Love Poems About Childhood or Childhood Love Poems
by Marycile Beer |
Categories: love

One Day

I love you, I miss you
But what can I do?
I just keep on a praying
And thinking of you

One day I hope
I'll be back with you
Until then, all I can do 
Is go Boo Hoo.

Hold all your remarks
Until them I can view
That will mean You're stuck with me
And you're the ones who'll go Boo Hoo

God Bless till then,

by Marycile Beer |
Categories: funny, imagination, life,

Numb With Fear Part 2

I am in deep despair 
I fear my name he will smear
I don’t know who he is
But I hope he uses a little sense.

I understand My Cowboys
Heard about OUR LOVE STORY
And this one guy
Says he’ll tell ALL

I don’t know what he can tell
Billy wasn’t a gossip
And neither am I
So whatever you do hear
Will surely be lies

I didn’t know how to title this poem
Head Hung is used and also Boo Hoo
And I didn’t know what to do
So I though I should at least warn you.

Please,  Please I beg of you
Take it all with a grain of salt
And if you should choose
A little bit of lime is good too.

So I hear

by Sher-Vawn Robinson |
Categories: children,

Brother and Sister Love

Brother and sister love
Its a bird
Its a plane

No it looks like Sa-vannah
Flying in the air with duck tales
Who hoo

Saying come on mommy
Let's fly higher
So diontay can't catch us

Diontay says I am   tired off you

I am going to the navy
To get away from my sister

She cries no no
I don't want you to go
I  won't have no one to torment

And diontay says
That's the point

Cries don't stop running until
She joins the navy too
Now we are forever close

One love

Essence's and Desires
(C)All Rights Reserved

by Carole Duet |
Categories: lost love,

The Clue

I didn't have a clue.
I was clueless until you
In a poem threw
It out there for me to view,
To view and to chew.
And chew it I did until in the face I was blue.
It's nothing new
But who knew
In a closet I'd find a man as handsome as you?

So gentle you gave me the boot (shoe)
At first over my head it flew.
But as I thought and began to boo hoo,
It slowly soaked in like a case of the flu.
I was so sick that up I threw into
A pot the color of blue.
Now I know why I can't have you.

By:  Carole O'Terry Duet
Copyright:  Feb. 13, 2017
"All Rights Reserved"

by Hgarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: family, love, sister,

Happy Birthday - L'Il Sister

Twinkling Stars, Morse code : Happy Birthday Shar
    Birthday candles light the campfire we share
    Happy Birthday to YOU, Barn owl hoots : hoo
    Happy Birthday L'il sister I LOVE YOU

    My sister Sharon, Inspiring me
    When I first started writing Poetry
    I comment to her, she comments to me
    Entwined Quills creating a Family Tree
        Happy Birthday, Sharon Weimer With all my LOVE,
        HEART, and SOUL. ALWAYS and FOREVER YOUR Brother

by Mark Gravett |
Categories: love,

Me ,You Now 2

Since I met you,
I can finally tell myself dreams do come true.
The pages of our lives came together
so we are no longer one, 
but now we are two.

Even though my mind didn't believe
that dreams do come true.
But it was my heart 
that always new.

We make a good crew of two,
and now we can fight this world 
with or without the use of Kung Fu .

So since we are now two, 
we can now tell the world what to do 
and if the world doesn't like it. 
Then Boo Hoo!!

by Shishir Gupta |
Categories: funnyme,

A Poem Limp

Gee...tee heee...hhaaa..hoo lmao,
ya lovey me yeah, me not yet,
guess more ya wanna iz screwwy meayah,
then love gonna goeeeya gaud know wheere,
gee tee hee yeah doo that and say cheese,
I am ur geese,
raising leggy and all,
come take me
for a tumble
and fall,
in sack
have my hack.

by Natasha L Scragg |
Categories: funny love,

Me Ol' Ambition

Hey there! Howdy, me ol' mate, my pal!
I'm out, lookin' to get me a gal.
With my giant lasso
I'll impress her, whoo hoo!
An' boy I sure do hope she's called Val!

Written 30th April 2022
For the High Noon Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Joseph May

by Jagdish Bajantri |
Categories: death, halloween, hip hop, romance, satire,

Tum Woa

"Tum woa nasha meira 
              Jo rout jaati  hoo 

              Beena kisi  SAAWRTH KEY
               Tumhe pittah jaata hoon
              Meri jaan"

With love all
jagdish bajantri

by Chicano Eddie |
Categories: beautiful, love, magic, passion, power, wife, woman,

The Freeway Cowgirl


structure in the bathroom 
look to your left
look to your right 
look up and reflect. 
the bulls-eyes make everything 
the back will deliver
condensation will drip
cigarettes in the fingers 
thought under the shade. 
eyes pop over the tongue
heart beats in a yellow suit
laughter loves the woman
attraction befriends the man.
walk the balcony at sunset 
grip the yoo-hoo of inception 
Titanic's Rose never bloomed.  
collaboration revealed: 
m’m! m’m! good! 
like Campbell's soup.
tonight, the camera makes 
love to you.

By: Chicano Eddie

by John Hall |
Categories: addiction, america, beautiful, best friend, books, care,

Peace and Love and Pie

Peace , love and pie 

Their is this girl called peace love and pie ,

Her dad jumps from aero planes , but noeboddy nose why !

His little girl wants 2 jump from aero planes too ,

But if the parachute doesn't open , she will be thrue .

She has a friend called appokillips , she is not the one hoo steps on x-men,s spaceships ! 

Peace lives in a southern state.  She,s in college now because , she could not wait .

She gets dressed by drag queens ! And because she doent like jeans ! Them drag queens give her Lolita cloze ! Other wise she wood have bin naked and she wood have froze !

by Agnes Bugeja |
Categories: age, cute love, memory, nostalgia,

Games 'Father To Son'

Monolopy,Trouble,Operation too
All those games I played with you
As time went on and you started to grow
Yathzee,Uno and games on the floor.
Poker,Euchere, Casinos.....WOO HOO!!!
All grown up....
Now "What Do We Do"??

by Jill Martin |
Categories: friendship, funny, happiness, imagination, life, people, social, uplifting,

Hansen! Yer It!!

I was tagged by that guy
the crazy culinary king
the one who makes drool
run down my chin ... ; )

So now it’s my turn [oh goodie!]
to pass on the tag
to an unsuspecting soul
and leave him holding the bag.

Now poets can be a silly bunch
not deep nor grave nor brilliant so much.
Give em a game and cut em loose
and you’ll find ‘stupid’ is often our muse.

And ... so ...
Eenie meenie minee doo doo
oh dear my dear could it be yoo hoo?
I tag Hansen, that guy in Brown
he’ll do ya fine, he’s such a clown!

Yer up, Mark!!

Love ya!  j

by Christopher Flaherty |
Categories: lost love, slam,

Jl Giant Poet U Hoo

The Giant's

Of the wonder class
With outstretched looking ears
And pierced whistleblowers lips

Never had a mother
To sew their name into
Their favorite clothes
Or a home with a wardrobe to hang them in

They were instead chosen to become
The dead poet's and tortured artist's
We recite today

By speaker's corner

At wakes and funerals
On cold and grey rainy days
Outside derelict building's
Who's roofs were lost to german bombs

We as children dared each other not to go into 

For fear of stirring up a hornets nest

Of represed abandonment feelings

Lest best we be remembered forgotten

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: cute love,


Coffee hot, coffee cold, doesn't matter I am sold Ain't nuttin' yummier, cept a filly unclothed Now whoa, hold on a jiff Did you say a sexy young dish Stroking my hoo ha getting me started on the road

by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
Categories: animal, crazy, farm, humorous, nonsense, nursery rhyme, word play,

Singy Songy Sue

Ticky Bicky Boo
Licky Mickey Moo
I'm in love with you
Little Tsuki Tsu.

Chicky Dicky Doo
Ricky Nicky Nu
Close your lips with glue
Kiss a kangaroo.

Tricky Picky Poo
Quicky Hicky Hoo
I'll practice Wu Shu
By a shady yew.

Wicky Kicky Ku
Yucky Sticky Stew
Visiting the zoo
Painting chickens blue.

by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
Categories: animal, fantasy, funny, humor, love, pets, surreal,

A Night Out

The King of the Skunks and the Queen of the Rats
Went to a cafe wearing floppy green hats
Everybody said, "They do look swell!
But hoo-wee honey -- they sure 'nuff smell!"

by Susan Woodrow |
Categories: allusion,

Silly Goose

Sometimes, the pernicious
is just desserts like alveoli
losing pink to a ciggy devil
Love - an enterprise astral
yields to blemish: mockery

Garish sentry sneers, reflecting
on a visage muting its boo-hoo
on a traverse still willed in woo
Silly teeter-totters with serious
editing tears that dampen a life…

(10/31/2020: Gibson HB, DMS)

by Natalie Ruby Heald |
Categories: husband, love, body, me,

Woo Hoo

All the girls heads turn
When you enter the room.
Makes my poor body ache,
And my heart go WOO HOO!!!!
With a body that rocks on forever,
With eyes that dance like the moon.

With that crazy little way you walk,
And the way you stare at me with that grin.
Fantasizing about the day before,
Thinking when I can be with you again.
So please take me home with you now,
So we can redo everything we already did.

The man you see sitting over there,
Is the love of my life and man of my dreams.
The one I promised forever and ever to love,
With that grin shines like sun beams.
Sorry, dear ladies, he’s already taken,
That beautiful man belongs to little ole me.

by Asif Andalib |
Categories: happiness, life, love, passion, romance, song-sweet, kiss, sweet,

Your Kiss Is Delicious

Baby I know 
Your kiss is delicious
It smells sweet so
I am not suspicious.
Baby I know 
Your kiss is delicious
Hoo Hoo Hoo Hook
Your kiss is delicious.

Your eyelashes painted with collyrium
Is something to stare at, they are so awesome!

Your long black hair is like Jamuna River
It smells sweet so I want to be its diver!

Your smile is like new moon of spring
If you love me let’s dance and sing!

by Jagdish Bajantri |
Categories: fun, kiss, missing you, passion, poverty,

Eke Anso


 "jaab thi taab bhi nashe mai tha
  jaab hoo thabbhi nashe mai hoon"


whith love all 
 jagdish bajantri 
happy deepawali

by Susan Mills |
Categories: america, blessing, city,

Let's Kick It To the Wind

Let's kick it to the wind
I know it's no sin, me loving you
But, an Act of God
Yeah, me and you, whoo hoo
Are there storms ahead
Yeah, there are
But, it's not between me and you
I know I'm not just your fair weather friend
This is the life we live
We are together during good weather and bad
We love each other and there's no sin there
It's an act of God
So, let's kick it to the wind anytime of day
Derecho isn't holding us back
Such a rare hurricane
Such as us
But, the trees came toppling down
And, the wind just swirled and swirled
Just like our juicy kisses

by Nimra Asim |
Categories: confidence, first love, smile, son,

Mum I Lub Hoo

Tears turned to smile as I sat still
As a wind of fresh breath blew
Those memories that rushed my mind
As Right out of the blue
He came upto me ,held my hand
And stared a moment two
And In the sleekest feeble voice
He said  “ Mum I lub hoo” 

by Debbie La |
Categories: allusion, anger, anxiety, boyfriend, care, love, relationship,


Feel what you want to feel, it will all be okay, though, I will judge you through the words that you say.
Hold my hand while you catch your breath, dont hold your silence or pretend like im deaf.
I'll sit and I'll listen while I roll my eyes, because these "feelings" you have are nothing but lies.
Then after that I'll scoff and I'll scowl, for the words you just used are but sounds like an owl;
Hoot hoot and boo hoo, your words mean no fair and after you're gone, I surely will not care.

by Kara Gilbreath |
Categories: faith, hope, love, me, cry, life, me, i love you,


I cry when you hurt yourself and I think of hurting myself.
I cry when you leave me hurt and make me feel like dirt.
I cry when people walk on you,
I can say I feel you but boo hoo.
I cry when your in pain,
Then you try to cut your vain and kill yourself.
I cry when your life is off track,
Thats when I go to my pack.
I cry when yoru being like your friends,
It just makes me want to go to my dens and die.
I cry when you try to pass life and fail to.
 I cry when you don't stand up for yourself.
I cry when you don't get treated right,
Then I say I love you no matter what happens.
I cry and i just wanted to say i lvoe you.