Love Poems About Hooded or Hooded Love Poems
by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: imagery, loneliness, love, moon, stars,

The Starlit Tear

    Sun,  so tired, into the Pacific, now doth take its rest.
    While the cold, homeless, head for hooded, warm tents.

     The melancholy, grateful poetess, joyful to see the moon,
     Observing its silvered reflection, in an indigo-magic lagoon.

      Pondering, how very far away, her true love doth dwell.
      A crystal, starlit tear falls, whispers back, that all is well!


by Kristen Bruni |
Categories: love


I look in your Eyes and see
A mirror image of Me
Center stage star
Yet hooded afar
Lose yourself in Melody.

by Litan Dey |
Categories: for her, love,


Inside my bosom
where heart be kept
I confound you there
with all my care.

I etched your name
in the white page of my mind.
You floats in
my heart's-blood
And your smile is the key
to open the courtyard of my heart.

The love of oxygen with air
fish and water
As the moss love
in the deep ocean
against turbulent flow
the cruel rock-plate!
I will love you like the lichen.

As the bird believes in 
love of air...
Night believes in stars
I trust you
like the hooded-serpent
hold poison-gland.


by Dinda Minardi |
Categories: on writing and words, longing,

He Wishes Her a Warmth


On the sidewalk he waits
For a girl with full lips
No matter how sharp the cold hits
And missing her is always his

On the sidewalk he waits
For his loved one with deep hooded eyes
No matter how miserable this is
He does wish her a warmth in his sighs

On the sidewalk he waits
For her love only he will adore
No matter how bleak her kiss
For to her, his money is all she waits for

On the sidewalk he waits
Each day, since the longing can’t be beared
For for him, this is the best of other habits
Though he knows, she is to be shared

For Catie Lindsey's contest "Lost and Found"

by Marcello Colasurdo |

Literature Assasin

I disappear into blackness,
with tools that light my way.
Soaking up desire on pages,
that help me seize the day.

From a heightened precipice, 
the angels guide my verse.
Words like daggers sharpened,
and emotions as my curse.

Wisdom shrouds my appetite, 
a hunger for unfinished prose.
The first poem ever written,
about love and its fair rose.

A white hooded figure still,
fading out into crowded rhyme.
Stealth with flow from penning,
shortcuts like thee and thine.

The final destiny of poetry,
lies from the warrior prophet. 
Experience not once commenced,
and knowledge may never stop it.

by Ellen Gwaltney Bales |
Categories: autumn, beauty, blue, god, inspiration, love, sky,

Look To the Skies

Why do the skies of autumn appear so?
So bright?
So blue?
So true to God’s own plan?
Or so achingly exquisite,
A gift to mortal man.
My poor eyes cannot
The sheer beauty
He chooses to extend
On such a wondrous day
As this, when I can almost
Hear Him say
This is how I show
My love to you:
Through your hooded eyes 
As you look to the skies

by Oluwatamilore Anthony |
Categories: anger, betrayal, love, mythology,

To the Gates of Chill

Even to the realm of silence
I follow.
To primordial chaos
The specious zany follows.

Seemingly myopic,
my sepulchral glare.
Beware! Of conning eyes
you raider of fulfilled rapture.

I hound the hooded hound
for my demi-soul.
Adonis for Aphrophone
walks plutonian deeps.

Though, I come,
futility behind
scourges with strikes 
of dejection.

Yet, on void grounds
I push to limbo
being met by wan faces,
wry creatures.

I fear that perchance
the blazing pecan
is ripe for reaping 

Will you succumb?

by Julian Bishop |
Categories: betrayal, love,

The Veil

You wear a secret veil to no avail
A curtain over bays of gauzy pain
Of unadorned love betrayed
And naked promises made
Never to be drawn again

Hooded clouds across the sun drift past
Casting masked shadows on your lawn;
A tenebrous gaze
In these dusky autumnal days
Beneath a flutter of leaves forlorn

But purdah days shall fall away
Revealing us for what we are
For love obtrudes like a dictator
And our doubts seductive as a traitor
But still
We leave the screen ajar

by Rochelle Jones |
Categories: adventure, black love, destiny, fear, journey, judgement, stress,

Mulatto Child

So your daddy is white
          your mother is black
           What about you?
     Oh, you are just a little light.
      Do you want to live like white?
           or live like black?
      Hey man, I dont't want to fight
      Do you believe in civil rights?
            or the white hooded men who raid the night

by David Brown |
Categories: abuse, anger, dark,


Hooded eyes
that terrorize
amid a face
once recognized

Mouth's a slit
that grimly fits
the evil words
that spew from it

Heart's so dark
yet mind does hark
to times there was
a kinder spark

Once delicious
now malicious
when did love
turn so vicious?

by James Fraser |
Categories: angst, people, places,

Just a Colour

Once free
Taken at will
Used and abused
For mans spill

Her crime
To love another
Of a different race
But just a colour

The hooded white
These hidden ones
Hide behind themselves
And their loaded guns

What gave them the right
In that dim-lit barn
This lesson taught
As they take their turn

These brave ones now spent
Having degraded and torn
Now naked and bloodied
Soiled and shorn

She now stands manacled
Under a moonlit sky
Bare to the night
Asking herself why

by Jesse Thompson |
Categories: time,

As Man Descends

Down the dying corridor of time

 the incarnation forms,
 evil materializing...............
Monster with your hooded sight,
somnolent eyelids,
flutter feathery desire,
love writhes
in rending hands,
as man

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade,

She Is a Clairvoyant Innocent

She is a hooded novice 
awaiting her instructions 
from her
self preserved heart

She is an innocent 
appreciating the beauty
of her 
inner thoughts

She is a clairvoyant
experiencing a depth 
in her 

She is clairaudience
listening in silence
as her
whispers increase

She is in the spirit of love and truth
She is in the hands of a powerful force
A meditate state
showing her
the path