Love Poems About Hoodies or Hoodies Love Poems
by Julia Ho |
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At The Movies

Let's grab some popcorn, And watch a silent movie, Hide snacks in warm hoodies, And forget the memories forlorn.

by Julie Portwood |
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I like to wear hoodies.
They keep me warm.
I own no coat.
I almost always have a hoodie on
Sometimes even in the summer.
Hoodies make me feel better,
Its like a shield.
It makes me feel a little less insecure
It can also serve as a comfy pillow
I love hoodies.
I wear the hood to hide from humanity,
To go off into my own little world.
Hoodies are great.
They come in zip ups and pullovers.
Heavy and thin
And various colors.
I love hoodies.

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Ex Out Socks With Sandals Please

We do not allow any hoodies here, principal stated firmly.
My sixth graders pointed to me and laughed. 
Second field trip of the month.
Of course I am the one wearing a clover green hoodie.
It is St. Patty’s day, for Peter’s sake!
Last week during our college field trip 
Prissy registrar showed us a film 
How to dress 
How not to dress.
They actually had an X on 
Socks with sandals.
It was a cold day, 
And I love my Birkenstocks
With a bit of fluff.
The sixth graders who notice practically nothing
About me at all when I am trying to get their
Attention thought this was hilarious also.