Love Poems About Hoodlums or Hoodlums Love Poems
by Hidden Sister |
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In A Hotel Room

In A Hotel Room

In a hotel room, she lies, literally to herself.
Their meetings filled with desire are brief.
How can she put her dignity on a shelf
Lost, between the crumpled sheet.

As a friend I helplessly watch 
As her happiness turns to shame 
All the joy before is lost
Falling for this hoodlums game.

There is no love in a hotel room
Used for trysts and rendezvous
As she leaves she's filled with gloom
Not the girl that I once knew.

Players play for keeps 
no conscience they can sleep.

by Joseph Osita |
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Quenched Flaming Dreams

With heart drenched in love
They served our dear land
With talents dripping
From their eyes and speech
They spilled services. 

These flaming dreams
Lost in blade's thirst
Were kits of hope
And great, their deeds.

Why the slay
With daggers?
 For no cause      

Crack brained


Dedicated to Nigerian youth corps, who were killed during their post graduation service,
when violence erupted after the incumbent president emerged the winner of the national

  For Debbie Guzzi's  contest:'Jack out of the box'

by Tommy Johnson |
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Don't Take Any Wooden Nickles

What happens when law is lawless?
When unscrupulous hoodlums demolish your flawless teeth
When your home is ransacked of all your worldly possessions
And the people you know and love are dead and gone

As God's voice mail box fills with unanswered prayers
And love is no longer enough
While people are to frightened to bring children into the world
What can you do?

Start the surge, the purge of of hopelessness
Flush the lines of despicable crimes against humanity
Fill the house with meaningful moral projections

Be a God and open the lines and lend a helping hand
To those who need a shoulder to cry on
Rebuild the world with learned lessons and logical ethics
Would you?