Love Poems About Honouree or Honouree Love Poems
by Diemo Glen Radebe |
Categories: beautiful, desire, girl, heart, love, missing you,

The Mysterious Girl

By Radebe Diemo Glen 
Hopeless, yet heartbroken, that’s when I saw her. 
A girl so beautiful, so innocent – she blew my mind away, 
Took my heart by storm 
And left it wondering. 
A sharp pang shut through my body 
And made my left leg go numb. 
She said one word… 
It flattered me with its beauty. 
I may forget what she said, 
But I would still feel so bad. 
I will, however, not forget how she makes me feel. 
I just hope she and I have a deal. 
My love for her has no magnitudes. 
It drives me crazy; I’d reach all altitudes. 
I hate being an abductee, 
Rather I will make her my honouree.