infant weeping for life.

by J.Koladi Samson |
Categories: lost love, love,

Nor Could I Foretell You


Before I leave I could'nt see you
Bated hoods of trials
Of life and love .
Protruding stuffed pockets
Of havesack,
Moth eaten trails and judgments
Of our love and life.

Heaving I left the terrain
Seeing not wayside brooks and inns
Exiles glaring and grunting
Nor could I faretell your for good.

Cab moved disinterestedly
Before I could hear
A deep moan fading out
That rose from our soul
Inside the embalmed body
Of our life.

by J.Koladi Samson |
Categories: lost love, life, love,

Nor Could I Foretell You


Before I leave I could see
Bated hoods ofTrials
Of love and life .
Protruding stuffed pocktes
Of havesack
Moth eaten trails and judgements
Of our love and life .

Heaving I left the terrain
Seeing not wayside brooks and inns
Exiles glaring and grunting
Nor could I foretell you for good.

Cab moved disinterestedly
Before I could hear
A deep moan fading out
That rose from our soul
Inside the embalmed body
Of our life.

by Yaa Fosua Dunyo |
Categories: hope,

My Search

Winds blew,
Storms descend,
Lightening struck
Thunder reared its striking face
Causing people to shut their houses and tight
Not daring to come out
But i was out
Roaming in the Mystery Forest
In search of...?
  It seems I'm in love
But can't figure it out
And to whom?

  The rain was still clattering and beating
Causing trees to sway to and fro
But i rather took on horse hoods
  My eyes roamed to see
If i can get a glimpse of...?
My feet walked each passing second
sore and wounded became of them
But that did not deter me
  When i saw the sun drifting away,
I stopped to rest for the day
hoping my search will be fruitful
One day!

by Ann Foster |
Categories: america, appreciation, art, dad, divorce, funny love, missing,

The West

The West

A gun, a holster, bullets…
A glass of whiskey and 
a ten-gallon hat.
A horse, a saddle, a bridle…
and bags to hold it all. 

Good guys, bad guys, 
sheriffs, and hoods. 
Shoot outs, long rides,
and even skinning hides…
just for a living. 

Heroes and villains…
Fought caught and hanged…!
Eternally glorified,
all around the world.

Cowboys of fame…
never refrain.
You are who you are… 
Spaghetti to hard sand, 
a rare, uniquely, promised land.

Deserts and high country, 
Indians and explorers…
Men of great pride!
Your word, your bond, 
Your story,
will last long. 

by Bawa Talwar |
Categories: mothers day, my child, poems, poets, power, prayer, prejudice,

Come My Love

oh come  my love
lets go deep into the woods
He will guide us ,the one above
I am there don't worry about the hoods

I would love to
I know lets leave things on Him
He will take care about things we do
our love is full to the brim

don't my love sit to doubt
my love for you will never die
He's there and His care all about
I won't desert, don't worry or cry

I know you will care n He's there
come then my love lets move
lets, our  times  n lives share
this is desired by JOVE.

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: art, death,

Knight of the Golden Fleece

Weepers with hoods —
tear-stained, faceless.
Dirge monks with shields.

Knight of the golden fleece
on a slab in requiem.
The silent mouth of Cicero.

Fell in love with this funereal piece
— Tomb of Philippe Pot
with life-sized pleurants.

His hands steepled in prayer,
a lion in repose at his feet —
Grand Seneschal of Burgundy

Tomb of Philippe Pot
Louvre Museum

by Connie Pachecho |
Categories: cute love, humorous,

Sally Returned the Favor

Sally had too many drinks at the bar
As eyes wandered into her cookie jar
A darling to the men
Not to be outdone, then
Her eyes charged under the hoods of their car 


A Funny Limerick - Make me Laugh Poetry Contest

Sponsor-Tania Kitchin


by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: animal,

Poindexter Is a Catch

Poindexter was a squirrel with the weakest teeth.
He had broken most of the uppers and many down beneath.
How will you chop nuts and woo your bride some said?
So, he bought a huge axe; its color was a brilliant red.

He’s the most resourceful squirrel in all the woods.
The girls were smitten, many waved over their hoods.
Poindexter was not interested in any of them for you see.
He was totally in love with a turtle named Tweedle-dee-dee.